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Now this has over a thousand followers im @2brokegirlsgifs

Now this has over a thousand followers (I’m flabbergasted, even), this is a post to say thank you for following this blog and I’ll continue to hopefully keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Johnny what are you guys doing in this @2brokegirlsgifs

Johnny: What are you guys doing in this neighborhood?

[Max walks up to Johnny and kisses him.]

Woman: Oh hello, sorry to interrupt you. But what the hell’s going on here?

Johnny: This is… uh…

Woman: I’m Cassandra, his girlfriend. Who are you?

[Max walks up to Cassandra and kisses her.]

Max: I’m Max… and um, this is how I say hi to everyone. I’m incredibly friendly…

Max okay what is the deal tell me fast im @2brokegirlsgifs

Max: Okay, what is the deal? Tell me fast. I’m nipping like crazy in here. Oooh, you’re smuggling some gumdrops there too, ice queen.

Caroline: His name is William Van Horn and he’s…

Oleg: I am leaving for sex. Last chance for threesome, foursome, possibly fivesome, if her sister’s train gets in on time.

Max: Oleg, please. I don’t have time to be harassed right now.

Oleg: Oh, okay. I’ll see you and the gumdrops tomorrow.

Max: Story. Go.

Caroline: We met at our parents’ companies’ parent company picnic. His family is the Boston Van Horns…

Max: Story. Stop. Cut to the end. Do we hate him?

Caroline: He dumped me when I lost all my money… never called me, not an email, nothing.

Max: Oh, we hate him. Wait. Which one’s your ex… the Asian one or the black one? I’m kidding. No, seriously. The white one or the really, really white one?

Caroline: Really, really white.