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askaceattorney Ask Ace Attorney! Ask Ace Attorney!
Warning! This blog contains spoilers from the Ace Attorney series. Follow at your own risk! Write the Ace Attorney character of your choice a letter and get one in return! Click here to write a letter! Please be aware that the queue is long and it could be months before your letter is answered. *Submission Guidelines* We reserve the right to delete any messages submitted to this blog if we feel them inappropriate or they do not meet the submission guidelines to the Mods' standards. - No messages to Dai Gyakuten Saiban will be accepted. - Letters to characters of various time periods (example: college Phoenix or Phoenix of the Apollo Justice arc) will be accepted. Please specify which character you are writing to in your letter. This includes 9-year-old Phoenix, Edgeworth and Larry. - Letters to a character who did not appear in the specified era (AJ Maya, JFA Athena, DD Ema, etc.) will not be accepted. - You may address one character per message. - Do not repeatedly ask the same question to multiple characters. Pick one or two. Otherwise the series of letters will be considered spam. - All messages must be in a letter format. No roleplaying: Imagine you are writing a letter on paper. Roleplaying messages will be deleted. - We will not be accepting messages concerning the Professor Layton series, the Ace Attorney movie, or the Ace Attorney manga. - If we can't understand your letter, it will be deleted. Please be as clear as you can. - Letters regarding Phoenix's, Maya's, or any other Ace Attorney character's role in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are fine but regard answers as non-canon... unless you really do think Phoenix was fist fighting monsters and superheroes. - Letters regarding Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney are accepted unless addressed to Professor Layton characters or regard the non-canon bonus episodes. - Letters regarding Project x Zone 2 are accepted, but only when addressed to Phoenix, Maya, or Edgeworth. You can read these in more depth on the submissions guidelines page. It is encouraged you do so. The old Ask Ace Attorney is gone now. Please place your hat over your heart and reflect in a moment of silence. Don't know how to submit letters? Go here. Please note that there may be a considerable delay between submission and answer. There are a lot of people writing in and all letters are answered in order.