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Adult Baby Spanking @abdlspanking

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French Man who Like spanking and ageplay world. - Adult Baby Spanking (@abdlspanking)
Daddy ash lildiaperedbelle i had been @abdlspanking



I had been naughty so I got spanked on my wet diaper :(

As you can tell she belongs in diapers, even when I had to spank her.

Abdl247 she was getting spanked and suddenly @abdlspanking


She was getting spanked and suddenly the teacher felt her diaper filled… yup a messy baby girl.  From not wanting to be a baby so bad, she sure used the diaper like one. 

Apspa nice apron @abdlspanking


nice apron

Bossyboys ooh new fitness goal be able to @abdlspanking


ooh new fitness goal … be able to toss thepaddedpunk over my shoulder … 

Diaperedonline taylor doesnt want to get up @abdlspanking


Taylor doesn’t want to get up and run errands today, so claims illness. When her Daddy, David, checks her temperature with the rectal thermometer, he finds it normal. After an OTK spanking for lying, he lays her down for a fresh diaper but gives her a mini-enema to add to her punishment. Then he stands her in the corner until she fills her diaper.

After she is thoroughly humiliated, he gets her dressed in a pair of tight jeans that will both show off her thick diaper and squish her mess in all over…

Jaketeneby but this time its different by @abdlspanking


But This Time it’s Different!

by Rodney Gene One thing Daddy and I are working on  is the Spanking I got coming up on the 26th. My first true Discipline Spanking.
You will have my point of view and Daddys. Mine I want it to deal with the struggle of the spanko and boy in me. Where the spanko wants to be spanked but the boy does not.

Due to when this blog will be published. I’m due to get a Spanking from Tawser Lee in about two weeks. The Spanking is for breaking a promise I’ve made to him. On my days off I am to practice the piano. I have not been motivated to practice it for quite a while. This will be the first true punishment spanking I have gotten from him. I have had Maintenance Spankings from him, but not punishment. I have been going through a whole range of emotions on this one:
  • Do I want The Spanking? To be honest that is not an easy question. 
  • I have been spanked a lot before as you know from my Facebook posts, and I like to be spanked. 
imageBut this time it’s a different.

I’ve always wanted to be an adult boy, I have always felt like I was a little boy at heart, but trapped in a man’s body.  I can’t wait until the day I can live as a boy with my Daddy full time. We are looking to be moving in together within the year, though, so this is an early step in a full time Domestic Discipline arrangement.
But back to The Spanking…
  1. Do I deserve it? Yes I do. 
  2. Do I want it. I guess I’d have to answer “Yes and No” And they’d both be true.  
The spanko in me is telling me “Man, you’re going to get one good Spanking,” and I get all excited and happy. “This is not going to be anything like you’ve had in the past. This is going to be better!” 
But the little boy in me is terrified. It brings back memories of me and my Dad, him holding the belt, me crying then having to go over my Dad’s knee for The Spanking. Needless to say, I never took them well.Was I afraid of my Dad?  Never, I know he loved me and still does. And I love him too.  
But I did not love my Spankings. They hurt.
Which brings me now to Tawser Lee.  I feel the same about him as my Dad. I love him with all my heart and soul. But I am new to the adult boy scene.  I’ve never had a “Daddy” before. I’ve called other men “Daddy” but none of them were like Tawser Lee. 
But with the Punishment Spanking a whole two weeks away, not a day goes by that I don’t think about what’s coming. I wonder:

How am I going to act?  
When he is lecturing me will I look down in shame?  
Will I start to cry as I did as a boy?  
What is he going to uses on me?  
How bad is it going to hurt?  

Jokingly on Facebook I have posted things saying I’m sorry and not to spank me. But I know he is going to anyways. And even in our chats over the phone and online there have been times I’ve said please don’t spank me Daddy. And that I’m sorry. But in true fatherly tone he says he has to.   
He says that I broke a rule I knew the consequences, and if he let me off, he wouldn’t be doing me any good. And when he talks like that it brings the “fear” of the punishment all back.  
Where the spanko get all excided again, the boy in me wants to cry.


(Tune in on Wednesday, to find out how things went…)
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Jaketeneby attention cornertime confidential @abdlspanking


Attention Cornertime Confidential Readers: If you haven’t read Monday’s post, be sure to read that first or this part will not make sense. 


