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Alpha Jock Soles @alphajocksoles

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NSFW. This is a blog about jocks that have incredibly sexy feet! It also contains domination from the jocks. Yummy! - Alpha Jock Soles (@alphajocksoles)
Teenboysmellyfeet your sixteen year old alpha @alphajocksoles


Your sixteen year old alpha son took over your spot and kicked up his feet on the table just show that he doesn’t give a fuck. He already surpassed you as a real man in every possible way and at this point he won’t even listen to what you have to say. You have no choice but to do what your alpha son says, give him the rights as the man of the house and service him just the way he wants it starting with worshiping his superior feet.

Faggotscometoworship fuck you little sissy now @alphajocksoles


Fuck you little sissy! Now come worship your frat guys big jock feet.

Yeah its true my roommate expects me to be his @alphajocksoles

Yeah, it’s true. My roommate expects me to be his footstool and smell his feet a lot as a sign of respect. We used to be friends and moved in together to split the cost of living. But that’s all changed now. He slowly turned me into his bitch, and I have no idea how it happened. But now I can’t imagine anything better than being under his feet worshipping them after he’s had a long day.

Jamestmedak the djs always liked testing their @alphajocksoles


The DJs always liked testing their new mics by bringing in a footlicker and seeing just how much of that slurping sound made it to air …

Comingoutfag he came out to his roommate now @alphajocksoles


He came out to his roommate, now he’s a footstool. 

College bros sending a postcard to the faggot @alphajocksoles

College Bros sending a postcard to the faggot paying for their Spring Break trip. While these Straight Alpha Gods are partying with bitches at the beach, Their pathetic faggot is slaving away working overtime to provide Them with everything They deserve. It’s a faggot’s duty. Anything to please the alpha jock.

Teenboysmellyfeet what i wouldnt give to have @alphajocksoles


What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to lick all the sweat and dirt off this alpha boy’s feet. He can use me for his enjoyment for as long as he wants while I do my job servicing his feet like the foot fag that I am.

Slowly but surely the frat house had turned you @alphajocksoles

Slowly but surely, the frat house had turned you into their subservient foot rest. The second your classes were over, you were to report to the living room in the frat mansion, lay down face up, and be available to serve any of the frat member’s feet. It was a hard job, but over the course of the year you’ve been doing it, you’ve come to realize that those alpha men deserve it. They work hard, play hard, and have lots of tiring sex. They deserve a chance to relax and have their feet taken care of.

Masterjax69 stop denying it miserable fag you @alphajocksoles


Stop denying it, miserable fag. You would do absolutely anything to have your sissy mouth stuffed with the musky scent of My enormous socks. Don’t you dare forget it, slave: what’s filth to Me is a prized possession to you. I’m constantly selling my used socks and shoes; check out My website and Youtube page to be the first to purchase them the next time I put them up for sale. It’s the circle of life, bitch: you buy Me what I want, I use it, then you buy it back from Me when it’s no longer of use. Be grateful I at least let you spend your faggy money on Me.

Size 15 US - 6′4″- Cash & Foot Master -
Skype: MasterJax69
Amazon Wishlist:

Jamestmedak submission so you like this guys @alphajocksoles


[SUBMISSION: So You like this guys really fat feet. You also like him wearing his ugly German Adilette slides all day and everywhere? Its because his plump feet fit in no other footwear.]

I fucking love boys that have that kind of problem. Cute boys who were always ashamed of their “clompers” or “flippers” or whatever other nickname their classmates gave him to just make him so self-conscious about the size of his feet. His big, wide, meaty bare feet.

So while slides are obviously the right casual choice for him, it’s people like me, perhaps my German counterpart even, who sees toes like these and fantasizes about those plump motherfuckers entering his mouth, slowly, hypnotizing that moist, eager slavetongue of his to just lavish it with love, forcing the footpig to slide that tongue inbetween those toes and up those arches without being told to do so – it’s just footpig second nature and it kicks in whenever one is around huge, big-ass feet like this.

