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Addicted to Implants @addicted2implants

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I love women who love to pump their breasts up with plastic. On Kik @addicted2implants. - Addicted to Implants (@addicted2implants)
Miraculousboobs charlie c @addicted2implants


Charlie C

You could get lost in those.

Biggerandfaker bustyig instagram @addicted2implants



Instagram: anastasiya_kvitko | More pictures of anastasiya_kvitko

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It’s nice when tits are getting so big and round they are no longer thought to be breasts.  They are fake, plastic somehow synthetic.  They are a choice and indicate the users mindset.  That she wants to have immense bags stitched into her chest to elevate her look.  Keep up the good work.

Biggerandfaker immensewickedperfection one @addicted2implants



One of the best boobjobs around right now. Courtesy of Dr. Revis.

Katrina Rico.

Nice and high.  I hope she keeps that skin tight.

Biggerandfaker fakeandshaved eva karera boob @addicted2implants



Eva Karera boob jobs

Just a great example of progress.  The first set of tits were not bad but were also purely a stepping stone to bigger implants.  They were never meant to be permanent.  They were a tool to stretching and growing her skin for her next step.

The second set of implants shoved in her chest removed any resemblance to breasts.  These closed the gap that the initial training implants created.  Gave her more spherical projection and fakeness.   Again just a step to what she really needed.

The third set of tits is artwork.  These round fuck bags will not give it a rest.  They awake even the most dormant cock.  These have reshaped her torso so have two disembodied tits hanging on to the front of her.  They are so perfect and spherical they deserve all the cum that they get.

I seriously love it when a girl starts to get older and that’s when she gets giant implants in order to compensate.

Kaylakleevage trolling lake mead for some big @addicted2implants


Trolling Lake Mead for some Big Black Cock!

Bigfan81mink @addicted2implants


A cool Fan group on Google+ about Casey James

I bet she loves to get fucked while her bags flop around.

Girls that have no issues going huge and trashy @addicted2implants

Girls that have no issues going huge and trashy are so special.

Skankalicious @addicted2implants


I love girls that dont pretend to be normal @addicted2implants

I love girls that don’t pretend to be normal.

Bigfan81mink crystal ashley here her google @addicted2implants


Crystal Ashley

here her google+ Fan Club

and here the Google+ Fan Clubs Index for more Models

Bimboz boobgrowth breast implants can be @addicted2implants



Breast implants can be quite addictive. Once you reach an ideal size, your tits will be quite full. But with the added weight, your skin will stretch and your breasts will eventually sag.

Only one thing left to do - go even bigger! Rinse and repeat…

It’s true

Cfnm fiona was always a creative woman so her @addicted2implants


Fiona was always a creative woman, so her husband wasn’t fazed one bit by her idea of trying a “reverse blowjob”.

Click here for more!

Get your CFNM updates @

She gets depressed if you don’t cum in her mouth a couple times a day.

Perfect to cum in before you tell her she needs @addicted2implants

Perfect to cum in before you tell her she needs another boob job.

Fullshirt desiree vega scoreland @addicted2implants


Desiree Vega   |   Scoreland   |   I’m a Score Girl

No scars!

She’ll be able to fit a much bigger set of bags in there pretty soon.

Fullshirt dolly fox scoreland foxy @addicted2implants


Dolly Fox   |   Scoreland   |   Foxy & Stacked   |   Image 56

Those things are starting to drop and sag nicely. Almost time for another tit job! Yay!

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Boltontits fashiondiva1400cc @addicted2implants




Yup. If I had access to those, I think I’d probably get fired because I’d never show up to work.

She’ll catch you load in her cleavage. Great form.

1200cc great submission today especially if @addicted2implants


Great submission today. Especially if you love seeing blue veining on bountiful cleavage; and I know many of you do.


Girls like this will fuck your cock until it wont @addicted2implants

Girls like this will fuck your cock until it won’t get hard anymore. Then all over again the next day…

Fakeplasticandfantastic cheers first day is @addicted2implants



First day is going really really well so far

Thebimbochaser looking so used and i bet she @addicted2implants


Looking so used.  And I bet she is.

With tits like that you know she gets a good amount of cum in her.

Love her look very sexy via tumbleon @addicted2implants

Love her look. Very sexy.

(via TumbleOn)

Amateur implant pics pool party guess whos @addicted2implants


pool party!

Guess who’s the biggest slut at the pool party?

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Addicted2implants good girl via tumbleon @addicted2implants


Good girl!

(via TumbleOn)

So fake @addicted2implants

So fake…

Gokkunboobs ugly but hard fuck meat those @addicted2implants


Ugly, but hard fuck meat

Those will get ya laid

Bigboobsnews more archive photos of us silicone @addicted2implants


More archive photos of US silicone model Treasure Chest @ Photoclubs website

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Hugefakebreastlover take your pick @addicted2implants


Take your pick

Classy outfit trashy tits @addicted2implants

Classy outfit. Trashy tits.

Pietje012 canadian babe sexystarr77 @addicted2implants


Canadian babe @SexyStarr77  . She’s the hottest girl I know and that’s all I need to say

Wishing she went a lot bigger stupid @addicted2implants

Wishing she went a lot bigger. Stupid.

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Mutandait barbie girl at least you know when @addicted2implants


barbie girl

At least you know when she’s drunk and ready to fuck.

Sluts cocks cum kylee nash oh god yes please @addicted2implants


Kylee Nash, oh god yes please

Love her loose round bags.

