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Ask me, the most awesome pony, some questions so I can reply with my pictures. C'mon, give me a reason to take some more pictures, I need to show off how I'm 20% cooler than the other fillies! ( art by ) - Ask R34 Rainbow Dash (@askr34rainbowdash)
Sorry about the sudden disappearance i got bit @askr34rainbowdash

Sorry about the sudden disappearance!  I got bit by a brown recluse and I am very apparently allergic. I’ll be replying to notes, getting back to work, and shipping orders off come tomorrow morning.

In the mean time, here’s a quick preview of a commission… Still have some styling and touch-ups to do though. ^^

I drew a thing for my roommate at 1 am because @askr34rainbowdash

I drew a thing for my roommate at 1 AM because that’s what we do. 

She was convinced halfway I was drawing her fursona with my dog, so it became a German shepherd. Todd just wants to be loved. Will nobody love Todd?

Okay final obnoxious promotion shit for a while @askr34rainbowdash

Okay, final obnoxious promotion shit for a while now that I have a decent array of examples. As I said before, rates stay at $5 since I can’t justify charging more with how little time these actually take for me ^^;

available here;

Another of the 5 commissions i really love this @askr34rainbowdash

Another of the $5 commissions, I really love this character, Minty Chip!  

Commissioned by:

’ve decided to keep these at $5 for good now, I’ve been able to get the style down to a fast pace so I really can’t justify asking more for them. ^_^; 

$5 commissions available here:

Got a few requests to see my sculpture work after @askr34rainbowdash

Got a few requests to see my sculpture work after mentioning plans to make R34 sculpture kind of things, so here ya go. This guy has glowing LED eyes, weighs a ton, and took countless hours. He was a lot of fun to work on through it all and is now with his new owner. ^_^

This is pretty much my husbands face when he @askr34rainbowdash

This is pretty much my husband’s face when he walks in on me drawing some sweet candy pony vag.

Living with a non-brony husband and a lady brony roommate is fun.

Both characters belong to ask secondlight ponies @askr34rainbowdash

Both characters belong to ask-secondlight-ponies! ^^

These are the $5 coloured 24-hour speedsketch commissions, still on sale till Friday night here:

An older 5 commission sketch last of the three @askr34rainbowdash

An older $5 commission sketch, last of the three Twixie pictures ^_^

Commission work admitabley this one was kind of @askr34rainbowdash

Commission work; admitabley this one was kind of fun, and it inspired my earlier text post. :D

Definitely @askr34rainbowdash


Flash sale of sorts this 500 pony commission @askr34rainbowdash

Flash sale of sorts, this $5.00 pony commission listing will be available until Sunday, 9/22~ funds from this will go towards the production of several adult-themed resin pony figures, and generally letting me keep this blog active and get to answering things. :D

Available here:

Last one for the night time to finish packing @askr34rainbowdash

Last one for the night, time to finish packing orders and drawing answers…

For sale here:

I drew a thing @askr34rainbowdash

I drew a thing.

Finally getting back to art and replying to @askr34rainbowdash

Finally getting back to art and replying to messages. ^_^

This one is for sale here: 

I’m taking a round of packages to the post office, so anyone who has ordered and orders up till tomorrow afternoon can expect theirs soon! ^^

Omgosh i can log into tumblr again i dont know @askr34rainbowdash

Omgosh I can log into Tumblr again. I don’t know what went wrong, but I’m back now. ^^

I have 350+ messages to tackle, so if you sent an important one, please send it again to bump it to the top!

Meanwhile, here is some new art from this morning.

I have till the 15th to come up with the final @askr34rainbowdash

I have till the 15th to come up with the final $300 for rent, so I’m going to once again put up some commission price lists. Reblogs are much appreciated! I’ll be working day and night till it’s covered, so turn around will be fairly quick. Just send a message here or on Furaffinity ( Lavenderhush ) if you’re interested!

Prints of digital art can be shipped, and the traditional works can be shipped for an additional $2.50 . ^^

More of the 5 commissions by the way if @askr34rainbowdash

More of the $5 commissions~

By the way, if anyone has sent any messages, please resend them to my furaffinity account linked on my page here. Apparently I’m not getting a lot of my tumblr stuff x__x

Twixie commission one of three @askr34rainbowdash

Twixie commission - one of three

Lost our phone service back online now and @askr34rainbowdash

Lost our phone service, back online now and getting things posted!

