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Happy spanksgiving 2015 featuring casey @assumethepositionstudios

Happy Spanksgiving 2015 :)  featuring Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Enchantress Sahrye plus dozens more beautiful models available at

Assumethepositionstudios casey calvert spanked @assumethepositionstudios


Casey Calvert Spanked to Tears

Happy Spanksgiving from

Missdixiecomet there is no safe @assumethepositionstudios


There Is No Safe

Dixie awakes to find that a man has broken into her house…the intruder wants to know where the safe is and will do anything to get what he wants. He starts by chest roping her and then ties Dixie’s legs into tight frogties to making her vulnerable. He forces her panties off and stuffs them in her mouth to gag her, exposing her pretty pussy…he secures the panties in her mouth by wrapping medical tape around her head. He tortures her nipples with clover clamps trying to get an answer out of her but Dixie doesn’t have an answer for him! The intruder tries again to torture her with a vibrator, forcing Dixie to orgasm. When that doesn’t work, he tortures her nipples again but uses medical clamps this time…Dixie cries in agony through her gag for she has no clue how to get out of his clutches, there is no safe in the house!

*This is a repost

Time for a sequel <3

Sahrye crawls obediently over his lap his big @assumethepositionstudios

Sahrye crawls obediently over his lap.  His big hands rub her bottom as soft sensual slaps begin.  Her cheeks jiggle with each swat as the heat builds on her upturned bottom.  Rhythmic application in the center of her perfectly round bottom, alternating intensity as she submits under his hand.  Basking in the heated glow radiating off her spanked bottom. Pushing up to gently encourage his swats, Sahrye moans with contentment.  She knows this is only the beginning of her discipline…

5 Part Series -

Clips4Sale Store 44797

A brutal conclusion for a careless secretary @assumethepositionstudios

A brutal conclusion for a careless Secretary, stripped nude and spread for a severe belt whipping.  Her nude body is positioned over several pillows.  The belt explodes across both her upturned cheeks, working its way down her thighs.  The strokes fall faster with increasing force, vibrating through her ample hindquarters.  She groans in pain, determined to maintain her composure as her beating continues.  Sore and swollen from her previous spanking under his cruel hand and hairbrush, the heavy leather finds her tender and on the verge of sobbing.  Holding her down, the the pace of the strokes increases, beating her punished flesh crimson.  Writhing and crying out in pain as she does her best to absorb her punishment.  She is forced to spread her legs, humiliated and exposed for severe licks across her thighs.  Running his hands over her swollen hot thighs, a final dose of the belt leaves her sore and sorry.

Clerical errors severe secretary beating her @assumethepositionstudios

Clerical Errors- Severe Secretary Beating-

Her garters are unhooked and panties pulled down. His big hands encased in tight black leather gloves, hard stinging swats descend.  Her voluptuous bottom wiggles as his hand collides with her ample cheeks and thick thighs. Her legs kick up as the onslaught continues.  She obediently hands him the hairbrush.  Agonizing swats beat a rhythm from the top of each cheek, all the way down both thighs.  She begins to cry, clenching as she wails.  She will receive no sympathy as he continues her cruel spanking.  Her backside is a throbbing swollen red mess as she cries pathetically.  Out of control sobbing as her thighs are beaten mercilessly. Her carelessness has cost her company thousands of dollars, and he will take it out on her poor bottom and thighs.

Caseys panties pulled down to mid thigh leaving @assumethepositionstudios

Casey’s panties pulled down to mid thigh, leaving her completely nude and exposed over the edge of the bed. Her pert, muscular little bottom is raised high, propped up over a pillow. Her succulent thighs are parted for a delicious view as she is punished.  Scolded for her slutty advances, she moans as the leather cracks down on her bare bottom. She clenches and grinds her hips into the pillow with the rhythm of the strapping, aroused even in her distress

Updates on Clips4Sale Store #44797

Original image featuring christycutie from @assumethepositionstudios

Original image featuring Christycutie from

Alex can barely keep it together from the first @assumethepositionstudios

Alex can barely keep it together from the first swat.  School discipline always concludes with a horrible paddling with the Coach’s big drilled paddle.  40 swats drive the lesson home, on her bare, swollen bottom.  Counting through gritted teeth as she holds back the tears, he is determined to make her remorseful for her slutty behavior.  The blistering holes raise purple welts with each punishing swat.  Humiliated, on the verge of tears, she obediently accepts her punishment, only protesting when he writes a Discipline Note to be sent home to her Daddy.