And just in case the footpig is only having a moment of weakness, this is the kind of guy who would probably get out his phone and snap a few pictures, really punctuate and accentuate how great it is to know someone that’s just fucking BONKERS of your every toe and detail of your soles, who, in case he needs to be encouraged out of reluctance to worship, only needs to be sent that pic one time before he’ll submit to more pix … and more worship … and keep the spiral going in perpetuity …


Looking to be dominated theres no one better @alphajocksoles

Looking to be dominated? There’s no one better than Master Ginger!


Amazon Wishlist:


Yahoo Messenger: AkingzWorld420

Also, he frequents the site So…. go check it out! :)

Rickraunch foot fags get their greatest @alphajocksoles


Foot fags get their greatest satisfaction groveling at the feet of aggressive masculine males who bully and intimidate them. Since they see themselves as inferior to real men, they have no interest in being treated as equals. Kissing and licking the feet of an uncaring, verbally abusive alpha male is something they consider to be an “honor,” since real men are their natural superiors.

Worshipmarcel once you lick the dirt from both @alphajocksoles


Once you lick the dirt from both of my shoes I might allow you to come and worship my feet. Only the bravest one will get this opportunity so make sure I’m happy before you start begging to sniff my awesome feet.

Kinkydoms getting the fag addicted to your foot @alphajocksoles


Getting the fag addicted to your foot stink…

Bootslaveboyusa youre in the czech republic @alphajocksoles


you’re in The Czech Republic now faggot, and I’VE got your passport.  fags here aren’t accommodated like those in the States, in fact they’re often beaten and even killed right in the streets.  So if you want to live you better get sniffing and kissing MY stinking socked feet NOW and thank ME for saving your life.  I’M going to burn your passport, you’ve no need for it now that you’re owned by ME.  your life will be hard here under ME, but it’s what you were born for, to service real MEN in every way.

Mydirtybrain listen you perverted fag i just @alphajocksoles


listen you perverted fag, i just got out of gym class and my feet are sweaty as shit- be a good faggot and clean them for me now

Luv2bslappedaround alphadom4cashfags alright @alphajocksoles



Alright faggots, we’re ready. Who’s going to serve us best? 

Exactly why frats were invented!

Im telling you this is just the way it is if @alphajocksoles

I’m telling you, this is just the way it is. If you want in this frat, you spend time at the feet of each of your future brothers. Be thankful all I’m making you do is smell my feet for a few hours. When Adam gets ahold of you, well….. you’ll have the taste of his feet lingering in your mouth for weeks. Really, you should thank me for just doing this to ya.

I loved when my step brother decided to play video @alphajocksoles

I loved when my step brother decided to play video games. He’s so nice he even lets me watch and be under his foot. Sure, it might be a bit “weird,” but it feels natural being under his foot. This is just how it’s always been, at least ever since he found out I was gay…

Being on the track team had perks like getting in @alphajocksoles

Being on the track team had perks, like getting in shape, and getting ladies to fawn over me. But it had its downsides too. Like, since I was new to the team, they had to put me through “initiation.” This involved rubbing their feet after a run, doing all their laundry, and even having to lick the sweat off their feet after a race. They berated me, but… I kind of liked it.

Muscledomination the fag had finally achieved his @alphajocksoles


The fag had finally achieved his dream of lying underneath the feet of the jock god of his school. The stud was two years younger than him, but it didn’t matter. His feet were at least four sizes bigger, and his attitude would put even the cockiest men to shame. He wouldn’t bother trying to tell others about his experience; he was a nobody, and this jock god was king of the school. No one would believe him.

Carpidiem jamestmedak i always always @alphajocksoles



I always, always, always want to be here: firmly under my master’s BARE. PERFECT. FEEEEEET.

Cazzo quanto starei li sotto! Mmm

Snapchatting a straight guy that insists on @alphajocksoles

Snapchatting a straight guy that insists on showing me my place beneath his feet is bliss. Yes sir!