Addicted2implants a good slut always wants to @addicted2implants


A good slut always wants to take her tits out for you.

Slut, get your tits out. “Ok”.

Good little skank knew that her first boob job @addicted2implants

Good little skank knew that her first boob job wasn’t enough so she got another one.

Boomboommiskalovexxx delz angel 01 @addicted2implants


Delz Angel 01.

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Good god @addicted2implants

Good god.

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Via tumbleon @addicted2implants

(via TumbleOn)

Girls like the middle one will usually fuck you in @addicted2implants

Girls like the middle one will usually fuck you in the back seat of your car if you tell her she has nice boobs.

Candyhousebimbos the dream for many a bimbo @addicted2implants


The dream for many a bimbo … and bimbo-owner

Hair dye and a boob job instant skank thats @addicted2implants

Hair dye and a boob job = instant skank that’s ready to meet your family for thanksgiving.

Addicted2implants theres just something @addicted2implants


There’s just something manically about shooting a load inside a slutty blonde girl.

(via TumbleOn)
Bigngross omg via tumbleon @addicted2implants



(via TumbleOn)
So hot @addicted2implants

So hot

I bet she gets fucked all the time @addicted2implants

I bet she gets fucked all the time.

Look at those fucking things bounce like rocks @addicted2implants

Look at those fucking things bounce like rocks.

Bimbobreeding always be ready to display @addicted2implants


Always be ready to Display & Obey

Some girls were just born slutty. (via TumbleOn)
Mega titss anna bell peaks via tumbleon @addicted2implants


Anna Bell Peaks

(via TumbleOn)
Good little jizz target @addicted2implants

Good little jizz target.

Good girl keep drooling lube @addicted2implants

Good girl. Keep drooling lube.

Put your tits in my face and let me cum in you @addicted2implants

Put your tits in my face and let me cum in you.

Stretch those things out @addicted2implants

Stretch those things out.

Danidaniels4pres brooklyn chase love that @addicted2implants


Brooklyn Chase

Love that face. She could suck my cock for hours.

Miraculousboobs natalie ann @addicted2implants


Natalie Ann

I’d need to fuck her whenever I saw those.

Phdbimbo good girls know that theres no room @addicted2implants


good girls know that there’s no room for a cock and a brain inside them at the same time. 

i want to be a good girl. 

Brain zapped babes they attached the @addicted2implants


They attached the brain-drainer to her pussy, and as the pleasure started Janette was blown away on the wind.

So fucking hot.

Shes starting to get big keep pumping @addicted2implants

She’s starting to get big. Keep pumping!

Treat her plastic tits like the objects they are @addicted2implants

Treat her plastic tits like the objects they are. They were made in a factory for you to use.

Perfect @addicted2implants


Every time she wears a low cut top all the girls @addicted2implants

Every time she wears a low cut top, all the girls know that they need to keep their boyfriends from fucking her.

Schandevongijon brooke tyler good slut @addicted2implants


Brooke Tyler

Good slut

She started as a flat receptionist at my office @addicted2implants

She started as a flat receptionist at my office. We made out one day at happy hour and she didn’t believe me when I told her I was going to turn her into a slut. Now, after her third boob job and lots of forced orgasm training, she’s starting to realize that her mind and body are being permanently altered and the little girl from last year is almost totally replaced by a depraved sex addicted slut.

Time to install @addicted2implants

Time to install

Becoming such a good slut already @addicted2implants

Becoming such a good slut already

Dont worry sweetie after a few months they wont @addicted2implants

Don’t worry sweetie. After a few months they won’t feel so freakish anymore. Your mind is already working on convincing you that they’re normal sized. You’ll stop noticing people gawking pretty soon. I know you don’t believe me now but you’ll be wanting bigger ones within a year. It’s ok.

Good job honey nobody will ever mistake those for @addicted2implants

Good job honey… Nobody will ever mistake those for natural. They’ll always see them as two giant bags of saline, no matter what you wear. You did great… Just like I told you to.

I could get her pregnant in 10 minutes @addicted2implants

I could get her pregnant in 10 minutes.

Inductionofautosadism the stupid shit women @addicted2implants


The stupid shit women will do for a little attention and affection - really amazing. How empty does a heart have to be until you’re willing to mutilate yourself to be loved?

Scenes like this mean more to me than any story or fiction could - a lifetime of human pathos captured in an image.

Old woman, too tan, hotel robes, hotel room, tits too big, hair badly bleached, hook nose never fixed. She didn’t do this in her own bedroom - this is a hotel. If she was someone’s wife they’d fix the nose as well as the tits - no ring. She’s temporary. Look at the veins on her legs - she’s well past the age she wanted to be single. This is a scene of desperation and despair - a life that did not go to plan.

Still she’s trying - this is the most human thing to never stop struggling. She’s Sisyphus carrying those tits up the mountain. I respect her humanity.

I’d put a ring on that and book her for a monster boob job. We’d be happy as hell.

Inductionofautosadism this is when she feels @addicted2implants


This is when she feels like herself.

From the time she was a little girl, her clit tingled when she thought about being used like a hole to cum in. She was going to become a slut and there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening.

Would love to call her a slut while i drop a load @addicted2implants

Would love to call her a slut while I drop a load into her. She’d love it too.

Fakeandshaved via azura starr boobjob that @addicted2implants


(via Azura Starr Boobjob)

That boob job completed the slut package.