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the guys at Odd Gentlemen should use the money they stole from the Homestuck kickstarter to pay their astroturfing crew to do a better job, because this is just fucking sad 

jesus christ, are they honest to god trying to viral market on /v/ of all places

they’re not even making it subtle, holy shit

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Today in History via Evil Supply Co.

Happy Birthday Ted Cassidy

Happy birthday moxiered, July 31 Year Unknown.

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This is a fennec Fox, a small noctural fox with big ears that helps to dissipate heat.

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This website is TERRIBLE!

now THIS is relatable content

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ATTENTION: Femcon 2015 is a scam. Some users on 4chan decided to create a fake convention in order to scam feminists out of their money. Please, don’t fall for this, and help spread the word if you can. Here is a link to some screenshots from their chat:

Painfully obvious scam is painfully obvious, at that.  Nice Godwin, too. 

In before projection bias from people who, in other instances, define “scam” as broadly as possible.

Polyphonicbeauty imma leave this right here @andymagnuseth


Imma leave this right here.

This has nothing to do with the artist as a person @andymagnuseth

this has nothing to do with the artist as a person or the drawing. the conversation was not an attack of any sort. please do not frame it as such.

Is this going to be another comment about rent @andymagnuseth

is this going to be another comment about rent.

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I regret nothing


this is definitely how dandy would bring them to the alien registry ngl

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natm rent au with racebending bc why not

alright, i’m not quite sure about the source of this text but we are going to have a sit down for a momet and have a serious discussion about this here because it inadvertently comes across to me as kinda shitty and a slap in the face to the memory of Jonathan Larson, the guy that created Rent, and while i’m sure that wasnt the intention, it still needs to be discussed in this setting. as a trans white masc nonbinary i’m going to explain why it comes off this way to me, but keep in mind that as im white and masc i may miss some things that are inherently involved in why this might not be a particularly accurate or reasonable representation of Rent.

some context: the first time i saw rent was when i was about six. yes. i was six years old. it was on broadway and my dad really wanted to see it while we visited new york (which we dont get to do often but, yeah its something i got to do and a lot of other people dont get to do that, which is why its SO IMPORTANT that it was made into a film version that, while missing some things from the broadway version, brings it to a much wider audience. bit off topic, sorry), so. seeing it when i was six was one of the things that were crucially involved in me realizing i was trans, which sort of began when i was four, but thats a different story. but when i was six, i didn’t really have much of a background on what Rent was really about, because i was still in elementary school and they didnt teach us these things, but i read everything back then, and so i ended up reading the whole book they give you when you go to a broadway show. Needless to say, this was my first introduction to information about the aids epidemic that swept through the lgbt+ community, and killed. so many people. an entire community of nonbinary, nonhetero people were lost, and that was really devastating to me.

it wasnt until the internet became a really popular thing that i actually got to learn about the stonewall riots for real, not just a passing note in a book that erased trans poc women from that point of history. this was one of the most crucial events in lgbt+ history, and i was given no information on it until i was about 15 or 16.

but anyway, RENT painted a vivid picture of what it was like to live in new york during the aids epidemic. heat being turned off in apartments to ensure those with hiv that couldnt pay consistently would die off quickly and leave apartments for others. most of the infected community was homosexuals, bisexuals as well as those that were addicted to injectable drugs, but it really wasnt a good time for anyone poor living in new york. RENT was 100% about the struggle of hiv, aids, transmisogyny, addiction, classism, racism, and bisexual erasure in the Lower East Side of New York. It was one of the first musicals to have transgender characters and bisexual characters. it was absolutely so important.