Mikecash54 its simple i want you addicted @alphajocksoles


“It’s simple. I want you addicted, begging for more and coming back again and again.Guess what? You will be. Why? Because I know what you need. Bitch. Pig. Puppet. Dog. Whore. Walking ATM. Foot licker. Sock sniffer. 

Which one are you going to be for ME? I know one thing, you will be at least two of those - - Walking ATM and ?? (your choice).”

-Mike Cash

Jamestmedak well its sunday so that means its @alphajocksoles


Well, it’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for you to worship your god …

Humiliationverbale begforitpig you know what to @alphajocksoles



You know what to do boy. It’s inherent, you were born to do it. So lick and worship my alpha feet.

Sir, yes, Sir, be thanked to allow such a worm to worship & serve Your superior feet, Sir

Humiliatedbyyounger fuck you roomie i already @alphajocksoles


Fuck you roomie. I already told you when I’m home you’re to be nothing by my personal floormat and footstool, got it?

Thecaltexan toying with a sub on the outside @alphajocksoles


Toying with a sub. On the outside I’ll treat you like an equal at the office. We work together. It’s the least I can do. But in private. Once door lock clicks shut. Your humiliation is not my problem. We both know you’ll do exactly what I tell you. Your response to how I treat you is confusing; wanting more no matter what I do. The more it hurts the more you take. That’s right. Serve me. Such a good boy…

Just like this. Every fucking time. Just like this.
Alphas over fags i know theyre dirty bitch @alphajocksoles


I know they’re dirty, bitch. That’s why you are here.

Faggotscometoworship little faggots are addicted @alphajocksoles


Little faggots are addicted to the smell of a alpha males feet

Dirtygentledom sometimes he smothers my face with @alphajocksoles


Sometimes he smothers my face with his powerful raw manly feet, making me feel their firmness, kiss them all over, wash them with my tongue, swallow everything taken from there and deeply inhale their smell which eventually lasts for hours in my nose.

Faginparis realmensfeetstink @alphajocksoles




this is boy feet heaven

Woof! Nothing hotter than being under the smelly feet of guys like these!!

Lucky faggot

The day my brother found out i was a faggot was a @alphajocksoles

The day my brother found out I was a faggot was a long day. If I wasn’t cooking for him, cleaning his room, or bowing down before him, I was being stomped on by him. I understand that our relationship had changed. I was no longer his brother, I was his faggot slave. And the rest of my life would be spend in awe of my ex-brother, my master.

Footboiuk jamestmedak you are currently @alphajocksoles



You Are Currently Experiencing BitchVision. If You Have Any Questions, Shut Up, As You a Bitch

I need to have BitchVision installed 24/7

Suckonmysocks wwwsuckonmysockstumblrcom @alphajocksoles


Instantly fell to my knees in reverence of this man and his superior feet.

Luv2bslappedaround dont you worryalpha @alphajocksoles


Don’t you worry…..Alpha boo…your cash fag will clean them with his mouth, manicure, and apply lotion….then you will proudly add them to that list!

Rickraunch after hearing his jock dorm mate @alphajocksoles


After hearing his jock dorm mate making fun of queers and laughing about “gay” rights, Tommy felt an intense need to serve and worship him, lick his feet, kiss his ass, serve his beers, even type up his papers. “It’s really great to be with a real man who speaks his mind about fags,” Tommy said. “He is so manly and powerful. I can’t imagine any fag not wanting to kiss his ass, sniff his big sweaty feet or lick his piss off the toilet seat.”

Guyswithbigfeet hot dude hot view i wanna lick @alphajocksoles


Hot dude! Hot view! I wanna lick those hot soles up! #malefeet #bigfeet #pov #soles

“Is this what you wanted? Me to step on you? Bro, that’s fucked up. What, you actually like the smell of my feet when I step on your face? Heh. And to think we’ve been friends for years. Well, I can’t be friends with a foot faggot, so you can consider me your master. And I’ll just call you my slave. Get used to being under my feet, cause that’s all you’ll be doing with the rest of your life now, faggot.”

