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Adorable Lesbian Couples @adorablelesbiancouples

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SUBMISSIONS TEMPORARILY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an inclusive and family-friendly blog dedicated to the beautiful love between two ladies. Want to submit a picture but don't know how? Here is a walk through to show you. - Adorable Lesbian Couples (@adorablelesbiancouples)
This is a day i and the world will never forget @adorablelesbiancouples

This is a day I, and the world, will never forget. Hopefully I’ll be seeing a LOT more wedding picture submissions now 😄😄😄

I worry about it latertumblrcom am in love with @adorablelesbiancouples

I am in love with

Escvp3 how dangerous she thought to @adorablelesbiancouples


“How dangerous,” she thought, “to finally have something worth losing.”

True love doesnt happen right away its an @adorablelesbiancouples

True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.

Te amo!!! href="http://null"

My favorite girl b4thewreckage thewek2 @adorablelesbiancouples

my favorite girl. @b4thewreckage @thewek2

Its been a rough year for erica and i but im @adorablelesbiancouples

It’s been a rough year for Erica and I, but I’m not giving up. I love this girl with every fiber in me and I’m going to make this work. Two and a half years, many more to come. I love you, peanut.

(Erica behind, Me in front)

We are cute left punkgordontumblrcom right @adorablelesbiancouples

We are cute.

The smartest thing i ever did was make you all @adorablelesbiancouples

The smartest thing I ever did was make you all mine. I love you so much baby girl.

My Girlfriend:

My wife means the world to me mlwhiteside @adorablelesbiancouples

My wife means the world to me ♥️♥️♥️
mlwhiteside @msha

Were both in the navy she in maryland and me in @adorablelesbiancouples

We’re both in the Navy, she in Maryland and me in California but the distance is nothing but an obstacle. I love this girl and I’ll do anything and everything for her. My day starts and ends with thinking about her, doing absolutely anything I can to show her how much I love her. To anyone going through distance or having trouble coming out let me tell you something- the right person will only come around once. No matter who they are, take every chance with them because losing them would be so much harder than something as silly as distance or being afraid of what people think about you. Happiness is a choice made only by you, never let fear get in the way of that. Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.
Me- www.

She is my best friend before above anything else @adorablelesbiancouples

She is my best friend before above anything else, and I am incredibly lucky and humbled to have her in my life.

Me(short hair): temporiam

Her(good eyebrows): descomponer

Shes my everything i may roll my eyes when she @adorablelesbiancouples

She’s my everything. I may roll my eyes when she walks funny in public to embarrass me, or makes a cheesy joke, or wheezes like an old man when she laughs, but honestly she makes me so happy and I love her to death. <3
Her on the left, me on the right.

When you wonder if you matter baby look into my @adorablelesbiancouples

“When you wonder if you matter baby look into my eyes, and tell me can’t you see, you’re everything to me”

Theres this girl i just cant get enough of @adorablelesbiancouples

There’s this girl & I just can’t get enough of her. Making me laugh more than I knew I could or even cry more than I should. Having ups and downs are okay with me, not everything is supposed to be perfect. With you by  my side I know I have my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. You are beautiful, strong, loving, caring, and I am lucky to call you mine. 

on the right (me):

on the left (my girl)

7 hour drive to be with you and its worth every @adorablelesbiancouples

7 hour drive to be with you and it’s worth every second.

her (left): | follow her cause she’s a babe and I love her

me (right):

Shes my everything left @adorablelesbiancouples

shes my everything



Taylor and faith 20 ldr ca tn @adorablelesbiancouples

Taylor and Faith. 20. LDR, CA & TN. ❤️ &

I am the luckiest girl in the world only a year @adorablelesbiancouples

I am the luckiest girl in the world. Only a year and a half together, and she has already made me a better person. I love you so much, and look forward to spending everyday with you <3
She has the winning smile livehappylovefreely
I have the glasses @ontheouts