See the full series now at

The most spankable bubble butt in the world after @assumethepositionstudios

The most Spankable Bubble Butt in the World- after Spanking massage and shower-

er bubbly bottom is impossibly round, smooth pale skin barely covered with a Brazilian bikini disappearing to the deep crevice between her succulent cheeks.  Thrusting her bottom out, the hot water cascading off her throbbing flesh.  She loves the feeling of a freshly spanked bottom, warm and throbbing after getting the attention she craves.  Water trickles off her ripe breasts.  Her scorched bottom is massaged with soothing lotion and she bends over the bed in a skimpy thong, luxuriating under his touch.

Taking full advantage of the situation poor @assumethepositionstudios
Taking full advantage of the situation, poor Maddy’s bottom is subjected  to a brutal belt whipping.  Bent over the bench in the center of the living room, her skimpy dress is pulled up around her hips.  His heavy leather belt slides through the loops, doubling over in his clenched fist.  Cracking down in a wide arch, splatting against her unprotected cheeks.  Her firm bottom absorbs the impact, jiggling and flushing crimson as the next blow lands with cruel precision.  Methodically her bottom is punished, painting a trail of pain all down the backs of her shapely thighs.  Maddy yelps and cries under the onslaught. Witness every stroke to her gorgeous backside, and the reaction on her pretty face.  Eventually his arm tires, opting to finish her beating with a large drilled FRAT PADDLE.This weekend on Clips4Sale store # 44797MADDY MARKS, BELT WHIPPING, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, FRAT PADDLING, REDHEADS, THONG FETISH, SCHOOLGIRL SPANKING, ASSUMETHEPOSITIONSTUDIOS

Summer of swats naughty 18 yr old neighbor @assumethepositionstudios

SUMMER of SWATS - Naughty 18 yr old neighbor Spanked OTK- 2 Maddy Marks

Maddy is used to getting her way using her irresistible feminine wiles. She shows up at his apartment, expecting to score alcohol for her party later in the evening. She is invited into the living room and immediately thrown over his knee. Her dress pulled up to reveal her skimpy lace thong. His big hand smacked down on her tight young bottom as she protests. He will take advantage of this little arrangement to strip and punish the snotty 18-year-old to his hearts content

Corppun78 theotkgirl cornertime for naughty @assumethepositionstudios



Cornertime for naughty wife <3

The embarrassment of having to stand with your red, bare, freshly spanked bottom on display is all part of the punishment.

Original image from http:/:assumetheposition
Featuring Casey Calvert

Corppun78 figging is a great addition to a @assumethepositionstudios


Figging is a great addition to a spanking. I do this to my wife after a spanking for swearing. Having to stay in position with it in for 10-15mins.

Casey Calvert for

Mccprincess stern dominance leaving the tool @assumethepositionstudios



Leaving the tool of her punishment on her and letting her wait will keep your cunt guessing if you are done with her yet. 

Belts…. eek….❤👑🎀

Sweet little willow is stripped nude and bent over @assumethepositionstudios

Sweet little Willow is stripped nude and bent over the bed. Her poor little bottom has been spanked red and glowing, yet she is in for the final strokes of her punishment.  Surviving the first 24 was excruciating, the final 24 strokes will push her to the breaking point.  Her bottom is soothed with ice cubes before her final punishment begins, cooling the skin for maximum painful application.  The senior cane cuts through the air, sizzling welted tracks across her bare bottom. She bucks and moans in agony, yet they continue to punish.  Near the end, her panties are stuffed in her mouth to stifle her screams as she is ruthlessly caned.BEATEN TO TEARS, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, CANE WELTS, NUDE DISCIPLINE, SCOOLGIRL CANING, WILLOW LYNN, ASSUMETHEPOSITIONSTUDIOS

Alexinspankingland i got a nude paddling at atp @assumethepositionstudios


I got a nude paddling at ATP Studios :) 

Good old fashioned bare bottom belt whipping @assumethepositionstudios

Good old fashioned Bare Bottom Belt Whipping!

Christy Cutie, Casey Calvert, Joelle Barros, and dozens more featured models

The cure for the common clench plugged belt @assumethepositionstudios

The Cure for the Common Clench - Plugged Belt Whipping!