Yes sir just i like i promised your chemistry @alphajocksoles

Yes sir, just I like I promised, your chemistry and biology homework is done and turned in for you. Please, I’ve shown my loyalty to you… just let me touch them, please! I’m begging you!


Yes sir, I’ll go clean your room now. I swear I’ll keep doing your chores and homework and prove myself worthy of touching your feet, sir1

Domtop2u how does that taste probably tastes @alphajocksoles


How does that taste? Probably tastes like the dirt, sweat, and grime I’ve collected on my soles all day.

Probably even giving you a little boner.


Luv2bslappedaround young alpha trying to get @alphajocksoles


Young Alpha trying to get himself out from a traffic ticket!

Oh, I’m sorry sir, I… there’s just something about you… no… you don’t deserve this ticket. Here, I’ll rip it up. Oh… please forgive me. Here, take my wallet. I’ve got at least a few hundred bucks in there. Just take it, you deserve it more than me. I’m so sorry for pulling you over… have a great day, sir!

Faginparis how you verify that your roommate @alphajocksoles


How you verify that your roommate really is the submissive faggot you thought he was…

What’s great about having an alpha roommate is that you live with him, so you can’t run and hide from him. You live with him; there’s no choice: you have to serve him.

Slavethompson dirtysouthstud alphafaggot @alphajocksoles




In his place servicing a dominant male

And fucking overjoyed to be there, from the look on his face.

good slave, it just needs it’s head shaved.

My size 15 male feet please feel free to follow @alphajocksoles

“My size 15 male feet. Please feel free to follow me and post for my blog c:”

Well, you heard the man, go follow the blog.

Grover3 humiliationverbale open your filthy @alphajocksoles



Open your filthy mouth fag and worship the foot who kicked your useless balls

One thing to worship feet, it’s another to worship one that just kicked ur balls.  Hot.

Fussimnacken attention to all faggots roll @alphajocksoles



Roll back your chair and kneel in front of your screen to hail, praise and glorify this magnificient straight young Lord and Master

To properly worship him, you shall follow this protocole :

Pic 1 Lick well, to clean the dust from his soles, while you beg him to tolerate your presence.

Pic 2 When he allows you to stay, thank him by kissing the top of his shoes.

Pic 3 With your unworthy hands, help him to untie and remove his shoes.

Pic 5 Kneeling or on your fours, you shall worship his feet in silence, but don’t touch them !

Pic 6 When he orders you to approach, kiss his feet… softly, respectfully, devotionnally !

Pic 7 A good, obedient faggot can now move closer to smell the sweat of his socks…

Pic 8 Show him your skills to massage his feet. Close up to get kicks in your face…

Pic 9 You are close to heaven, faggot ! One inch away from his bare feet, you can heardly breathe.

… And still, he may say one terrible word (OUT !) and you must withdraw and disappear, knowing that you will never get a second chance to serve him … You know that ! And he knows that ! Waht will be his decision ?

Fussimnacken ouaf @alphajocksoles


ouaf ! 

In that case id let him win he can win if @alphajocksoles

In that case, I’d let him win. He can win if that’s the bet any day. Yummy.

Jamestmedak from this devious doms instagram @alphajocksoles


From this devious dom’s Instagram account: “Looking for slaves. DM me if you think you have what it takes.”

Jamestmedak you there you a hoe for these @alphajocksoles


You there. You a hoe for these toes, ain’t ya?

Malefeetlickersmell sometimes theres nothing @alphajocksoles


Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than a preson who doesn’t understand your foot lust. They’ll just use you for foot rubs and as a foot rest, not because they give a shit if you like it or not, but just because they can take advantage of you and be treated like kings.

Hot dominant jocks giving the look what i @alphajocksoles

Hot dominant jocks giving “the look.”

What i would give to be the dog in the middle… their feet would be SPOTLESS.

