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The American Public Nudity Association ™ @americanpublicnudityassociation

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We are working for the right to be naked in public. Why not get a group of 20 or 50 people together and walk naked in public? Once our public nudity rights are accepted our next goal must be full public sexual rights. As homo sapiens we are mammals and as such we are the only mammals that must fight for our public nudity and sexual rights. Dogs can freely walk nude in public. They may also freely engage in public sex. Surely humans should enjoy the same rights as dogs! Resolved, that public nudity be decriminalized. Freedom of expression is a highly valued right of the American people. Public nudity is currently being viewed as not included within the constraints of the First Amendment, and is most often associated with acts of protest and the naturalist/nudist movement. The nude human body is often seen as offensive and inherently sexual. Proponents of the illegality of public nudity argue it as both a sexually perverse act and immoral act. However, public nudity is currently legal in Spain, Germany, and Scandinavia, and many believe shame of one’s body to be a result of an overly prudish society, and that public nudity is within their Constitutional rights. Does the federal government have the right to establish a “standard of decency” that criminalizes public nudity? Caspersen Beach, Sarasota, Florida DORE'S MICRO SWIMWEAR FOR MEN Question: Can I go nude at Caspersen Beach? Answer: There is no Florida statute or Sarasota County ordinance prohibiting “simple nudity”, i.e., nudity without lewd and lascivious behavior. However, nudism on local beaches (including Caspersen) will sometimes elicit complaints from the public, which the police must then investigate. Individuals approached by the police for nudity on the beach may simply be asked to “cover up”, but may run the risk of arrest, depending on the interpretation of the investigating officer. Of course if you are arrested you may sue the arresting officer for false arrest. We are Dr. Benjamin Spock babies and we will go nude, nobody can stop us. Old bag, Elsa Dempsey, opponent of naked freedom. Naked and free at Caspersen beach in Sarasota, Florida. Suncoast Naturists Caspersen beach has been officially adopted by the Suncoast Naturists. Come on over and show off your naked body to admiring strangers. Crouch behind a nearby rock or tree and pan in with your binoculars as you jack off to the sight of couples fucking and sucking on the sand. Directions: From I-75, take exit #193, go west on Jacaranda Blvd. to the second traffic light (Venice Ave). Turn Right (west), cross over US 41 Bypass, continue over bridge to the second traffic light (Harbor Drive South). Turn Left (south) on Harbor Drive South. Caspersen Beach is at the end of the island. The Florida Mandingos When visiting Caspersen Beach in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, be sure to contact Art and his gang of black studs so as to arrange for them to fuck your wife or girlfriend. Hello, I am Art Hammer and I want to welcome you to the world of THE Florida Mandingos. Located in Southwest and Central Florida, we are the premier Interracial Swingers and Gang Bang Party Group and have earned a reputation all over the United States for interracial sex at its hottest I'm Valerie also known as "The Mandingo Redhead" First of all, if you’re expecting a young, white girl, look elsewhere! I am 62 years old, a retired teacher and a whore! I go to the Mandingo Parties to get fucked! I swallow cum, take it in my ass, and my pussy is ALWAYS wet, open and ready to be used by black men whenever they want it! I NEVER say no!! Our Hotwifes Over 80% of men now allow their wifes to have sex with other men. Such wifes are known as Hot Wifes. Check out Our Hot Wifes forum today so that you can enjoy the thrill of your wife brining home a cunt full semen from multiple men. Most normal men enjoy the edge play of fucking their wifes after they have recently been fucked by multiple men so as to see if their semen will win the sperm competition. After your wife is knocked up you can order a DNA test to see if you won the competition and if you lost you may simply give the baby up for adoption and play again. Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters. All the news from this thing of ours' ACLU - The American Public Nudity Association ™ (@americanpublicnudityassociation)
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Why wouldn’t I

Done it already ;) 

Receiving her daily supply of cum milk.

The american public nudity association turned 4 @americanpublicnudityassociation

The American Public Nudity Association ™ turned 4 today!

The american public nudity association turned 3 @americanpublicnudityassociation

The American Public Nudity Association ™ turned 3 today!

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Come meet Tom and me at the First ever Nudist Travel Show and Expo being held at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas from Friday June 1st until Sunday June 3rd. Tom is one of the speakers. There will be a nude BBQ on Friday and Saturday nights. Yes, you will get to meet Tom and I at the BBQ and we will be wearing just our smiles.

We are having a free drawing then and you might be lucky and win a vacation at my popular nudist resort, Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, CA.

A number of attendees are taking the whole week off. They are vacationing at my resort before the show from May 28th to June 1st or after the show from June 4th on. Palm Springs is just under a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas and is only 280 miles away.  Give us a call at 800-786-6938 for more information about staying at Terra Cotta Inn and availability at my resort.

