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"In those days, desires weren't allowed to become reality. So fantasy was substituted for them - films, books, pictures. They called it 'art.'" Punk Riot grrrl Queer/Trans*-positive Feminist Fat Anti-racist Diversity-positive Body-positive Sex-positive Activist Anti-hate, anti-violence - Amyl Nitrate (@amyl-nitrate)
Thehumanbeings adammmmmmm i realized its @amyl-nitrate



I realized it’s been a long time since I posted any Adam Ant (well, a long time since I posted anything, really), and the Jubilee tie-in was too good to resist.

The slits @amyl-nitrate

The Slits.

Punk1977 chrissie hynde debbie harry viv @amyl-nitrate


Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie, Poly Styrene, and Pauline London, 1980 

Anthromommieone this photo is from a slut @amyl-nitrate


This photo is from a slut walk.  Just felt that I should share.  I have never had such a horrible thing happen to me, but it is more than just likely that at least one of mine (as well as your own) current friends, relatives, and/or acquaintances has been raped, molested, or abused AND THEY MAY NEVER TELL YOU or even DENY IT. 

Because in most societies at this time, it is the one who is raped who is viewed as somehow at fault, shameful, and responsible of the actions of others.  Whether it be her clothes, her attitude, her flirting, her face, her background, her family, her income, her job, ect…: when it is NEVER their fault.  Without willful, consious, honest, sober consent…. it is not consent.

Im not posting a lot at the moment but i wanted @amyl-nitrate

I’m not posting a lot at the moment, but I wanted to say that I’m alive and I’ll be back to post more fatpunkqueerfeministmedieval goodness in a few weeks, and perhaps sporadically in the meantime.

In preparation for grad school applications in the fall, I’m taking a Latin summer class at the moment, the GRE general test in a little over two weeks, and I miraculously snagged a research assistantship with an old professor, so everything’s pretty busy right now. I’ll probably start posting more once the GRE is done, and definitely more once Latin ends.

Stay tuned.

For anyone in the sf bay area interested in body @amyl-nitrate

For anyone in the SF Bay Area interested in body positivity, pride, diversity, and general gorgeousness, this event looks amazing. 

Raks Africa does a summer belly dance program for girls that emphasizes positive body image–I really wish this was something that existed when I was younger. Raks Africa is two gorgeous women who use every inch of their amazing bodies. 


Southwark london august 2008 @amyl-nitrate

Southwark, London, August 2008.

Lloyds looks pretty evil no london august @amyl-nitrate

Lloyd’s looks pretty evil, no? London, August 2008.

London august 2008 @amyl-nitrate

London, August 2008.

The emotional truth of this breaks my heart but @amyl-nitrate

The emotional truth of this breaks my heart, but it’s such a good reminder of why it’s a beautiful thing to be yourself, be true to your passions and ideas, and say “fuck off” to the people who are afraid of your awesomeness.

Art it robert mapplethorpe patti smith 1978 @amyl-nitrate


Robert Mapplethorpe

Patti Smith, 1978