Godlymasterj my feet are a little dirty after a @alphajocksoles


My feet are a little dirty after a long day. Which one of you is going to lick them clean?

Skype: tcmj20

Godlymasterj welcome to my blog faggots @alphajocksoles


Welcome to my blog, faggots. Straight 20 year old master here, the real deal. Follow the blog for updates. Feel free to inbox me or contact me on Skype. Info in sidebar.

I’m ready to start dominating some slaves, wanting long-term slaves too.

Seriously, go follow this guy! He’s the real deal, and I’m having the privilege of running his blog and seeing his beautiful feet. I’m in awe of him, my total straight master.

Gayslavery after you serve me dinner ill let @alphajocksoles


After you serve me dinner, I’ll let you suck on this sock while you scrub the kitchen. If you finish your chores early, I might allow you to massage my feet.

Humiliationverbale tazluvzfeet hot diggity @alphajocksoles



Hot diggity DAYUM! ♡°

how do you feel under MY superior sole, fag ?

Nothing better than having a faggot lick the sweat @alphajocksoles

Nothing better than having a faggot lick the sweat off your feet after a long day at the gym. I’m just going to kick back and watch some of the World Cup while he does his thing.

Guyin10036 wow this was my number 1 jerk off @alphajocksoles


WOW!! This was my number 1 jerk-off fantasy when I was 12.

It doesnt matter what he wants hes the bitch @alphajocksoles

It doesn’t matter what he wants. He’s the bitch. If HE wants his feet rubbed on his face, HE damn well can. 

Jamestmedak what they say this is where you @alphajocksoles


WHAT THEY SAY: “This is where you belong, BITCH!”

WHAT YOU HEAR: “Welcome home.”

Extreme maso clevelandfag studies suggest @alphajocksoles



Studies suggest that faggot saliva might actually help cure athlete’s foot.  Who knows what the fungus does to the fag’s tongue?  Well, actually, who cares?

A MAN’s foot is more important than a fag’s tongue. Hell, a MAN’s foot is more important than an entire fag

Jamestmedak whos the footbitch oh thats @alphajocksoles


Who’s the footbitch? Oh that’s right: YOU the footbitch. YOU are.

Being shrunk at the feet of another teenager is @alphajocksoles

Being shrunk at the feet of another teenager is rough enough, but it’s even worse when that behemoth is your brother. All those years I’ve spent teasing him…. I regret them all. Now that he shrunk me and propped his feet up on the table with me… I’m scared what’s coming next.

Straight cocky prep boys asserting real male @alphajocksoles

Straight cocky prep boys.  Asserting real male dominance over faggots and women since the garden of eden.  Worship their feet and submit to them.

Obeythestraightman ah oh may i please chose @alphajocksoles


— Ah oh, may I please chose the A+ option?

— Couldn’t hear you, fag, what do you want? Speak loudly.

— Ah please may I…

— Why don’t you get on your knees first?

— Here?

— Where else fag? Here and now.

— May I please chose the A+ please?

— Stupid fag, I’m getting A+, that’s not an option. Beg to be allowed to kiss and lick my feet in return.

Bootslaveboyusa you fucking dirty faggot no @alphajocksoles


you fucking dirty faggot, no I’M not going to let you blow ME. i said that to get you here.  i fucking HATE faggots.  i’m going to teach you a lesson turd.  First lick my stinking sweaty dirty feet like the low-life bitch you are and beg ME to not hurt you.  Not that that’s not going to happen but you better beg anyway or it’s just going to be worse.  Just thing of these big stinking feet all clean from your pathetic liking coming stomping down on your ugly face and kicking you in the gut and balls cunt, cause it’s gonna happen…and a lot more.  you’re lucky if I let you out of here alive or at least not in such fucked up shape that you have to crawl to the hospital bitch!

Humiliationverbale let me enjoy my beer and @alphajocksoles


let me enjoy my beer and porn on tv and lick my soles, stupid piece of shit

Watch out mr bieber theres a little something @alphajocksoles

Watch out, Mr. Bieber! There’s a little something under your foot you’re about to step on! Oh my gosh… is that a little man!?!?