Warned there would be consequences if she continued to clench during her punishment, Goldilocks is fitted with a very snug plug for the remainder.  Her favorite belt beats down steadily on her shapely bottom as she moans and wiggles with delight. This is her very favorite belt, and she loves to be humiliated and plugged while she is belt whipped.  This belt is Just Right!

Alexinspankingland cute panties right from @assumethepositionstudios


Cute panties, right? From ATP Studios :) 

Bend over pretty girl <3

Bringbackthecane the penitents @assumethepositionstudios


the penitents 

Original content featuring Ginger Sparks from

I have a deep love for fine bespoke leather @assumethepositionstudios

I have a deep love for fine bespoke leather implements and the beautiful curves of a magnificent bottom!  My personal Correction Collection from and the lovely bottom of Casey Calvert

Goldilocks and the 3 belts starring christy @assumethepositionstudios

Goldilocks and the 3 Belts - Starring Christy Cutie

Christy exclaims petulantly “ I’m tired of having my bottom whipped!” She secretly loves one of the belts used long and hard on her bare bottom, but one of them is wayyyy too heavy and another, way too light and stingy.   Unable to tell them apart, she decides to hide them all, until Daddy comes home in the middle of her naughty plot!  Wasting no time in getting to the bottom of her naughtiness, he decides to beat her with all 3 belts, to find out which is her favorite.  Across the couch she goes, clothing her favorite stuffed teddy bear, for a lengthy belt whipping on her bare bottom with belt number ONE.

Marcus sir waiting for more christy cutie @assumethepositionstudios


Waiting for more

Christy Cutie for

Sahrye is ordered to remove her top and bra and @assumethepositionstudios

Sahrye is ordered to remove her top and bra, and present her bottom on all fours for the big paddle.  She lurches forward with the force of each swat, her beautiful bare breasts swaying.  The swats fall hard and fast as she moans in agony, obediently holding position.  Her pretty face contorts in pain as she bucks forward under the swats, her bottom swollen and red.

Suffer4me20 i think red is her color @assumethepositionstudios


I think red is her color.

Original image from  featuring Briella Knight

After school paddling dormitory discipline for @assumethepositionstudios

After School Paddling - Dormitory Discipline for Naughty Sahrye- 2

Sahrye submissively lays across his knee accepting her punishment as the Principal produces a weighted leather paddle. Cracking down, flattening her cheeks with impact, he begins a rythmic assault on her upturned bottom.  She begins to move her hips in time with the beat, rising to meet each blow, grinding out the pain of the swats. Her moans are deep, the color on her cheeks darkens with each successive volley of swats.  She is floating, accepting her punishment like a good girl.  Clutching the bedspread, crying out in agony as the swats fall the hardest.

Clips4Sale store # 44797

After school spanking for naughty sahrye @assumethepositionstudios

After School Spanking for Naughty Sahrye - Dormitory Discipline 1-5

Sahrye’s big beautiful eyes are downcast has she is lectured by the principal. Visiting her dormitory room for an after school spanking, a practice reserved for especially naughty girls. Outside of the confines of his office, he can punish wayward girls as long and hard as they deserve.  Clad in a tight polo shirt and pleated plaid skirt, obviously altered well past the school standards. Determined to get to the bottom of her behavior, she is ordered across his lap for a lengthy spanking, her skirt flipped up to expose her succulent cheeks.  His big hands alternate between her bouncing globes, flashing red in between swats.  She protests as her pretty round bottom is spanked hot and throbbing, writhing in faked distress as she enjoys the attention

An ode to the old fashioned razor strop a harsh @assumethepositionstudios

An ode to the old fashioned Razor Strop - A harsh instrument of Corporal Punishment - see the scenes at

Bondage art by assume the position studios @assumethepositionstudios

Bondage Art by Assume the Position Studios

Alexinspankingland me for atp the lovely @assumethepositionstudios


Me! For ATP!

The lovely Alex Reynolds presents the belt for me to whip her bottom. Featured on

Httpassumethepositionstudioscom maddy is @assumethepositionstudios

Maddy is staying with her Uncle and well aware of his strict behavior policies.  Any time she is in trouble at school, she can count on a lecture and another punishment at home before bedtime.   Obediently she changes into her nightie and reports to the living room.  Batting her eyelashes as she is scolded hoping for leniency.  Her silky panties reveal the results of her freshly spanked bottom.  Bending over obediently for Uncle’s Belt, the heavy leather cracks down on her punished flesh.  Her panties are lowered for a solid belt whipping all down her thighs. Ass added punishment it is decided that she will be paddled and sent to bed early.

