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Aphra and Amyl @amyl-nitrate

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The punk poetess and the anti-historian. "In those days, desires weren't allowed to become reality. So fantasy was substituted for them - films, books, pictures. They called it 'art'." (Jubilee - Derek Jarman) - Aphra and Amyl (@amyl-nitrate)
Utagawa kuniyoshi fashionable octopus games @amyl-nitrate

Utagawa Kuniyoshi - Fashionable Octopus Games

 Source: British Museum.

Thehumanbeings adammmmmmm i realized its @amyl-nitrate



I realized it’s been a long time since I posted any Adam Ant (well, a long time since I posted anything, really), and the Jubilee tie-in was too good to resist.

The slits @amyl-nitrate

The Slits.

Punk1977 chrissie hynde debbie harry viv @amyl-nitrate


Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie, Poly Styrene, and Pauline London, 1980 

Anthromommieone this photo is from a slut @amyl-nitrate


This photo is from a slut walk.  Just felt that I should share.  I have never had such a horrible thing happen to me, but it is more than just likely that at least one of mine (as well as your own) current friends, relatives, and/or acquaintances has been raped, molested, or abused AND THEY MAY NEVER TELL YOU or even DENY IT. 

Because in most societies at this time, it is the one who is raped who is viewed as somehow at fault, shameful, and responsible of the actions of others.  Whether it be her clothes, her attitude, her flirting, her face, her background, her family, her income, her job, ect…: when it is NEVER their fault.  Without willful, consious, honest, sober consent…. it is not consent.

Southwark london august 2008 @amyl-nitrate

Southwark, London, August 2008.

Lloyds looks pretty evil no london august @amyl-nitrate

Lloyd’s looks pretty evil, no? London, August 2008.

London august 2008 @amyl-nitrate

London, August 2008.

The emotional truth of this breaks my heart but @amyl-nitrate

The emotional truth of this breaks my heart, but it’s such a good reminder of why it’s a beautiful thing to be yourself, be true to your passions and ideas, and say “fuck off” to the people who are afraid of your awesomeness.

Art it robert mapplethorpe patti smith 1978 @amyl-nitrate


Robert Mapplethorpe

Patti Smith, 1978

Feministriots exorcism by heather keith @amyl-nitrate


Exorcism, by Heather Keith Freeman

I absolutely love what the artist wrote about this piece:

“You know that incredibly loathsome phrase, ‘Inside every fat person is a thin person struggling to get out?’

Well, it’s kind of true. Except the thin person is not the perfectly healthy, sexy ideal person our culture would like you to believe. No, the thin person inside us is artificially starved, surgically reproportioned, plastic sculpted to make us perfectly pretty, empty-headed dolls.

The thin person inside us is Barbie.


This is the representation of the voice in our ear whispering that we are worthless, ugly freaks if we don’t spend every spare moment exercising and every meal eating salad.

This is the urge to read the fashion magazines that leave us feeling shamed and fat and poor.

This is every cringe when we look in the mirror in the morning and see nothing but flaws.

This is the Disney princess and the Playboy centerfold and the meanest, prettiest cheerleader in the school.

This is the plastic mantra that we can’t unhear, repeating incessantly that we are only valued by our appearance, and by whether men want to fuck us.

And it’s inside me, permeating my being, poisoning my mind in ways I don’t even realize because it’s always been there.


Carrie brownstein thrashing at the wild flag show @amyl-nitrate

Carrie Brownstein, thrashing at the Wild Flag show at Bottom of the Hill in SF last November.

From SF Weekly’s “Wild Flag rocks our faces off,” on the crowd:  "Cool people. Not hipster cool, but awesome cool: lady punks, rawk dudes who did a tour through every outlaw guitar-music skirmish since the Sex Pistols, hippy daddies hitting bowls on the patio, and more lady punks.“

I was totally one of the lady punks. Awesome. Fucking. Show.

Another piece of art this time a sketch of san @amyl-nitrate

Another piece of art, this time a sketch of San Francisco, by A. Ray Burrell.

This is an etching by my great grandfather alfred @amyl-nitrate

This is an etching by my great-grandfather, Alfred Ray Burrell, 1877-1952. He taught at the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC, now CCA), and lived in the Bay Area, New York, Hawaii, and Carmel.

Radiana pazmor 1892 1986 an interpreter of @amyl-nitrate

Radiana Pazmor, 1892-1986. An interpreter of modern and avant-garde vocal music, she was a contralto and worked closely with Charles Ives for many years.

She was also my great grand aunt. Her father, my great great grandfather, Henry Bickford Pasmore (her birth name was Harriet Pasmore, but she changed her first name and the spelling of her last name), was a composer and organist who taught at Stanford, Mills College in Oakland, and the Isadora Duncan School of Dancing. 

Radiana was very much the rebel of the family, and separated herself from the more conservative musical traditions of her father and siblings.

This picture is from 1933, and comes from the Bancroft Library Archives at UC Berkeley.