It basically took me 7 years of our friendship to @adorablelesbiancouples

It basically took me 7 years of our friendship to figure out that you are the one that I want to spend everyday with for the rest of my life. I know I’m your first for everything but you’re the first person that truly has my heart the way I’ve always dreamt for someone to have it. I want you to be my happily ever after.
Me on the right mikaleekanematsu

The best thing you can do is to find a person who @adorablelesbiancouples

The best thing you can do is to find a person who loves for exactly what you are. 20 months 

Hey everyone this is my girlfriend michelle and i @adorablelesbiancouples

Hey Everyone! This is my girlfriend Michelle and I :)

Left (Michelle) :

Right (Me):

My number 1 from rugby to partner yoga 3 no one @adorablelesbiancouples

My number 1 from rugby to partner yoga <3 no one gets between this 9 10 channel! 🐨 love you honey!

Mine: redsocks95
Her’s: erinwilkins5

This is me and my beautiful girlfriend hopefully @adorablelesbiancouples

This is me and my beautiful girlfriend, hopefully I get to spend the rest of my life with her.

Our Blogs:
Mine (Right):
Hers (Left):

My girlfriend on the left and i on the right @adorablelesbiancouples

My girlfriend (on the left) and I (on the right) are so happy to have found eachother! We’ve had a lot of obstacles in our relationship but we’ve surpassed them all and proved everyone wrong by making it through together😁😌 I don’t know what I would do without this beautiful girl in my life. All my worries disappear when she’s in my arms and I know we’re together😍❤️❤️ kaiamaynard (my blog) unfortunately my girlfriend dosent have a tumblr

8 months of every day feeling like the first @adorablelesbiancouples

8 months of every day feeling like the first despite the 153 miles between us.

Me (right):
She doesn’t have a tumblr

Girls love lesbians my love 3 her @adorablelesbiancouples


my love <3



This is me red hair and my girlfriend ashley @adorablelesbiancouples

This is me (red hair) and my girlfriend Ashley (turquoise hair). We’ve been mutuals on tumblr for a while and once we found out we both had crushes on each other we started talking a ton. I bought her a plane ticket from New York to Seattle to come visit me. She was supposed to arrive last Wednesday but kept getting delayed and got here last Friday. I can’t believe she’s only been here a week, it feels like so much longer. I am so much in love with her and I fall harder every day. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Come say hi :)


Shes my booger simplyquincytumblrcom @adorablelesbiancouples

she’s my booger.

Shes my booger simplyquincytumblrcom @adorablelesbiancouples

she’s my booger.

I love this girl more than anything i cant wait @adorablelesbiancouples

I love this girl more than anything. I can’t wait to see you again, princess.



Left betrulyfree right wherethedre4 @adorablelesbiancouples

Left// betrulyfree
Right// @wherethedre4

In our hearts we have the power to do whatever we @adorablelesbiancouples

In our hearts we have the power to do whatever we need to do in order to stay and to be happy. To have the power not only to love you but also to be with you most days is an absolute treasure and sometimes I forget but it’s always there, I always know how lucky I am because how could you not feel lucky? When a person who seems to shine brighter than anyone you’ve ever met before looks at you and feels the same. I am the luckiest girl in the world. And I love you. Sorry for the cheese. X
m-d-m-gay (right- the lucky one) i-started-to-skate-now-im-gay (left)

She flew from california to ny to see me this @adorablelesbiancouples

She flew from California to NY to see me this spring break after almost 3yrs of long distance. Things got too complicated to stay together so we’ll try again when she comes to the East cost for college

I’m in the Dr. Seuss hat: 

My wife and i got married back in october im in @adorablelesbiancouples

My wife and I got married back in October. I’m in glasses, and she’s the beauty next to me. She is my happiness, my world, and my life. I am so grateful to have someone so perfect in my life. I’m so in love.