Maddy marks @assumethepositionstudios

Maddy Marks

Poeticsir heated original image from @assumethepositionstudios



Original image from

Httpassumethepositionstudioscom when her @assumethepositionstudios

When her pants are pulled down to reveal her glowing globes of succulent flesh, begging for the bare application of the spoon and hairbrush.  She will kick and cry and beg him to stop, fearful that he will only spank harder and longer.  A lacy thong bisects her pretty peachy cheeks, pulled down to her thighs to remove any shred of modesty. Spanked hard on her bare bottom, punishment that won’t be over until she is blistered and sobbing


Up now at C4S - Store # 44797

Spankedbottomspics source assume the position @assumethepositionstudios


source: assume the position / model: christy cutie

Perfect round spankakle bottom punished in yoga @assumethepositionstudios

Perfect Round Spankakle Bottom Punished in Yoga Pants-

Her pretty little peach of a bottom encased snuggly in spandex yoga pants. Obediently laying over his lap for what will be an epic spanking till her bare bottom is blistered, swollen, and very sore.  Her bottom perfectly round and made for spanking, it’s no wonder she always finds herself draped over his lap for lengthy punishment.  Her cheeks bounce and jiggle under his heavy hand until he grabs the hairbrush and spoon to crack down hard and mercilessly.

Coming to Clips4Sale store # 44797

Daddy beats the tar out of me nude frat paddling @assumethepositionstudios

Daddy Beats the Tar out of Me - Nude Frat Paddling to Blisters - One

Christy knows when she is due for a good old-fashioned bare bottom blistering with daddy’s big frat paddle. Obediently bending over the bed, the first set of swats falls on her skintight leggings. She is ordered to remove her dress, bending topless over the bed. She clenches and screams as the big paddle cracks across her beautiful round spankable bottom. Soon her leggings are lowered to expose her bare glowing flesh.  The heavy paddle collides brutally with her swollen bottom. Moaning she fights to maintain composure as her bottom is cruelly paddled.  Second camera angle captures the pain on her face and her swaying breasts as she is punished. Gasping in agony, whimpering and moaning and crying she bravely takes her  beating.

Alexinspankingland alexinspankingland @assumethepositionstudios




Three years ago today, I did my first spanking video shoot for 

It was definitely severe, but the photos were also spectacular because I used to mark so much more easily than I do now. 

I loved shooting with ATP, and have done so many more times over the past three years. 

I’m looking forward to what my fourth year of spanking modeling will bring me! Here’s to many more adventures! 

I love the fact that this set still gets notes on it. 

Today was the four year anniversary of this shoot, and the start of my adventures as a spanking model! So much has happened. It’s been truly great. Plus, I can fit in that uniform again, with a little room, so I call this a win. 😻

Casey is stripped nude for added humiliation @assumethepositionstudios

Casey is stripped nude for added humiliation during her punishment. Obediently she positions herself over the arm of the couch with her bottom thrust upwards and her legs spread.  The big strap cuts through the air, colliding with her pretty bare bottom over and over.  Casey moans desperately, flushing bright red as the strap paints her skin.  When she clenches and attempts to close her legs, his voice firmly reminds her to spread as the heavy Prison Strap increases the effectiveness of her punishment.  The camera catches an intimate view glistening between her legs as she is beaten.

C4S STORE # 44797 Number ONE Spanking Clips Store

Bringbackthecane spankchristycutie @assumethepositionstudios




Casey Calvert

Finally,after all this time


Hhttpassumethepositionstudioscom hot and wet @assumethepositionstudios


Hot and Wet out of the Shower - Casey Calvert Spanked OTK, Chores before Playtime

Casey ignores her cleaning chores and goes to the pool in a skimpy bikini. Hoping to clean up and work on the house before her Daddy comes home.  She is caught getting out of the shower with wet hair in a tiny thong.  Pulled into the messy living room and straight across his lap for a spanking, protesting the whole time.  Her bubbly little bottom jiggles under the onslaught of stinging swats.  Wailing in distress, the swats get harder under her protest.  Flashing red flesh under his big hands, Casey wishes she had done her chores like a good girl, her pretty face scrunched up in pain as her bottom is spanked long and hard.  TWO cameras capture the best angles of pretty topless Casey as she endures her spanking.