… what do you mean you knew he was there…?

Faggland thanks for proving my theory queer i @alphajocksoles


Thanks for proving my theory, queer. I saw how quiet you got whenever I went barefoot, and now I know you’re gay for these feet. So now it’s time to talk about some of the changes around here. Let’s start with you bringing me your wallet and computer.

Faggland yeah i figured that would shut you up @alphajocksoles


Yeah I figured that would shut you up, homo. Now quit bitching about my half of the rent and focus on my feet. Pretty soon I’m sure you’ll be begging for the honor of paying my share.

Bootslaveboyusa you fucking dirty faggot no @alphajocksoles


you fucking dirty faggot, no I’M not going to let you blow ME. i said that to get you here.  i fucking HATE faggots.  i’m going to teach you a lesson turd.  First lick my stinking sweaty dirty feet like the low-life bitch you are and beg ME to not hurt you.  Not that that’s not going to happen but you better beg anyway or it’s just going to be worse.  Just thing of these big stinking feet all clean from your pathetic liking coming stomping down on your ugly face and kicking you in the gut and balls cunt, cause it’s gonna happen…and a lot more.  you’re lucky if I let you out of here alive or at least not in such fucked up shape that you have to crawl to the hospital bitch!

Fuckyeahmalefeet you didnt read your @alphajocksoles


You didn’t read your employment contract before starting as the team manager, did you? Section 5 says “You must respect the players wishes and assist them in any way they desire”, and you know what I desire? Your faggoty ass licking the dirt and sweat out of my rank game socks. We just had a double header, so I made them nice and tasty for you. Don’t forget this is a team effort too so give us all some attention.

Jockjizz the arrogant intern is climbing the @alphajocksoles


The arrogant intern is climbing the corporate ladder….he has taught the CEO how to appreciate the taste and smell of his old shoes….yeah, he has the entire world at his feet!

You underfoot the faggot was so well trained @alphajocksoles


The faggot was so well trained that when he saw his master’s feet with this much dirt on them, he didn’t care about the humiliation, he needed to clean them immediately.  The master’s feet could be cleaned by nothing less than a faggot tongue.

Jamestmedak slave tongue meet big my big dawgs @alphajocksoles


Slave tongue? Meet big my big dawgs …

Gayslavery he cleaned all four of their @alphajocksoles


He cleaned all four of their apartments, bought them plenty of beer, and did their homework for a week. They felt this was a proper reward, and the boy couldn’t have agreed more. This was just the encouragement he needed to do even more for them next week.

Working as a gay lifeguard at a fraternitys @alphajocksoles

Working as a gay lifeguard at a fraternity’s private pool had its perks.

Olderirv i knew that coming out to my parents @alphajocksoles


I knew that coming out to my parents wasn’t going to be a problem. My big brother, though, that was going to be a problem. He was a total homophobic jock asshole.

Sure enough, he didn’t take the news well…

He took the news better than expected. As soon as he found out you were a fag, he immediately tried to do the right thing and make you realize your place is beneath him, a straight man. Nothing wrong with that.

John from dem white boyz get a little tired from @alphajocksoles

John from Dem White Boyz get a little tired from all of the girls fangirling over him and wanting him sexually, and all the running from the girls makes his feet get sweaty and tired. John finally got the bright idea to use his faggot friend as a living insole! Now his feet are constantly being massaged and the little toy worships him. His life has gotten so much more fun with the little fag underfoot.

Happy thanksgiving faggot be thankful that im @alphajocksoles

Happy Thanksgiving, faggot. Be thankful that I’m such a good brother that I’d let you lick my feet and toes clean. You don’t deserve this, especially cause that last thing of homework you did for me only got a B… Oh well, it’s Thanksgiving. Lick away, faggot!