which is why i’m bringing this up. this isn’t the 1960′s, so i’m 100% sure that you can’t actually use “drag queen” and “trans” interchangably. i mean, shit, what the fuck. even in 1990 you couldnt say that and be correct. allow me to cite Rupaul as an example, a cis man that still uses the t slur for trans women, and one of the most famous “drag queen”s. using just “trans” for trans women strips them of their femininity, and crossdressing today is deeply saturated in trans misogyny. so is replacing a trans woman in a musical with a woman that is cis in her original portrayal, but not NEARLY as trans misogynistic as the whole hedwig musical neil patrick harris participated in, ESPECIALLY when plenty of actual trans women are availible for the part now, and its disgusting to replace trans women with cis men. ew. most of this entire paragraph was extreme disappointent with “dragqueen/trans”. thats all i have to say there.

i also take issue with replacing lesbians and bi women in any narrative with gay men, but [shrug] i can’t really explain why, i don’t really know how to explain it other than ‘youve replaced cis females with males that are far less likely to experience discrimination or physical abuse based on their gender’. its not as much of an issue as the trans thing to me, but i’m sure someone else could explain it better?

let’s get to the actual reason i felt i absolutely needed to write this, because it made me very uncomfortable not seeing it. never once here did i read one mention of hiv or aids, nor do i see any portrayal of it in these images. RENT was ENTIRELY about the struggle with hiv and aids, and most of it is absolutely a discussion of living with the disease first and foremost. i have PTSD so i would probably avoid drawing too much representation, but seeing as its the very core of RENT, i would have mentioned /why/ i didn’t portray as much as should be represented. RENT is a celebration of life, constantly threatened to be extinguished with death. this felt like it completely and carefully avoided the aids narrative of RENT, which is. the entire point of RENT.

so um. yeah i wrote all of that just because i really felt like i needed to say it. i know theres probably a lot of “people who COULD be assumed to be cis but might not be due to ethnicity and binary gender being a very colonialism-involved topic” that i didnt actually discuss here, but im really too white to actually accurately explain any of that. so i’m just going to mention it.

i didnt write any of this because i find the idea of crossovers distasteful and im sure you might have your reasons for not depicting any connection to aids or such, or for this entire narrative. but. i wanted to clarify my feelings about it compared with the actual RENT narrative because it felt. really disconnected from what RENT is about and the gritty painful parts of RENT are really important to it.

i’m offering this information as-is based on my memory and understanding of RENT, so everything is to be taken with a grain of salt since i don’t have personal experience with much of the content. this information is presented for the purposes of education and expressing concern about the content of the art in comparison to the musical, not gas-lighting or ill will towards the artist. as this is tumblr i’m assuming i have to say this: please do not attack the artist or anyone else on behalf of this discussion. the art looks pretty good and the artist should be appreciated for putting effort into drawing things. these are simply my feelings about the AU presented in comparison to the original musical. so uh. that’s all i have to say, really. if anyone else has any information they feel this absolutely needs, feel free to add it courteously? but i dont have any more content to add personally so.

[shrugs and clicks reblog button] here.

Feriowind au where newt runs a small plant @andymagnuseth


AU where Newt runs a small plant store near where Hermann works

Every time Hermann sees him, Newt is wearing a completely different outfit. Though at first Hermann doesn’t really think about the store, he slowly finds himself looking forward to seeing what new thing Newt is wearing whenever he passes by.

Nubbsgalore the bioluminescent noctiluca @andymagnuseth


the bioluminescent noctiluca scintillans – an algae known otherwise as sea sparkle – of australia’s jervis bay. photos by (click pic) andy hutchinson, joanne paquette and naomi paquette.  

Thefairygodmonster decided to try and practice @andymagnuseth


Decided to try and practice colors and digital coloring?

Named them Mjölk!
They love fantasy and make believe often daydreaming about different adventures they could go on.
Right now they are trying out a prince attire.

Cakelikeowen zooophagous masterkittens @andymagnuseth




Saying you child is your “kid” is an insult to goats everywhere.

I’ll insult moms everywhere. Fight me Pam.

Fuck you, Barbara 

Bedwyrssong the kuhl tronnler put away the @andymagnuseth



Put away the marshmallows kids:/