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Assumethepositionstudios @assumethepositionstudios


Website Launch!

Fantastic first year! Thanks for all the support from Tumblr fans :)

Assumethepositionstudios original image from @assumethepositionstudios


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No worries, go ahead and keep it up :-)

Surrender to the strap brutal prison @assumethepositionstudios

SURRENDER to the Strap- Brutal Prison Strapping-Razor Strop for Enchantress Sahrye HD 720p

After beating her ass and thighs and inner cheeks for 30 minutes solid with a heavy belt, he picks up two heavy straps to finish the job. A brutal Prison strap splats mercilessly across her bouncing cheeks. Deep moans of pain punctuated by cries as she is beaten. The razor strap is applied enthusiastically, forcing her to let go, trembling in agony. Her pretty face leaves little doubt, this is the beating of her life.PRISON STRAPPING, BEATEN TO TEARS, ENCHANTRESS SAHRYE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, ASSUMETHEPOSITIONSTUDIOS
Spankingbabesdaily spank that ass original @assumethepositionstudios


Spank that ass

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Featuring Christy Cutie

Onlyallfours via all fours 73 the lovely alex @assumethepositionstudios


via All Fours 73

The lovely Alex Reynolds Original image from

Giveherwhashedeserves you can tell your @assumethepositionstudios


You can tell your friends, if they misbehave in my house, they will receive the same.

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Gaynessandgeekery quick reminder to those who @assumethepositionstudios


Quick reminder to those who have forgotten…


Supernintendochalmers1982 spanked at school @assumethepositionstudios


Spanked at school means spanked at home, sweetheart. No exceptions. Now take your panties the rest of the way off and come lay over my lap.

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Naughty cheerleader caught under the bleachers at @assumethepositionstudios

Naughty Cheerleader caught under the Bleachers at Half time

Christy Cutie for

Missdixiecomet slut gets spanked until she @assumethepositionstudios


Slut Gets Spanked Until She Pisses Her Panties

Shocked when her sexual advances are rebuffed, Dixie soon finds herself bottom up over his lap. Scolding her promiscuous behavior as his big hand swats her creamy skin. Protesting loudly as she is held firmly in place and spanked hard while being gagged with her own thong. Bottom bruised already, Dixie is forced to put on full bottom cotton panties. Back over his lap she goes, whining the whole time. Smacks on her panty covered bottom are met with wails and pleas to go potty. Stubbornly, she takes her spanking, making no attempt to hold her bladder. Gushing with defiance, she gleefully soaks her panties as the spanks continue to fall. Her panties are yanked down for some well placed swats on her bare bottom as she is bears the brunt of his disgust. 

Time for another visit Dixie :)


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