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I'll fuck anyone with an asshole! Proudly NSFW. No kids. Nothing is mine. Let me know if it is yours and want it taken down. Check out my other sites . - Anything Anal (@anythinganal)
Furrybois animations requested by scootpooter @anythinganal


Animations~ requested by scootpooter

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How many times you have touched yourself thinking about this? Be a good petslave and you’ll see your dreams come true.

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Squatting cowgirl anal!

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Beg to cum and tell me who owns this cock, tell me how you love to cum with my big strapon cock in your ass. 

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Ti dona veramente tanto, ha un tocco oserei dire di perverso.

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Seriamente danneggiato.

Filthydirt prolapse fan stuff from my dear @anythinganal


fan stuff from my dear darklings : > love this!

Kinggoochgifs tiny 4k will it fit alexa nova @anythinganal


Tiny 4K - Will It Fit?

Alexa Nova

PT1  PT2  PT3

Housewife4fantasylife orientation with husbands @anythinganal


Orientation with husbands new coworkers.
Theme Thursday


3holes4you it was her first anal experience @anythinganal


It was her first anal experience, unfortunately for her he had a horse sized cock and could care less about the pain he inflicted on her.

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Follow me on tumblr:

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Your ass - like all of your holes - exists to be punished.

So true!!

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Featured Anal Honey: Zafira

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Jalace was getting very close with her new babysitter

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2tryanything oh myy @anythinganal


Oh myy!!

Beautyanal follow me on tumblr @anythinganal


Follow me on tumblr:

Follow me on twitter: @beautyanal
The best gifs and pics !
Anal pleasure beautyanal follow me on @anythinganal



Follow me on tumblr:

Follow me on twitter: @beautyanal
The best gifs and pics !


Dirty brunette beauty brass tacks time @anythinganal



Churning out your truffle butter 💦💦💦💦

This good ish.

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Kelsi Monroe & Abella Danger - Enter Her Exit

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Oiled anal fuck

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Spectacular Gala gif.

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Because anal is not always about pain and submission, it’s also about your pleasure too.

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Have you ever tried fingering yourself while you’re being pumped?

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She had never been a fan on anal. Ive tried to instill principles in my baby girl do what daddy says and make him happy. I decided since she was still showing a rebellious spirit i needed to show the little cum sponge who was in charge. Her tears tasted especially sweet when i took her ass. Fuck toys need to know their place

Loveupherass marian was so intent on watching @anythinganal


Marian was so intent on watching the video monitor that 

she didn’t hear the sounds from the booth next to hers. 

She just felt something hot and slippery at her 

helplessly exposed anus. She tensed every muscle in her 

body, straining against the ropes on her, as the 

stranger behind her started to shove his hard cock into 

her, HARD. She gasped through her nose as the head of 

it popped into her virgin shit-chute, and screamed a 

muffled, choking scream around the cock-gag. She closed 

her eyes, the sounds of Terry gagging on Zack’s huge 

cock filling her ears, and soon, the grunts and groans 

of the man behind her, as he slowly forced more of his 

big cock up her ass.

Marian’s body trembled as the cock slowly forced it's 

way in, her asshole squeezing down on it hot and tight. 

She tensed her every muscle, trying to expel the raping 

intruder, but that only seemed to excite the man inside 

of her. After what seemed like forever, she felt her 

ass-cheeks tickled by pubic hair, and the man’s cock 

was entirely inside her. The burning agony of the anal 

rape tore through her body, and her spastic, gagging 

moans were totally insufficient, but the only noise she 

could squeeze out.

She opened her eyes again as the man left his cock 

there, feeling her heat and tightness. On the video 

screen, Zack was holding onto the handles, and force-

fucking Terry’s helpless throat hard and fast, looking 

up into the camera as he did. He was smiling, an evil 

smile, that seemed to say “you’re next, bitch.“ 

Then the man in Marian’s ass started to fuck his big 

cock in and out, tearing her open. Even as tightly 

bound as it was, her body jerked back against the wall, 

time and again, as the big cock dragged out of her 

rectum. Her big tits were yanked mercilessly as the 

cock pounded her violated hole, bringing even more 


She heard Zack’s moans as he came in Terry’s mouth, and 

watched as he very deliberately pulled his cock mostly 

out of her mouth, and jacked the last few drops onto 

her tongue, forcing her to taste his cum. With a 

satisfied smile on his face, Zack zipped up his pants, 

and left the booth; to be immediately replaced by 

another stranger.

The cock in Marian’s ass pumped into her harder, and 

faster. Tears of pain and humiliation spilled to the 

floor, as her butt was used brutally. The man would 

pump hard, then slow down, pump hard, and then slow 

down. He was deliberately taking his time, making the 

horrible anal rape last, and last. Marian lost track of 

the number of times the cock was rammed into her 

helpless chute. She felt him drive in deep, hard, and 

then an odd warmth filled her ass. With disgust, she 

realized that the man had cum up her ass. Her eyes 

widened once more as the man’s cock was slowly 

withdrawn, her tight anal rippling milking out every 

drop from the rapist. She felt his cum! They weren't 

wearing condoms, or anything! Even the men raping 

Terry’s mouth weren’t using rubbers!

She closed her eyes, body wracked with sobs, as the 

implications of multiple unprotected rapes lashed her 

mind. She heard the door to the booth behind her open, 

and close, and wasn’t that surprised when another 

cockhead was buttoned into her helpless, torn asshole. 

The pain wracked her again, causing her to jerk hard 

against her bonds, helpless, in agony.

She lost count of the number of men that used her and 

Terry, somewhere around ten or fifteen. She knew there 

were a lot more than that. The constant pain, the 

terror, and the humiliation took their toll; she passed 

out after an hour of the torment, which didn’t stop the 

delighted bookstore patrons.

She woke up, muscles aching, scalp burning with the 

constant pull on her hair, breasts numb. She was still 

tied in the same place, and the same position, but the 

rapes seemed to have stopped, at least for the moment. 

She looked at the screen, and to her terror, Terry was 

no longer there! Marian tried to scream for her, but 

the cock-gag prevented any but the most pitiful 

mewlings out of her mouth.

Then, there was another pressure at her anus, but this 

one was different. Where the many cockheads that had 

pressed there were hard and soft at the same time, this 

one was only hard, ungiving. And it was HUGE! Her 

asshole, brutalized as it was, could offer no 

resistance as the vast intruder forced it’s way inside 


Getoverit91 work them hips @anythinganal


Work them hips ♥️♥️

Masterpadraig subblackgurl are you sure this @anythinganal



Are you SURE this is an approved  cure for constipation Doctor?

Best thing about black women?  They always do #Anal on the first date.  The really excellent ones will do ass-to-mouth on the first date.  Delightful!!!

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Dani Jensen allows her asshole to be used to the delight of this prominent caucasian phallus.

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