My First Punishment Spanking, (continued)

by Rodney Gene
Well, this is the day after my first real Punishment Spanking from Daddy. It was the first I ever had by him. 
imageI was so nervous I tried to get out of it as best I could. But in true Daddy form, nothing I did worked. I begged, I said I was sorry, I would do better. Nothing worked.  
He lectured me as I sat on the bed hugging my pillow. I could not bring myself to  look at him. When he paused, I would say I’m sorry. He then had me go get The Hairbrush. That is when I lost it. The tears started. 
With other Spankers I have been with in the past, I have never cried before a Spanking. But this was a very different feeling. He truly brought out the little boy I have inside me.It was like when I was a boy and my Dad put me over his knee. I would be crying before The Spanking started. And that’s what happened with me with Taswer Lee.  
He had me bend over the bed. I cried and cried as he whooped my bottom hard.  I was crawling up the bed it hurt so bad. He told me to get back in place. Finally, The Spanking was over. I just lay there still hugging my pillow crying into it. 
He hugged me as I lay there crying letting me know he still loved me, he didn’t want to have to Spank me, but he said he knew he had to. It was his duty as my father to punish my bad behavior. As much as I hated The Spanking, it did bring us closer together. I know I have someone who loves me enough to punish me and correct me when I do wrong. 

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Huggiesforkyle im sorry to do this mike said @abdlspanking


“I’m sorry to do this,” Mike said, “but after this morning it has to be done.” With that, Kyle was pulled back over Mike’s knee.

“But I didn’t do anything this time!” he protested. Mike just patted him on the butt a couple of times and told him it would be over soon. Then, SMACK! He felt the hairbrush hit is bare butt and he cried out. But at the same time he also felt a strange tingling feeling throughout his body. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Kyle started to cry, but even with his butt feeling like it was on fire, he realized he felt different; smaller almost. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! His cries sounded a bit higher pitched and he saw that the hair had gone from his arms which were gripping Mike’s left leg. SMACK!


Kyle cried and cried. Mike put the hairbrush down and said, “It’s OK little guy. Everything is going to be OK now.” And he picked Kyle right up in his arms and carried him over to the changing table. Kyle felt himself lose his breath and couldn’t find any words, or even the ability to cry as he was laid down on the baby-sized table and realized that…. he FIT. He was tiny. He was the size of a toddler. All of a sudden he realized the horrible reality of his situation… somehow, we was in the body of a two-year-old again.

Spankingtushynthegiblets spank him @abdlspanking


spank him…


Winnierider bubblesabdl wasnt a fan of my @abdlspanking


@bubbles_abdl wasn’t a fan of my spankings… A new dip helps calm her down 💙💜💛 #abdreams #abdl #ageplay #mommygirl #diaperfetish #diapergirl #lordbubbles #winnierider

Abdl247 spanking her bottom wwwageplay247com @abdlspanking


spanking her bottom

Naughtycandycomics surprise a bonus easter comic @abdlspanking


Surprise! A bonus Easter Comic with Casey and Riley! It seems that Casey is finding his new role as a dom a little more challenging when Riley decides to be a crybaby.


Read More

Abdl247 this was the day lyra said in her mind @abdlspanking


This was the day, Lyra said in her mind, I’m going to tell Mommy Penelope that she had a job, and she had to classes to go to.  When Lyra told Mommy, Mommy replied she didn’t have to do any of that.  She’s much to young for college.  A job?  You’re a baby now… why do you need a job?  Lyra’s mind was in a jumble.  After a week of her being a complete baby 24-7, she didn’t know if she really could go back.  But Lyra wanted a break… to collect her thoughts.  But then mommy threatened her with an enema and then sit in the naughty corner.   Lyra didn’t want another one of those!  Mommy quickly put her over her knee and spanked her padded diapered bottom.    After a few swats from Mommy’s hand, Lyra soon turned back into the little she had learned to be over the week.  Mommy Penelope then held Lyra in her arms.  Lyra was now a baby again and there was no turning back. 

