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A Lolita's Life @a-lolitas-life

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Hi! I’m Lolita and I am a Little! I’m also in a Polyamorous Triad with my Husband (Hubs) and my Daddy. This blog is all about my consensual ADULT Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic (DD/lg role play in a safe, sane, consensual manner). We do not practice, participate in, or condone incest or pedophilia. 18+ Only. NSFW. I follow: #alolitaslife and #a-lolitas-life What will you see here?: Plenty of Naughty and not so naughty DD/lg themed pictures and content. Some of myself and some I’ve stumbled across along the net/tumblr. There will also be plenty of my own writings (which I try to post one a day) on my progress exploring my “Lolita/Little” side in my BDSM/Kink friendly lifestyle, Polyamory, and much more. Feel free to Write/Ask me things. I’ll do my best to share my personal experiences, opinions, and thoughts on any topic you might ask me about. (My Email: (Globe Visit Tracker Started: Jan 12, 2013) rm_f1st('4','190','true','false','000000','1m4e1qig53e','true','ffffff'); - A Lolita's Life (@a-lolitas-life)
Daddyscrybaby playing with daddy n n @a-lolitas-life


playing with daddy n-n

Lacydoll in love with my new shoes @a-lolitas-life


in love with my new shoes!!🎀

Northmagneticpole kids meal eva air @a-lolitas-life


Kid’s Meal-Eva Air

Daddy and his little fawn are on a date tonight @a-lolitas-life

Daddy and his Little Fawn are on a date tonight. Next stop, nighttime playing in the park!