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mr black loves sexy curvy women @aintthissumiish

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Just a man that loves lookin a beautiful women no matter what shape, size, or ethnicity.. i've always have been and will be an ass, thigh, and hip guy, but i have a weakness for Asian and mixed women! So comin here you're gonna see a wide variety of what i consider sexiness.. i do prefer women who are real over ones with fake accessories but if she's bad enough i'll make an exception! feel free to ask questions, make recommendations or request.. later - mr black loves sexy curvy women (@aintthissumiish)
Missellaandrews he dared me to wear this in the @aintthissumiish


He dared me to wear this in the car for the 4 hour drive up to the mountains…he obviously does not know me well enough yet. Challenge accepted. 

Missellaandrews edit by follower @aintthissumiish


Edit by follower

Missellaandrews baby was with the nanny all @aintthissumiish


Baby was with the nanny all day. Selfie time ;)

Missellaandrews is it bedtime yet @aintthissumiish


Is it bedtime yet?

Missellaandrews exhausted @aintthissumiish



Tamjam30 im feeling a little naughty tonight @aintthissumiish


I’m feeling a little naughty tonight!! 😈

Tiemedownsexmeup narcissistic rule 1 whenever @aintthissumiish


Narcissistic rule #1 whenever a picture of me comes up on my dash I must reblog it. Guys I can’t believe my ass has 1500 notes on it. <3 so fucking flattered xoxoxoxo

Tiemedownsexmeup please dont remove @aintthissumiish


***please don’t remove caption/credit*** Well you guys, its been a really long time without me posting pictures of myself. And I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’m feeling good about my body for once. Enjoy, I hope you guys like it!

Devilwalk godwalk been awhile @aintthissumiish


Been awhile.

Devilwalk godwalk my hand looks little compared @aintthissumiish


My hand looks little compared to my boobs.

Tidewilldryuponmybabysback favorite pose @aintthissumiish


Favorite pose ✌🏼️💗

Tidewilldryuponmybabysback @aintthissumiish




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