Spankingbadgirls53 bad girl spanking and diaper @abdlspanking


Bad Girl spanking and Diaper Punishment

Spankingbadgirls53 diaper spanking @abdlspanking


Diaper spanking

Spankingbadgirls53 diaper spanking @abdlspanking


Diaper spanking

Princess playland corner time @abdlspanking


Corner time.

Diaperedonline lexi has been getting pretty lazy @abdlspanking


Lexi has been getting pretty lazy lately around the house and Adriana is sick of it. She walks in to see her girl lounging on the couch, playing on her phone without a care in the world. Adriana isn’t going to stand for anymore nonsense. She scolds and chastises Lexi for being lazy and wanting to put things on. Lexi doesn’t seem to care much, she thinks that she can keep pushing her chores off a few more days without any consequence. This time however, there is a consequence! Adriana yanks Lexi’s blanket away from her and pulls the brat over her lap on the couch. Lexi receives a few spanks but Adriana quickly notices that she has something on underneath her shorts… a diaper!!! Not again! Adriana thought she had broke Lexi of her strange habit of wearing diapers but apparently that’s not the case. She spanks Lexi over her diapered bottom and then over her bare bottom. Lexi is spanked hard on her bum while she receives a thorough scolding from her Mommy. If Lexi is going to be sneaking diapers under her clothes then Adriana is going to treat her like one all over again. After Lexi is done being spanked, she is re-diapered and then brought down to Adriana’s lap so she can breastfeed. Slowly but surely, Lexi calms down and submits to her Mommy. Perhaps some extended baby time will do this brat some good…

Youneeddiapers nikki had to go stand in the @abdlspanking


Nikki had to go stand in the corner because she wet her pull up at the grocery store with mom.

Abgussy jack about to spank maddie otk @abdlspanking


Jack about to spank Maddie OTK

Dadaslittlebaby this is what happens when baby @abdlspanking


This is what happens when baby pushes dada away

Abgussy gus spanking maddie for deleting his @abdlspanking


Gus spanking Maddie for deleting his game file.

Deviantkade bad sissy baby @abdlspanking


bad sissy baby!

Abcubs being a little guy isnt all cuddles and @abdlspanking


Being a little guy isn’t all cuddles and plushies, sometimes you get a red bottom and sent to the naughty corner.

Abgussy ally spanked with soap in her mouth @abdlspanking


Ally spanked with soap in her mouth

Winnierider but santa ive been good abdl @abdlspanking


But, Santa! I’ve been good! #abdl #badsanta #ageplay #otk spanking #paddle photo by

Steeltoesweetheart i am in love with this teeny @abdlspanking


i am in love with this teeny little time out chair oh my goodness bless

Diapercuck but everyone will see mommy there @abdlspanking


But everyone will see, Mommy!  There is no way to hide pampers this thick… *whimper*

Diaperwruff ab alex by dacrazyj @abdlspanking


Ab Alex by DaCrazyJ

Diaperedonline alex reynolds spanked and @abdlspanking


Alex Reynolds: Spanked and Diapered For School
Alex tries to sneak off to school in a skirt that is far too short. Dominic figures if she wants to show off her goods, he will give her something to show off. A red butt and a crinkly white diaper should do the trick. Perhaps now she will focus on keeping her skirt down.

Diaperedonline daddy wakes up rainbow to find @abdlspanking


Daddy wakes up Rainbow to find she has wet her pullups again. She knows the punishment for bedwetting, so he takes her over his knee for a good spanking and then puts her in the corner while he gathers her attire for the day. They are going to a family reunion, so he uses two thick stuffers to make sure the diaper holds up all day. She whines about how thick they are, but Daddy knows a pair of loose-fitting shortalls will hide them. And if they don’t? Well, it’s not much of a punishment if she isn’t embarrassed by her diapers.

Waouh @abdlspanking


Lilbabyryan waiting to be spanked and taken out @abdlspanking


Waiting to be spanked and taken out of my boy briefs to diapers.

Rustibusssnibb lets take that diaper down you @abdlspanking


Lets take that diaper down! You are in for a good spanking.

Dammitpunk i shouldve just got off the damned @abdlspanking


I should’ve just got off the damned horse like Momma Sarah Gregory told me to ::pouts::

Jerseyshorediaperchicks somebody wants a @abdlspanking


Somebody wants a spanking!