Httpassumethepositionstudioscom caseys @assumethepositionstudios

Caseys Revenge - Spank, Fondle, Wedgies- Casey and Christy 3

Casey turns the tables announcing its Christy’s turn. Bending her over the edge of the bed with her bottom thrust out, pulling her cotton panties tightly up her crack. Her fingers fondle and caress in between spanks.   Christy moans and whimpers with wanton abandon as Casey attends to her needy bottom and pussy. A stiff red leather paddle stings her bottom as Casey pulls her panties tightly up inside.


Wedgiepalooza 2015 with her victim right where @assumethepositionstudios

Wedgiepalooza 2015-

With her victim right where she wants her, Christy pulls the thin cotton fabric taut over Casey’s bottom pussy. Gathering the fabric in her hand she pulls up tightly, Casey moans with appreciation. Back-and-forth they go until Christy takes control relishing her role of power over Casey’s nubile body. wedgies, swats, and plenty of erotic fondling leave nothing to the imagination

Httpassumethepositionstudioscom pretty in @assumethepositionstudios

Pretty in Pink- Bend Over Maddy

Maddy Marks comes home from the mall with a bag full of pretty new panties. After bending over and showing off her see through mini skirt, she is coerced into showing off her panties. Stripping them off provocatively, running her hand across her lithe young body, she tries on several pairs for his pleasure.  Bend over with her hands on the LoveSac she is paddled in two pretty thong panties with two nasty paddles!

Enchantress sahrye featured in varsity buns vol 4 @assumethepositionstudios

Enchantress Sahrye featured in Varsity Buns Vol 4- available for members at

Supernintendochalmers1982 i love this idea @assumethepositionstudios


I love this idea:

Made to hold still for cornertime, with the knowledge that if the paddle should fall you’ll be getting another dose.

Also Claire from Realspankings is lovely.

One of my all time favorite spanking models on my original favorite spanking site!

Boundbabe this smart mouth teen thought she @assumethepositionstudios


This smart mouth teen thought she should be permitted to wear a micro mini and fishnet stockings to school. Her daddy saw her coming home dressed this way and immediately took a paddle to her bare bottom.

From ATP studios

Ginger Sparks for

Sahrye otk paddling varsity buns the writing @assumethepositionstudios

Sahrye OTK Paddling - Varsity Buns - The Writing on the Bathroom Wall 2

Drifting blissfully under his heavy hand, her shorts are pulled down to her thighs. A tiny white thong pulled tightly into the deep crevice between her cheeks, allowing him full access to her bouncing round bubble butt. Lulled by the rhythm of his hand on her upturned bottom, she wishes she was in trouble more often at school.  Paddles are laid out in plain view, she can’t believe that he will dare to use them.  Maybe he just want to find out if the writing on the bathroom wall is true- firsthand.  She will use all of her  powers of persuasion to to make sure her punishment is pleasurable. Obediently she hands him the paddle, his warm hand replaced by excruciating swats.  Splat, Splat, Splat, wringing and crying out in distress as her pretty bottom is scorched under vigorous application of the paddle.


Updates on and C4S store 44797

Lots of hotness coming to @assumethepositionstudios

Lots of hotness coming to

Enchantress Sahyre Paddled by the Principal- Varsity Buns Series Four

Daddy beat the tar out of me sobbing prison @assumethepositionstudios

Daddy Beat the Tar out of Me - Sobbing Prison Strapping - Severe Corporal Punishment Two

Deep purple bruising and continuous sobbing as the heaviest Prison Strap is used harshly on her bared bottom.  Her lace panties are pulled down to center thigh, the big strap collides violently with her bared, swollen cheeks.  Gasping and whimpering, she collapses over the bed, sternly ordered to hold position. Properly presented, her bare bottom is strapped relentlessly as she begins to cry freely.  Angry purple bruising covers her shapely ass and thighs as Daddy beats the tar out of her.  Amazingly severe corporal punishment, lots of tears and bruising.

Clips4Sale store # 44797

Daddy beat the tar out of me razor strop one @assumethepositionstudios

Daddy Beat the Tar out of Me - Razor Strop -One

Christy is sent to her bedroom where she finds two leather straps waiting for her.  Ordered to pull up her dress, she nervously obeys and bends over the bed.  The RAZOR STROP is 22” of bridle leather, supple and punishing, with ends that bite in with each impact.  He swings with a measured rhythm, expertly cracking the the heavy leather across her jiggling cheeks.  Gasping, crossing her legs, pushing up on her toes to absorb the impact, she is well trained not to clench when she is punished.  She begins to cry out, moaning in pain, knowing that she is overdue for a beating.   Daddy will beat the tar out of her till she is thoroughly swollen, bruised, and exhausted from crying.