The river wear durham uk this is from the @amyl-nitrate

The River Wear, Durham, UK

This is from the summer of 2008. I can’t believe it was so long ago.

Coolchicksfromhistory american writer natalie @amyl-nitrate


American writer Natalie Clifford Barney was well known for her Paris salon.  She formed a Women’s Academy to promote women writers as a response to the all male French Academy.  The daughter of American painter Alice Pike Barney, Natalie was an outspoken polyamorous lesbian.

Photographed by Frances Benjamin Johnson

Beth ditto on the runway for jean paul gaultier @amyl-nitrate

Beth Ditto on the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Since my first post is long buried amyl nitrate @amyl-nitrate

Since my first post is long buried:

Amyl Nitrate, punk anti-historian, from Derek Jarman’s Jubilee. The namesake for this tumblr.

Innerfatgirl i have this in patchbutton form @amyl-nitrate


I have this in patch/button form and I have also used this in my wheat pasting endeavours. It’s by the wondrous gaylord + artist Daryl Vocat.

Madlibrarian nypl the librarys anti prom is @amyl-nitrate



The Library’s Anti-Prom is this Friday at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue @ 42nd Street! If you know a teen between 13-18 years old (or are one), let them know about the Anti-Prom! It’s always a great scene with a fun vibe, and the theme this year is SUPER PROM! The DJ is Johnny Dynell; entertainment is from ChiChi Valenti/The Jackie Factory, and student clothes designers from the High School of Fashion Industries will be showing off their own superhero styles on the catwalk! It starts at 6:30 pm this Friday; more information is here.

Anti-Prom provides an alternative, safe space for all teens who may not feel welcome at official school proms or dances because of their sexual orientation, the way they dress, or for any other reason.

THIS MAY BE THE BEST IDEA EVER. Just read that italicized text (emphasis not mine) a few times.


Madlibrarian warispeace the revolution will @amyl-nitrate



“The revolution will be live.”

RIP Gil Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 - May 27, 2011)

Mad props to the late, the great, guy who gave me my header text.

A great activist, a great musician, a great poet.

Riotsnotquiet hellyeahbethditto by jason @amyl-nitrate



by Jason Hetherington

This show plays The Ditto.

Belbo baggins miks belly rules hell yeah @amyl-nitrate


Mik’s belly rules!

Hell yeah! 

I will say it again: punk will never diet.

Beth dont ever change @amyl-nitrate

Beth, don’t ever change.

Moderngrrl xerox xerox fun fun @amyl-nitrate


xerox xerox fun fun 

So young look at those glasses @amyl-nitrate

So young! Look at those glasses!

Now back to our regularly scheduled adam ant @amyl-nitrate

Now back to our regularly-scheduled Adam Ant ogling.

Last art bruteddie argos post for the moment i @amyl-nitrate

Last Art Brut/Eddie Argos post for the moment, I swear.

Eddie Argos=Alfred Molina+Daniel Radcliffe.

Just try to tell me that this is not so.

Fuck rock lets art you go eddie argos @amyl-nitrate

Fuck rock, let’s art.

You go, Eddie Argos.

Thinkanddiethinking the closer it gets the @amyl-nitrate


The closer it gets, the more excited I become!

I only just found out about this, and it sounds awesome. The only band in the lineup I’ve seen is Grass Widow, and they’re excellent. Now I like them even more!

From ask me dont tell me a 1961 short film on @amyl-nitrate

From “Ask Me, Don’t Tell Me,” a 1961 short film on “teenage gangs” doing community work in San Francisco and environs. Perhaps surprisingly for the era, it’s positive, inclusive, and non-racist (although it is, of course, dated in it language). The emphasis seems to be on seeing the club members as individuals with something to contribute to their city, rather than “juvenile delinquents” (though they do throw that term around a bit, even though there are never any examples of delinquency).

Judging from this film, being in a gang meant wearing a club jacket and smoking.

Shredded wheat visitors welcome oakland 1928 @amyl-nitrate

Shredded Wheat. Visitors Welcome.

Oakland 1928.

Was shredded wheat a great tourist attraction at the time?

A screen capture from a 1928 promotional film on @amyl-nitrate

A screen capture from a 1928 promotional film on the wonders of Oakland (mostly industrial).

Via boingboing the punk funk is mildly @amyl-nitrate

Via boingboing. The “punk-funk” is mildly terrifying, I don’t mind telling you. The text is, well, rather embarrassing, but hey, subcultures have to be co-opted, right?

The photographer, Jenny Lens, is also apparently upset about how her work is being presented, so let’s give her some credit.

Youmightfindyourself when dr hans ulrich @amyl-nitrate


When Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz introduces his paper on the “phantom time hypothesis”, he kindly asks his readers to be patient, benevolent, and open to radically new ideas, because his claims are highly unconventional. This is because his paper is suggesting three difficult-to-believe propositions: 1) Hundreds of years ago, our calendar was polluted with 297 years which never occurred; 2) this is not the year 2010, but rather 1713; and 3) The purveyors of this hypothesis are not crackpots.