I right live in paris vanessa left lives in @adorablelesbiancouples

I (right) live in Paris, Vanessa (left) lives in London. Her first time in my town was great ! I am very lucky to have her. She is the best thing ever happened to me. 

My blog : tekpaf 

My lovely baby doesn’t have Tumblr.

My wife and i our 4th wedding anniversary is @adorablelesbiancouples

My wife and I. Our 4th wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching. My blog is a blog for women who love other women.

My name is xen and my partners name is sam were @adorablelesbiancouples

My name is Xen and my partner’s name is Sam. We’re getting married next summer!
me (right): ihavenow
her (left): the-uselesslesbian

Distortedperceptions smells like team potter @adorablelesbiancouples

distorted–perceptions smells-like-team-potter 💛

I highkey love you a lot theprohomotumblrcom @adorablelesbiancouples

i highkey love you a lot.

First prom with this cutie ayeitssninatumblrcom @adorablelesbiancouples

First prom with this cutie! and ☺️

My girlfriend and i have been together for a @adorablelesbiancouples

My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over 3 months and it’s just been amazing. I couldn’t be happier. Id love for you all to get to know us. So here are our tumblrs.

s0ftcore-math (Olivia, left side)

givemetimetogrow (Me, Molly, right side)

Come talk to us!

Girlfriend and i url @adorablelesbiancouples

Girlfriend and I ❤️


My bae and i 3 i am so in love with you pauline @adorablelesbiancouples

my bae and I <3 I am so in love with you pauline and I love with being weird with you xx


The sea devil princesstumblrcom @adorablelesbiancouples

I miss her more than anything exactly 1 month @adorablelesbiancouples

I miss her more than anything, exactly 1 month until we are together again!



The more you lovethe more love you have to @adorablelesbiancouples

The more you love,the more love you have to give.It’s the only feeling we have which is infinite…
Her: ashsmash318
Me: @top-sca

Shes the best thing thats ever happened to me i @adorablelesbiancouples

She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I love her with all my heart.
Noah- blinduntilimetyou
Lauren- lumiere—overme

Got to spend prom with such a beautiful girl that @adorablelesbiancouples

Got to spend prom with such a beautiful girl that I love to call my girlfriend!

Meet me wee shit grace believe it or not she is @adorablelesbiancouples

Meet me wee shit, Grace. Believe it or not she is the girl I am seeing, and fuck knows how on earth I am pulling her! She will be my girlfriend soon though because she is just so whipped ;) hehe. We are long distance and I haven’t gone through anything like this before, well I have but the distance is longer and the feelings are different. I recently just told her that I love her, I realized I loved her on about the 16-17th and I couldn’t resist not telling her. She responded with what she usually does and just hugged me and thought about what to say for a good 5 minutes. We both suck at coming up with what to say right in the moment, we have too many things in common and freaky things too. I don’t even know what to say now haha, shes so beautiful fuck me. By the time this gets posted and you see it I hope that you, Grace, get my letter by that time. Our relationship is anything but easy and I am hating the distance, but if anything it makes me appreciate her so much. It takes a lot of work and trust and I think we are at our strongest right now, I hope we only get stronger. I want to write a book about our relationship when we make it to old as people ;) I just want you to know all the love I have for you and how much I want to spoil you. You’ve never for one second been anything less than amazing to me. Seeing you just the past 6 days has made me realized that you will be the one to change my life forever. I knew that there was something different about you when I met you and since then you have been constantly on my mind. I wouldn’t want this with anyone else and I want you so bad. I miss you so much. 

I’ll see you in another 33 days

P.s. Never ever forget how beautiful or stunning or how smart and fun and caring you are

Nothing but love always, Tinder Bae. Oh and yes we met on Tinder ;)

Me -

Her -


She is my person she knows me better than anyone @adorablelesbiancouples

She is my person. She knows me better than anyone else in this world. She understands how I feel without me having to explain, she’s my everything. Forever <3 <3 

I’m on the left, she’s on the right.