Caseycalvertxxx from atpspanking another @assumethepositionstudios


😇😈 from @atpspanking

Another lovely day with Casey Calvert over my lap <3

Stripped naked spread for strapping alex @assumethepositionstudios

Stripped Naked, Spread for Strapping- Alex Reynolds VB 3

 Crawling off his lap for him to inspect the state of her punished bare bottom, true to his cruel reputation he orders her to strip and bend over the couch.  Mortified with embarrassment, she positions herself over the arm of the couch, legs spread wide to take her strapping.  The heavy strap collides with her juicy cheeks, sending ripples with each stroke.  Gasps of pain are punctuated with cries as her beating intensifies.  Her juicy cheeks wobble, beginning to swell and bruise under his harsh attentions.  Full force cracks of the thick leather echo through his office as the cries are ripped from her.  She will be one sore and sorry little girl by then end of her beating.  In a brief moment of kindness, the Coach melts an ice cube on her sizzling skin, adding to her own inexplicable wetness.


Clips4Sale store 44797

Varsity buns alex sent to the coachs office @assumethepositionstudios

Varsity Buns- Alex sent to the Coach’s Office- Spanked for Immodesty in Phys Ed  OTK -One

Showing up for Phys Ed in a thin t-shirt and no bra get Alex sent directly to the Coach’s office for immediate discipline.  Lectured for her lack of modesty, he orders her to pull her shirt up so he can verify her braless condition.  Appreciating her shapely breasts, she is in for a lengthy punishment for her lack of modesty.  Over his lap in skimpy gym shorts for a flurry of swats before he pulls them down for more swats on her silky panties, and soon her bare bottom.

Now live on C4S link thought my website

Real naughty housewives caught in the kitchen @assumethepositionstudios

Real Naughty Housewives - Caught in the Kitchen episode One HD 720p

At the next door neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar is always her excuse. Little does her husband know that she is sneaking cocktails when she is forbidden to drink.  Coming home early, he ventures next door, surprising his naughty wife and her partner in crime.  Immediately, she is bent over the counter for a stinging spanking, pulling up her dress to reveal her scandalous bare bottom.  Scolding her for lack of panties, he demands the wooden spoon to beat her bottom properly for her indiscretions.


Link to clips at bottom of my website

Assumethepositionstudios @assumethepositionstudios


Website Launch!

Fantastic first year! Thanks for all the support from Tumblr fans :)

Assumethepositionstudios original image from @assumethepositionstudios


Original image from

No worries, go ahead and keep it up :-)

Surrender to the strap brutal prison @assumethepositionstudios

SURRENDER to the Strap- Brutal Prison Strapping-Razor Strop for Enchantress Sahrye HD 720p

After beating her ass and thighs and inner cheeks for 30 minutes solid with a heavy belt, he picks up two heavy straps to finish the job. A brutal Prison strap splats mercilessly across her bouncing cheeks. Deep moans of pain punctuated by cries as she is beaten. The razor strap is applied enthusiastically, forcing her to let go, trembling in agony. Her pretty face leaves little doubt, this is the beating of her life.PRISON STRAPPING, BEATEN TO TEARS, ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, ASSUMETHEPOSITIONSTUDIOS
Spankingbabesdaily spank that ass original @assumethepositionstudios


Spank that ass

Original image from
Featuring Christy Cutie

Onlyallfours via all fours 73 the lovely alex @assumethepositionstudios


via All Fours 73

The lovely Alex Reynolds Original image from

Giveherwhashedeserves you can tell your @assumethepositionstudios


You can tell your friends, if they misbehave in my house, they will receive the same.

Original image from

Gaynessandgeekery quick reminder to those who @assumethepositionstudios


Quick reminder to those who have forgotten…


Supernintendochalmers1982 spanked at school @assumethepositionstudios


Spanked at school means spanked at home, sweetheart. No exceptions. Now take your panties the rest of the way off and come lay over my lap.

Original image from

Naughty cheerleader caught under the bleachers at @assumethepositionstudios

Naughty Cheerleader caught under the Bleachers at Half time

Christy Cutie for