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Double fucking action @anal-virgins

Double fucking action

Double penetrations @anal-virgins

Double penetrations

Double penetrations and nice stuff @anal-virgins

Double Penetrations and nice stuff

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DPs and czech girls. anal sex

Anal sex high quality @anal-virgins

Anal sex!!! high quality!!

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Double penetrations!! Asses! Anal sex

Gaping stretched and large asshole @anal-virgins

gaping, stretched and large asshole

Double penetrations and nice stuff @anal-virgins

Double Penetrations and nice stuff

Anal sex high quality @anal-virgins

Anal sex!!! high quality!!

Supermodelgif one of my favorite moments in @anal-virgins


One of my favorite moments in fashion. Alexander McQueen defends & supports Kate Moss following her cocaine scandal in 2005, during the walk out of his Spring/Summer 2006 collection.

Stevenglanville what about the pup theres a @anal-virgins


What about the pup? There’s a couple lines in there that I forgot to edit out and I’m too lazy to go back in to it sooooo yyyeeaah

Tonyriff newcrap on flickr @anal-virgins


newcrap on Flickr.

Museumuesum pieter hugo photographs from the @anal-virgins


Pieter Hugo

photographs from the series There’s a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends


Archival pigment ink prints on Warmtone Baryta Fibre paper, 46 x 37cm

Pieter Hugo’s There’s a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends is a series of close-up portraits of the artist and his friends, all of whom call South Africa home. Through a digital process of converting colour images to black and white while manipulating the colour channels, Hugo emphasizes the pigment (melanin) in his sitters’ skins so they appear heavily marked by blemishes and sun damage. The resulting portraits are the antithesis of the airbrushed images that determine the canons of beauty in popular culture, and expose the contradictions of racial distinctions based on skin colour. As the critic Aaron Schuman writes, “although at first glance we may look ‘black’ or ‘white’, the components that remain ‘active’ beneath the surface consist of a much broader spectrum. What superficially appears to divide us is in fact something that we all share, and like these photographs, we are not merely black and white - we are red, yellow, brown, and so on; we are all, in fact, coloured.”

Tamsyn Reynolds, 2011

Michael Cleary, 2011

Vanessa Inggs, 2012

Dan Halter, 2011 

Montle Moorosi, 2011

Trasi Henen, 2011 

Bradley Abrahams, 2011

Yasser Booley, 2011

Pieter Hugo, 2011

Victoria Jane Peters, 2012 

Diy crystal wrapped pendant necklace tutorial @anal-virgins


DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal Tutorial from Meli Melo here. I used Chrome to automatically translate from German to English. You can find these crystals on EBAY, Esty or more cheaply at a kids’ toy store (usually in the science section).

Ihave4catz shine bright like a diamond @anal-virgins


shine bright like a diamond!