It started off so nice and friendly his friend @alphajocksoles

It started off so nice and friendly. His friend was supportive of his sexuality and you finally came out to him. He was supportive still. Once you told him of your foot fetish, he even let you smell his feet and rub them after long days at the office. But, as the weeks went on, he began to realize that you were beneath him… literally. He eventually stopped being your friend, and became your master. He’s no longer your friend, he’s your god.


“Fuck you, faggot. Get in there and start sniffing. Bury your nose in the "fuck” and don’t stop until I let you"

Fuckyeahmalefeet oh no footfaggot the 50 @alphajocksoles


“Oh no, footfaggot, the €50 only buys you the right to look. To admire and yearn. I bet you wonder how they smell right now, don’t you? You just want to bury your face in there for hours. That’s €100 extra. And to kiss them? I don’t think you can afford the privilege.”

Even though jimmy was upset at losing his wife he @alphajocksoles

Even though Jimmy was upset at losing his wife, he still knew that she would be happier with a real man, and that he would have to be content to kissing his feet.

Now smile for the picture faggot i just want @alphajocksoles

Now smile for the picture, faggot… I just want proof you did this. Now, if you every try to run away and quit worshiping me, I swear I’ll send these pictures out to your family and friends, faggot! Take deep breaths!

Jamestmedak being a footmaster definitely has @alphajocksoles


Being a footmaster definitely has its perks …

Sexy tops socks unf @alphajocksoles

Sexy top’s socks. Unf.

Maybe i could say right now im 100 straight but @alphajocksoles

Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight. But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, I’m attracted to this person. I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, Damn, that’s a good-looking guy, you know? I’ve never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.”

           -Josh Hutcherson 

Josh Hutcherson is perfect. Proven.

Boyfeet4you my biggest dream is to worship his @alphajocksoles


my biggest dream is to worship his white socked feet after one of his shows, he’s so rude and cocky oh god i love him :(


Faggland ha of course you can lick them what @alphajocksoles


Ha, of course you can lick them. What kind of big brother would I be if I didn’t let my little faggot bro worship my feet?

Jockjizz subphil i am salivating the @alphajocksoles



I am salivating - the degradation of cleaning this but the satisfaction of a job well done - I don’t like to ask an alpha where he has been

…..You should never have to ask. Just use your tongue and clean between the treads. Alphas should never walk the streets with filthy boot soles. 

Strong navy men need obedient little faggots to @alphajocksoles

Strong Navy men need obedient little faggots to lick their feet clean after a long day out on the seas. It’s only natural.

Bootslaveboyusa yes sir @alphajocksoles


Yes Sir!

My friends dont believe that youre a @alphajocksoles

My friends don’t believe that you’re a foot-licking faggot. So, I invited them over to show them! Come suck on my toes, faggot! And crawl over here, don’t you dare walk! I don’t want to have to hit you again, slave.

Obeythestraightman walking in the park one day @alphajocksoles


Walking in the park one day, the faggot found the Guy who had taken ownership of his bicycle napping on the grass. he could have taken his bicycle back and ran away. No, he was too afraid. He could have called the police and press charges. Yes, that sounded safer. He did. The police said this was not an urgent case. They’d have a policeman there in 20 minutes. the fag waited and waited. The more he waited, the more he was enthralled by the Guy’s dirty and grimy feet. When the police came about 15 minutes later, they found the fag licking the dirt from the Guy’s feet. The Guy was awake, smiling, enjoying the worship. The policeman laughed. Nonetheless, he asked about the bicycle. “Tell him, said the Guy,“ tapping the fag’s head with his foot. the fag said that it belonged to to the Guy. The Guy smiled. The policeman asked the Guy whether the bike was his. “Of course,” he said, “always has.“ Irate, the policeman asked who had made the call. “Tell him, said the Guy,” tapping the fag’s head with his foot. the fag was arrested for wasting police resources with false accusations. The Guy snickered, kicked his face, and told him, “you can go now, homo.“

Fuckyeahmalefeet what id give to suck on @alphajocksoles


What I’d give to suck on Benjamin Godfre’s toes…