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A simple blog dedicated to erotic, sensual and nude photography...showing things that I find interesting about the female form, human sexual nature and erotic photography as an artform...with a side of commentary. Feel free to ask me anything. And if there's something you think I might like and would fit well on this blog submit it to me and maybe I'll post it. - all shapes and sizes (@allshapesandsizes)
Hope you like want to see more indeed @allshapesandsizes

“hope you like want to see more”


Angiemariedreams i have a @allshapesandsizes


I have a bush! @angiemariedreams x @robertweissner

Submission hope you like me i do i do @allshapesandsizes

submission: “hope you like”

me: “I do, I do. Please, please come out of hiding. I’d love to see and show more. Thanks for the submission. Don’t be a stranger.”

Highcreatives 101915 title inner @allshapesandsizes



Title: Inner Royalty-Self Crowned

Model: Briana Vasquez

Wearing: Hannah Melde’s beautiful handmade crowns-

Hannah and I probably met a few times prior to talking about setting this up, but basically a few weeks ago while eating at Two Boots Pizza with Billy, he says “You should shoot some naked girls wearing Hannah’s crowns!”  and we got to talking. I was looking for someone and had an idea in mind but then I got a better idea and asked Briana. This was my first time actually meeting her and it was super cool. She’s so easy to get along with her and she was very lovely to work with. The three of us were pretty hungover but I LOVED that they were still so open to do this so early in the morning on a weekend.

I definitely wanted this set to be filled with body positivity, as much of my work is. I want to show the beauty of this beautiful handmade piece of art work worn by a beautiful natural woman.

Thedeathofyouth estelle 11 of 28 @allshapesandsizes



Tigerandpilgrim bicycle race @allshapesandsizes


Bicycle race.

Nettierharris bittyfotos nettie harris by @allshapesandsizes



Nettie Harris

by: Bitty


Queenevea feetlips my halloween costume this @allshapesandsizes



My Halloween Costume this year: Pom Wonderful bottle! I’ve always joked about sharing the same body type as my favorite juice, so I decided it was time for the vision to come alive.

All of the front lettering is felt that has been hand sewn to a dress (from ebay). Most of the nutritional facts on my bum are done with puffy paint. The cap hat is made from cardboard, phonebook paper, hot glue, and some netting.

My purse is a large Pom Wonderful bottle, dyed with alcohol ink, lined in cellophane with a ribbon strap and button closure. Wig is from Amazon! Shoes are thrifted.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and Happy Halloween!

This is amazing

Plumpciouslyperfect angelika abywinters @allshapesandsizes


Angelika - AbyWinters

Submission from a very lovely lady and artist @allshapesandsizes

submission from a very lovely lady and artist. I’ve been following her for a bit…you should do the same. Her artwork is as beautiful as she is.

Anonymous submissionthough i kinda have an idea @allshapesandsizes

anonymous submission….though I kinda have an idea who it might be ( or not ;-)  )

Therealchipwillis still time for the kelsey @allshapesandsizes


Still time for the Kelsey Dylan Workshop on Sept. 19th

1pm to 6pm

Flyer Here

Plumpciouslyperfect aiden starr baremaidens @allshapesandsizes


Aiden Starr - BareMaidens

Photosbycoop m in the tub 2012 leica m9 @allshapesandsizes


M. in the tub, 2012

Leica M9


(please reblog with credits intact, thanks.)