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The best Amateur Male Bondage Pictures and Movies on Tumblr. Faggit's and Sissy's being punished for all of Tumblr to see. All content has been submitted or found online. If you wish a picture removed please just use the 'Ask Me Anything' link. - Amateur Male BDSM (@amateurmalebdsm)
Puppy apollo in my head this is me @amateurmalebdsm


In my head this is me & prometheuspup xD (I looooove tanlines like that so much btw, unf!)

Martinclmaster my dog my slave pup dog slave @amateurmalebdsm


My dog, my slave 

#pup #dog #slave #gay #dogboy #pupslave #bdsm 

Herrenoslaven me two weeks ago when my master @amateurmalebdsm


me two weeks ago when My master tooked care of me☺️

Knottedchastity if youre going to tie yourself @amateurmalebdsm


“If youre going to tie yourself up, boy, you should just do it completely naked. That way when i find you, all of you is more readily accessible. I had to spend two extra seconds pulling your shorts down to reach your dick so you get to spend two extra days getting edged without release.”

Like a hurricane pdx pt kid 03 may 2015 @amateurmalebdsm



03 May 2015 . 1903hr
c'est la vie:
Life as a boy.
Not all boy get what they want.
This is one of my favourite pic so far and best experience.
Apparently from that nite onward I start craving for Sir cum, tasting every single bit of him.

Thank you sir.
Boy will always be your boy.


Puppixel looks like puppy needs some more @amateurmalebdsm


Looks like puppy needs some more treats!

Dom4gam cute boy in shackles @amateurmalebdsm


Cute boy in shackles

Youngdallaskinkster tiedspike roped up to @amateurmalebdsm



roped up to chin-up bar, cock gag in mouth, wired up with electro.

Mmm looks fun

Pup ninetales so heres part of what ive been @amateurmalebdsm


So, here’s part of what I’ve been doing this week and why I haven’t posted. Thank you for all the notes and new followers even though I was a bit inactive!

Pup ninetales me while i was locked up in @amateurmalebdsm


Me while I was locked up in chastity for the first time.


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