Click here for more info about the Nude Travel show and Expo:

Hope to see you at my resort and at the Travel show. MC

Live life naked in public @americanpublicnudityassociation

Live Life Naked in public.

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A collar like this, but with “SLUT” on it.. That’s what I’m looking for! 

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Nudebeaches skiathos thanks for the @americanpublicnudityassociation



Thanks for the submission, people keep asking for more men photos.  Send them in.

Nudebeaches this is me at san onofre beach on @americanpublicnudityassociation


This is me at San Onofre beach - on the Camp Pendleton side - last summer.  -CJ-

Thanks CJ, local boy does good. 

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Good Wifey, very good Wifey…

Just remember to greet all of our guests this way for the balance of the evening.

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Hotel liaison of your wife with her boss.

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uncut. unique angle.

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The open mouth gag is training her how to worship his cock correctly. 

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plage naturiste

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Mmm this is amazing.

Lady dressed for church in sarasota florida @americanpublicnudityassociation

Lady dressed for church in Sarasota, Florida.

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There is nothing like an audience to spice things up!

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ring that thing!

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I would be perfectly fine with being the only naked person on the beach, like this man appears to be, if I knew I wouldn’t be punished for it.

Me too.

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Just a matter of time with me (whore) blogging that you would see two big beautiful black cocks.  What really gets me about this picture is seeing the cuckold hubby licking her pussy.  No doubt preparing her for those two men.

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My cuckold husband’s cock compared to my fuck black buddy’s cock…….of course I choose the black cock for sure

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that asshole is just beggin for a finger


OMG i love her

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clean that up pretty lady

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Garden Statue

I would do this in my garden!

Nakedgirlsdoingstuff gone rollerblading @americanpublicnudityassociation


Gone rollerblading.

Naturist rich cant wait to hit the nude beach @americanpublicnudityassociation


Can’t wait to hit the nude beach!

Naturizam cool dreaded couple @americanpublicnudityassociation


cool dreaded couple

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ST. MARTIN 2006 007 (by bernalli1)

Edunaras nude beach only no photography by @americanpublicnudityassociation


Nude Beach Only - No Photography (by BrianRosenPhotography)

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it’s raining again

source needed

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Man sollte es jeder Frau ermöglichen immer und überall nackt zu sein

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Meine Freunde finden das total geil, dass ich eine Klamottenallergie habe.

Nakedpublic malecutionflickr nude in public @americanpublicnudityassociation


(malecution@flickr) Nude in public, on a street in San Francisco looking out over the bay at Alcatraz, in the middle of the day. A pretty daring place to be naked.

Nakedpublic malecutionflickr walking @americanpublicnudityassociation



Walking completley nude through the town of Cap d’Agde, in the southwest of France.

Nakedpublic malecutionflickr nude in @americanpublicnudityassociation



Nude in downtown San Francisco, along with a bunch of very clothed residents, at the edge of the Folsom Street Fair in 2007.

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If there’s anything that will convince me that Cambridge’s cyclists are anything other than suicidal arses it’s arses to die for…

(via naturizam)

Nakedpublic malecutionflickr nude in @americanpublicnudityassociation



Nude in downtown San Francisco, looking out over the Bay Bridge in the distance, in view of about ten thousand windows where surely some people got quite an eyeful.

Nakedpublic malecutionflickr nude in the @americanpublicnudityassociation



Nude in the middle of a street in downtown San Francisco during a Folsom Street Fair, where a couple of guys on cleanup duty are happy to gawk at her naked body.

Nakedpublic nude at the folsom street fair in @americanpublicnudityassociation


Nude at the Folsom Street Fair in 2006.

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Nude on a public staircase, in downtown San Francisco, with her hand on the rail, showing us a prime view of her bare tits and shaved pussy. The Transamerica building looks suspiciously pointy in the background.

Nakedpublic standing completely naked in the @americanpublicnudityassociation


Standing completely naked in the naturist village at Cap d’Agde in France, studying the menu at a cafe. Not that many places were open, but a few people were having lunch inside here. None of them were nude, though! We see her in profile, but at a slight angle so both of breasts and a glimpse of her pubic hair are visible. (malecution)

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Blowing Graybeard’s ghost

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A random man walks the beach stops and inserts @americanpublicnudityassociation

A random man walks the beach, stops and inserts his cock into the mouth of a nude woman laying spread eagled on Caspersen beach in Sarasota, Florida.

Public blow job on caspersen beach in sarasota @americanpublicnudityassociation

Public blow job on Caspersen beach in Sarasota, Florida.  This is perfectly normal and an everyday occurrence. 

Peggingsd thats a happy smile @americanpublicnudityassociation


thats a happy smile!

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I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve reblogged this one.

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I know a slut that would totally get into that

Kindlybeatingher the expression on her face is @americanpublicnudityassociation


The expression on her face is priceless but at least we can tell the slut knows how lucky she is