Yup yup thinking about making a second blog for @askr34rainbowdash

yup yup.
Thinking about making a second blog for all my non-RD stuff. Or does anyone even care where it’s at?

Working on commissions to start off the morning @askr34rainbowdash

working on commissions to start off the morning~

A nsfw version of the print is available now @askr34rainbowdash

A NSFW version of the print is available now, mention this blog and you’ll get a free hand-draw bookmark featuring the pony of your choice with purchase~

Trying out new stylesnot sure if i like it or not @askr34rainbowdash

Trying out new styles…not sure if I like it or not

Here is another work in progress for prints @askr34rainbowdash

Here is another work in progress for prints.

After many notes of explaining things i set up an @askr34rainbowdash

After many notes of explaining things, I set up an easier way to commission things, via our website:

The sketches and chibis take two days at most, and the paintings take a week. No limits on content obviously, and I can ship prints of the digital paintings for an extra $5.00. Just trying to make enough you live on since my husband’s douchy boss sent him to part time for choosing to stay with the baby and while we were kind of dying. 8I 

Still a work in progressany suggestions aside @askr34rainbowdash

Still a work in progress…any suggestions? Aside from adding her other wing, that is. xD

A rough teaser of a current projectpin up pony @askr34rainbowdash

A rough teaser of a current project…pin up pony paintings. Still a long ways to go. They’ll be up in a local gallery, for my fellow Austin bronies.

Admin pic you ask okay behold freaktoe the cat @askr34rainbowdash

Admin pic you ask? Okay.
Behold Freaktoe, the cat with thumbs whom I have raised from the day he was born. He watches me with judgment as I draw.

I’m also not sure why Tumblr decided to flip this over, but it did.

Taking a moment to shamelessly promote my @askr34rainbowdash

Taking a moment to shamelessly promote my husband’s auction for custom pony lamps :D His boss was a douche and cut him to part time because he stayed with me in the hospital through my surgery, so we have some money to gather or else we’re doomed and baby gets newspaper diapers. Huzzah!

auction link:

Yes, husband. I am a married female, as much as the jimmy-rustled crazies who fill my inbox with anti-R34 hate would like to believe I am a dude with no girlfriend. Take THAT, social standards!

Also, get ready for a bunch of  pony porn glory, because there has been a lot stacked up.

Another commission oc belongs to tonythebrony @askr34rainbowdash

Another commission, OC belongs to Tonythebrony~

And anotheri dont know why but i like this @askr34rainbowdash

And another…I don’t know why but I like this pairing too. I’ll ship Scoots with all the ponies any day.

Ill be spacing out the commission posts so i @askr34rainbowdash

I’ll be spacing out the commission posts so I don’t spam everyone. Here’s another!

…inb4 no wings.

Character joystick belongs to boredtabletfilly @askr34rainbowdash

Character Joystick belongs to boredtabletfilly.

Pinkie playing the banjo i think yes @askr34rainbowdash

Pinkie playing the banjo? I think yes.

Yes the return i permanent shit is still going @askr34rainbowdash

Yes, the return I permanent! Shit is still going down, but tonight many drinks will be had from this brony shot glass to celebrate.

To thank all you legit people for hanging around through the hiatus, I’ll be taking requests like this to warm up for the resumed Dashie posts tomorrow afternoon! Send a message with your wants and I’ll post a comp of as manyof these little phone sketches as I can get tomorrow morning. No limits to content! :D
Edit: yes, OC’s are welcome so long as you provide a reference picture or good description~

Oh hey guys im done with being cut open and @askr34rainbowdash

Oh, hey guys. 

I’m done with being cut open and almost dying and stuff, so we’re back on. Have some Dashie speedpaint. <3

Designed by popular demandfirst order already @askr34rainbowdash

Designed by popular demand…first order already placed. Any pony can be made…oh don’t look at me like that, if you’re on this Tumblr page you’re going to hell with me! :D

Aaaand were back 3 @askr34rainbowdash

aaaand we’re back. <3

Gonna break the 4th wall here sorry for the @askr34rainbowdash

( Gonna break the 4th wall here- Sorry for the lack of posts everypony. Been having what might be morning sickness. That’s right, the perverted admin of this page is a female, and she is possibly reproducing. May the world be scared! )

Ask me something bronies i will reply with a @askr34rainbowdash

Ask me something, bronies. I will reply with a picture of me doing something totally AWESOME. Like this, betcha your filly can’t bend like this, huh?!