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A place for me to post my own art, photos and whatnot. I'm especially fond of paleo and fantasy art:) I'm available for commissions. - Apsaravis (@apsaravis)
A super quick portrait of redondasaurus @apsaravis

A super-quick portrait of Redondasaurus :)

Dilophosaur a pair of megapnosaurs and @apsaravis

Dilophosaur, a pair of megapnosaurs and scelidosaurs (commission)

The Jurassic of Poland

The large bipedal scelidosaur is based on tracks found in the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland.

Smok wawelski the triassic of poland @apsaravis

Smok wawelski

The Triassic of Poland

Smok wawelski this work was previously previewed @apsaravis

Smok wawelski

This work was previously previewed here :)

A quick portrait of silesaurus opolensis @apsaravis

A quick portrait of Silesaurus opolensis.

Photoshop CS3

The early jurassic of sołtyków dilophosaur @apsaravis

The Early Jurassic of Sołtyków.

Dilophosaur chasing a lesothosaur; an early tetanurine theropod; vulcanodon-like sauropods in background.

Photoshop CS3

Commission info

Apsaravis hope this info is enough but if you @apsaravis


Hope this info is enough, but if you have any questions, send me an e-mail, an ask, note, anything :)

Commissions are still open! :)

Blackharrier i commissioned apsaravis one of @apsaravis


I commissioned Apsaravis, one of my favorite paleoartists, to create a Pelagornis feeding scenario. What is not to love about this? She is open for commissions. [ Tumblr | DeviantART ]

I also just learned that scientists described a new member of the genus: Pelagornis sandersi. It had a 20-24 foot wingspan!

Smok wawelski again photoshop cs3 @apsaravis

Smok wawelski again :)

Photoshop CS3

Old photoshop exercises photo studies @apsaravis

Old Photoshop exercises / photo studies…

Photoshop CS3

Previews of illustrations for a book about smok @apsaravis

Previews of illustrations for a book about Smok wawelski. I made 5 coloured illustrations, while Jakub drew several with pencil. The book (not printed yet) is written by Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki, who first described Smok.

Commission characters from the dinoverse books @apsaravis

Commission; characters from the Dinoverse books.

Lythronax argestes the gore king @apsaravis









Smok wawelski

Work in progress…

…But of all names you choose Smok

Smok is the Polish word for dragon—and was probably part of the origin of the name Smaug in  The Hobbit. )

Oh…. no wonder.

RE: A quick yields

Deriving from the same Old English and Germanic roots as smial and Smeagol, the name Smaug is “the past tense of the primitive Germanic verb Smugan, to squeeze through a hole”. It has been suggested that Tolkien likely thought of Old English smeag, a word used to describe a “worm”.

It’s been observed that it is  unlikely an accomplished linguist like Tolkien would give a dragon character a name that almost (differing by a vowel and part of a consonant) is the word for dragon in a language he probably was familiar with.

So is the correlation between Smaug and Smok likely and unlikely? I’m a bit confused here.

On accident. I forgot the words “on accident”. It’s unlikely that the similarities between Smok and Smaug are on accident.

I should go to sleep.

Yeah, Tolkien, if not directly, would have referenced this word. And please, go ahead and go to sleep.

Okay, let me address this.

Smok, or *smokъ in Proto-Slavic used to mean ‘a mythical creature’. (There was another word to describe a dragon and it was zmij/żmij (*zmьjь), which means 'a winged serpent’. In Polish this word was eventually replaced by smok.)

The word 'smok’ is most probably derived from the verb sъmъkъ, which has the same meaning as Germanic 'smugan’ mentioned by you.

Smok and Smaug are similar, because both words have common Indo-European roots.