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All Kinds of Black Dudes & M.O.C.

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There are a zillion blogs on Tumblr featuring different types of dudes - bears, big dicked, daddies, grandpas, BDSM/leather dudes, Vintage, etc. - but few of them feature black dudes or more than a few. This blog is totally devoted to sexy, scandalous photos of black dudes that fall into the rare/unusual/kinky category. In addition to black dudes, other men of color (Latino/Asian/Arab/Indian, etc.) may be featured as well. PLEASE NOTE: White dudes are basically excluded from this site not because I don't find them beautiful, too, but because images of them are so readily available on Tumblr and elsewhere. If you have photos to share please submit or email to If you see a photo of yours that's not credited or you have it up and want it reblogged from your page, let me know. I started collecting these photos long before I ever considered doing my own blog, so I have a lot of them saved without crediting information. This blog contains adult materials and is not to be viewed by those under the age of 18. All images posted on this blog have been found and collected from the internet and are presented as visual inspiration for those viewing. Copyright belongs to the owner/creator of each work. If you are the copyright owner of any image, or you are pictured in one and don't want it included here, email me and I'll take it down.

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