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Alpha Jock Soles @alphajocksoles

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NSFW. This is a blog about jocks that have incredibly sexy feet! It also contains domination from the jocks. Yummy! - Alpha Jock Soles (@alphajocksoles)
Jamestmedak submission so you like this guys @alphajocksoles


[SUBMISSION: So You like this guys really fat feet. You also like him wearing his ugly German Adilette slides all day and everywhere? Its because his plump feet fit in no other footwear.]

I fucking love boys that have that kind of problem. Cute boys who were always ashamed of their “clompers” or “flippers” or whatever other nickname their classmates gave him to just make him so self-conscious about the size of his feet. His big, wide, meaty bare feet.

So while slides are obviously the right casual choice for him, it’s people like me, perhaps my German counterpart even, who sees toes like these and fantasizes about those plump motherfuckers entering his mouth, slowly, hypnotizing that moist, eager slavetongue of his to just lavish it with love, forcing the footpig to slide that tongue inbetween those toes and up those arches without being told to do so – it’s just footpig second nature and it kicks in whenever one is around huge, big-ass feet like this.

And just in case the footpig is only having a moment of weakness, this is the kind of guy who would probably get out his phone and snap a few pictures, really punctuate and accentuate how great it is to know someone that’s just fucking BONKERS of your every toe and detail of your soles, who, in case he needs to be encouraged out of reluctance to worship, only needs to be sent that pic one time before he’ll submit to more pix … and more worship … and keep the spiral going in perpetuity …


Looking to be dominated theres no one better @alphajocksoles

Looking to be dominated? There’s no one better than Master Ginger!


Amazon Wishlist:


Yahoo Messenger: AkingzWorld420

Also, he frequents the site So…. go check it out! :)

Rickraunch foot fags get their greatest @alphajocksoles


Foot fags get their greatest satisfaction groveling at the feet of aggressive masculine males who bully and intimidate them. Since they see themselves as inferior to real men, they have no interest in being treated as equals. Kissing and licking the feet of an uncaring, verbally abusive alpha male is something they consider to be an “honor,” since real men are their natural superiors.

Worshipmarcel once you lick the dirt from both @alphajocksoles


Once you lick the dirt from both of my shoes I might allow you to come and worship my feet. Only the bravest one will get this opportunity so make sure I’m happy before you start begging to sniff my awesome feet.

Kinkydoms getting the fag addicted to your foot @alphajocksoles


Getting the fag addicted to your foot stink…

Bootslaveboyusa youre in the czech republic @alphajocksoles


you’re in The Czech Republic now faggot, and I’VE got your passport.  fags here aren’t accommodated like those in the States, in fact they’re often beaten and even killed right in the streets.  So if you want to live you better get sniffing and kissing MY stinking socked feet NOW and thank ME for saving your life.  I’M going to burn your passport, you’ve no need for it now that you’re owned by ME.  your life will be hard here under ME, but it’s what you were born for, to service real MEN in every way.

Mydirtybrain listen you perverted fag i just @alphajocksoles


listen you perverted fag, i just got out of gym class and my feet are sweaty as shit- be a good faggot and clean them for me now

Luv2bslappedaround alphadom4cashfags alright @alphajocksoles



Alright faggots, we’re ready. Who’s going to serve us best? 

Exactly why frats were invented!

Im telling you this is just the way it is if @alphajocksoles

I’m telling you, this is just the way it is. If you want in this frat, you spend time at the feet of each of your future brothers. Be thankful all I’m making you do is smell my feet for a few hours. When Adam gets ahold of you, well….. you’ll have the taste of his feet lingering in your mouth for weeks. Really, you should thank me for just doing this to ya.

I loved when my step brother decided to play video @alphajocksoles

I loved when my step brother decided to play video games. He’s so nice he even lets me watch and be under his foot. Sure, it might be a bit “weird,” but it feels natural being under his foot. This is just how it’s always been, at least ever since he found out I was gay…

Being on the track team had perks like getting in @alphajocksoles

Being on the track team had perks, like getting in shape, and getting ladies to fawn over me. But it had its downsides too. Like, since I was new to the team, they had to put me through “initiation.” This involved rubbing their feet after a run, doing all their laundry, and even having to lick the sweat off their feet after a race. They berated me, but… I kind of liked it.

Muscledomination the fag had finally achieved his @alphajocksoles


The fag had finally achieved his dream of lying underneath the feet of the jock god of his school. The stud was two years younger than him, but it didn’t matter. His feet were at least four sizes bigger, and his attitude would put even the cockiest men to shame. He wouldn’t bother trying to tell others about his experience; he was a nobody, and this jock god was king of the school. No one would believe him.

Carpidiem jamestmedak i always always @alphajocksoles



I always, always, always want to be here: firmly under my master’s BARE. PERFECT. FEEEEEET.

Cazzo quanto starei li sotto! Mmm

Snapchatting a straight guy that insists on @alphajocksoles

Snapchatting a straight guy that insists on showing me my place beneath his feet is bliss. Yes sir!

Mikecash54 its simple i want you addicted @alphajocksoles


“It’s simple. I want you addicted, begging for more and coming back again and again.Guess what? You will be. Why? Because I know what you need. Bitch. Pig. Puppet. Dog. Whore. Walking ATM. Foot licker. Sock sniffer. 

Which one are you going to be for ME? I know one thing, you will be at least two of those - - Walking ATM and ?? (your choice).”

-Mike Cash

Jamestmedak well its sunday so that means its @alphajocksoles


Well, it’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for you to worship your god …

Humiliationverbale begforitpig you know what to @alphajocksoles



You know what to do boy. It’s inherent, you were born to do it. So lick and worship my alpha feet.

Sir, yes, Sir, be thanked to allow such a worm to worship & serve Your superior feet, Sir

Humiliatedbyyounger fuck you roomie i already @alphajocksoles


Fuck you roomie. I already told you when I’m home you’re to be nothing by my personal floormat and footstool, got it?

Thecaltexan toying with a sub on the outside @alphajocksoles


Toying with a sub. On the outside I’ll treat you like an equal at the office. We work together. It’s the least I can do. But in private. Once door lock clicks shut. Your humiliation is not my problem. We both know you’ll do exactly what I tell you. Your response to how I treat you is confusing; wanting more no matter what I do. The more it hurts the more you take. That’s right. Serve me. Such a good boy…

Just like this. Every fucking time. Just like this.
Alphas over fags i know theyre dirty bitch @alphajocksoles


I know they’re dirty, bitch. That’s why you are here.