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30-something aro ace. agender, but i use she/her/hers. mostly in it for fandom, mythology, puns, and space. please do not talk to me about the force awakens! currently into star wars, discworld, mad max: fury road, and voltron; perpetually into norse myth and space. black holes and revelations is my tag for mystical things. find my writing on AO3 or FFN. i also post writing here under the tag i write things. my meta is here. i also have a tendency to write novels in my tags, so check out meta in tags as well. i spend way too much time thinking about tatooine slave culture. i have about a million star wars AUs in my head at any given time, but here are the ones i talk about enough to get their own tags: - anabasis (the anakin raised as a sith au - more deets here) - double agent vader (the one where darth vader is actually a double agent working against the empire and leia organa is his contact and partner in spy shenanigans) - fires on the outer rim (the tatooine revolution and jedi schism au) - the pen pal au (the one where anakin and padme keep in touch between tpm and aotc and that changes literally everything) - librarian anakin (the one where jocasta nu (aka space granny weatherwax) takes little anakin under her wing - the war on terror au (the modern pt au that gets into all the issues) - pirates 'verse (the anakin and kitster are space pirates in the rebellion au) - the guiding winds (au where everything is the same except anakin survives rotj and he and luke go back to tatooine) - simple tricks and nonsense (the one where yoda is emperor, palpatine is the last of the jedi, and anakin is a street magician with the stage name vader) - star wars/discworld fusion (the one where sam vimes takes young anakin skywalker under his wing and unleashes watchman anakin on the galaxy)