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Addicted to Implants @addicted2implants

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I love women who love to pump their breasts up with plastic. On Kik @addicted2implants. - Addicted to Implants (@addicted2implants)
Mega titss danielle derek so pretty @addicted2implants


Danielle Derek

So pretty.

Boltonwife dreaming of more i love when @addicted2implants


Dreaming of more

I love when sunlight shines right through an implant. All plastic and saline!

Fakebimbolover love how big fake monster tits @addicted2implants


Love how big fake monster tits transformed her from a average girl to a bimbo fuckdoll 

Good girl @addicted2implants

Good girl.

Imaudreybitoni watch the full video free @addicted2implants


Watch the full video free:
Audrey Bitoni in school girl uniform stripping

I love super fake looking boob jobs.

Johndwrite my type of girl silly with @addicted2implants


My type of girl, silly with oversized plastic tits. 

Ready for a load on her neck @addicted2implants

Ready for a load on her neck!

Dang @addicted2implants


So cute @addicted2implants

So cute.

Fakeboobsworld alyssa lynn @addicted2implants


Alyssa Lynn

Starting to look broken in. Time for another boob job to tighten them right up!

Rackstars johnny fuckin utah vee von @addicted2implants



Vee Von Sweets

Love how they hang and stick out all at once.

Needtoseedandbreed oh god i am about to cum @addicted2implants


“Oh god, I am about to cum!” He said as he pulled out of her ready to blow his massive load all over her perfect tits. This was routine however today was different, today she was ovulating. In her highest moment of fertility she felt the primal, overwhelming urge to let him pump all of his virile semen deep inside her womb and impregnate her. She had let hints slip while they were making love but he didn’t want to do it, so now she decided to improvise. As he pulled his massive throbbing cock out of her tight wet pussy ready to release on her she grabbed it and stroked it a few times and then shoved it back inside of her and she slammed her hips down on him and she locked her legs around him so he could no longer try to pull out. “What are you doing?! I am about to cum!!” He screamed as he tried in vain to hold his massive load in. “Today is the day, today you will impregnate me with your children.” She said as she began grinding his pulsating cock. He could hold it no longer as he gave in and pumped load after load after load into her womb, ensuring her primal desire to bear children complete.

Faketitamateurs chrissy on the boat 2 fan @addicted2implants


Chrissy on the Boat 2

Fan submission , Thankxx !!

Shed be flat without those plastic bags @addicted2implants

She’d be flat without those plastic bags.

Starting to look full @addicted2implants

Starting to look full.

Fakeboobsworld brooke tyler @addicted2implants


Brooke Tyler

There’s this look that girls get with their 2nd boob job that they can’t get with just one.

Teased pleased oh thats what i call fireworks @addicted2implants


Oh that’s what I call fireworks. Must have been so hard for you to keep it all in there for me.

Jerk maids are the best.

Fakeboobsworld aleira avendaño @addicted2implants


Aleira Avendaño

I love girls who go bigger than normal.

Pussy piercings complete the package @addicted2implants

Pussy piercings complete the package.


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