Me left and jessright my tumblr @adorablelesbiancouples

me( left)

and jess(right)

my tumblr:

she doesnt have one.

We been together since 2006 i cant picture @adorablelesbiancouples

We been together since 2006 & I can’t picture myself with anyone else or single. I’ll miss her beautiful soft skin and her succulent kisses. I’ll miss us sending nudes to one another. I’ll miss the emotional connection we have, the lust and obsession for each other. We stay rocking with each other like how people back in the days use to. Single life would be boring as fuck without my beloved of 8 yrs.

Httpwwwgofundmecomkirsten olivia my @adorablelesbiancouples

My Girlfriend and I are raising funds to teach English in Thailand together. We’ve been long distance since graduating college a year ago

We are the vonbabes 3 our dear friend daniel @adorablelesbiancouples

We are the vonBabes ! <3 

Our dear friend Daniel McQuillan captured this photo of us and we couldn’t be happier to share it :) 

Hey this is me and my beauty shes in the grey @adorablelesbiancouples

hey this is me and my beauty (she’s in the grey, i’m in the blue) and we actually started talking through tumblr and thank god we’re only 40 minutes from each other because she’s the love of my life and she’s perfect 


The best parts of our life dont make it to the @adorablelesbiancouples

The best parts of our life don’t make it to the Internet. We stay low key, in our lane and fuck with each other heavy! My wife and I of almost 9yrs!

When my wife and i use the eggplant emoji we @adorablelesbiancouples

when my wife and I use the eggplant emoji we really mean eggplant 🍆

F0rever tayl0r theteen @adorablelesbiancouples


Even when the world feels like its crashing down @adorablelesbiancouples

Even when the world feels like it’s crashing down around me, she still manages to put a smile on my face. (left) (right)

I think they queerest thing i have ever done was @adorablelesbiancouples

I think they queerest thing I have ever done was date my women’s studies 101 TA and I am so in love. 

follow me (short hair)

follow her (long hair)

My baby girl and i @adorablelesbiancouples

My baby girl and I💕

My wonderwall notorious1419 mollyfunmack @adorablelesbiancouples

My wonderwall. @notorious1419 @mollyfunmack

My beautiful girlfriend an me you make me a @adorablelesbiancouples

My beautiful girlfriend an me❤️
You make me a better person and I love you with all my heart 💞

My love niceatomstumblrcom @adorablelesbiancouples

My love.

This is my lover and i lover her @adorablelesbiancouples

This is my lover and I lover her ☺️

Hi everyone so this is me over achieving youth @adorablelesbiancouples

Hi everyone so this is me (over-achieving-youth) and my beautiful girlfriend (flickringlight).

I’m be funny looking brunette my name is amber and she is the gorgeous blonde her name is Sarah 😁.

We are and LDR couple, I live in the England UK and she live in Washington USA.

I love you baby
I miss you lots and lots

The love of my life trippy paradise @adorablelesbiancouples

The love of my life @trippy-paradise

This is me and my gorgeous girlfriend left is my @adorablelesbiancouples

This is me and my gorgeous girlfriend. Left is my girl, Meghan and right is me, Cathy. We have been together for almost 2 years, we’ve had a few downs and a lot of ups but I can truly say that this is the girl I want to spend my life with. I am so utterly in love with you Meghan. We will soon have to go into long distance because of university, but my promise is still that I will always come and see you and we shall fight through it. I love you with everything I am.

Her Tumblr:
My Tumblr:
Our YouTube channel:

I think ill miss you forever like the stars miss @adorablelesbiancouples

I think I’ll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies”

Ours Blogs:

Me bittercamera on the right and my absolutely @adorablelesbiancouples

Me ( bittercamera on the right) and my absolutely love girlfriend ( alixwilliamstunes on the left). I love you so much and I’m so glad to say she’s my girlfriend(: also we’re pretty adorable

If youre a bird im a bird @adorablelesbiancouples

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.