The Phantom Time Hypothesis suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened, but were added to the calendar long ago either by accident, by misinterpretation of documents, or by deliberate falsification by calendar conspirators. This would mean that all artifacts ascribed to those three centuries belong to other periods, and that all events thought to have occurred during that same period occurred at other times, or are outright fabrications.

read more:
Did the Early Middle Ages Really Exist? by Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz


Visualization by Michael Paukner

Totally entertaining theory. Huzzah for academic wackjobs!

See what i mean about the beth ditto thing @amyl-nitrate

See what I mean about the Beth Ditto thing?

Apparently today is a romeo void day im not @amyl-nitrate

Apparently today is a Romeo Void day. I’m not going to argue.

Madlibrarian oliveryeh from meanwhile the @amyl-nitrate



From, “Meanwhile, The San Francisco Public Library,” in its own words (and illustrations).


The reason I continue working at libraries (well, other than that my knowledge of the DDC is not really applicable anywhere else) is that they are a free resource to the public, no matter who that public is. Wendy McNaughton really gets to the heart of what public libraries are and should be about, and it’s truly amazing to see someone acknowledging with positive sympathy the homeless and other disadvantaged populations. Having worked for 6 different library systems (including San Francisco), I’ve encountered a lot of strong feelings toward disadvantaged patrons, both from other patrons and from library staff. Sometimes it’s hard to represent fully the necessity of the service we provide, and the right of all patrons to use that service, no matter who they are. 

The library is ideally a place where everyone is equal, and is treated with equal respect. No one has the right to interfere with anyone else’s ability to use the library and its resources–this, to me, is the basic tenet of library work. This portrait of SFPL captures perfectly how I’ve felt about libraries for years. 

Many thanks to Wendy McNaughton and The Rumpus.

Jordan and adam ant @amyl-nitrate

Jordan and Adam Ant.

Apparently chrissie hynde is s jordan is x @amyl-nitrate

Apparently, Chrissie Hynde is S, Jordan is X.

Also, can I mention that Jordan’s (frankly excellent) ass is not at all skinny?

Exene scary in the best possible way can i also @amyl-nitrate

Exene. Scary in the best possible way.

Can I also just say that X is just about the best thing ever?

The Once Over Twice:

An even better punk will never diet moment can @amyl-nitrate

An even better Punk Will Never Diet moment. 

Can we just make a meme out of this? DIY some t-shirts, people!

Lest you think that my interests lie only in the @amyl-nitrate

Lest you think that my interests lie only in the realm of punk and fat, let me tell you this: I am also a medievalist. 

And lest you think that the middle ages are not bad ass, let me just say this: the medieval idea of the hyena is the most metal thing ever.

From the Aberdeen Bestiary*:

Of the hyena. There is an animal called the hyena, which inhabits the tombs of the dead and feeds on their bodies. Its nature is that it is sometimes male, sometimes female, and it is therefore an unclean animal. Since its spine is rigid, all in one piece, it cannot turn round except by turning its body right around. Solinus recounts many marvellous things about the hyena. First, it stalks the sheepfolds of shepherds and circles their houses by night, and by listening carefully learns their speech, so that it can imitate the human voice, in order to fall on any man whom it has lured out at night. The hyena also [imitates] human vomit and devours the dogs it has enticed with faked sounds of retching. If dogs hunting the hyena accidentally touch its shadow behind, they lose their voices and cannot bark. In its search for buried bodies, the hyena digs up graves… .This beast has a stone in its eyes, called hyenia; anyone who keeps it under his tongue is believed to foretell the future. It is true that if the hyena walks three times around any animal, the animal cannot move. For this reason men declare that the hyena has magical properties. In a part of Ethiopia the hyena mates with the lioness; their union produces a monster, named crocote. Like the hyena, it too produces men’s voices. It never tries to change the direction of its glance but strives to see without changing it. It has no gums in its mouth. Its single, continuous tooth is closed naturally like a casket so that it is never blunted.

*A note on bestiaries: the medieval mind saw the natural world essentially as a set of instructions from God outlining the ways in which man should behave. Everything was representative in some way, either as evil or as good, as bestiaries were written in order to instruct the monk or two that read them on how to “read” animal behavior in a Christian context–they were trying to make sense of a fundamentally confusing and immoral world, often by making up a lot of stuff. In this case, one should presumably avoid eating corpses, stealing others’ voices, and deconstructing the gender binary. And I had such a kinky evening planned …

Bikini kill that is all @amyl-nitrate

Bikini Kill. That is all.

I remember nick cave saying somewhere that he @amyl-nitrate

I remember Nick Cave saying somewhere that he never thought he was good-looking when he was young, but now he looks back on pictures from the 80s and thinks “Hmm. Not bad.”

That is an understatement.