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As The Wife Wishes @asthewifewishes

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We are a couple that is slowly entering a Female Led Relationship. She controls all the orgasms in the house, as she should. Posts are a mix of fantasies, wants, needs, desires and some real life pictures and accounts of our adventures. Enjoy the ride. We both are. What should happen before I get locked up November 9th? - As The Wife Wishes (@asthewifewishes)
Slavesmallerthan my sissy hole after some @asthewifewishes


My sissy hole after some intense fingering

Slavesmallerthan freshly unplugged after my @asthewifewishes


Freshly unplugged after my nightly training!

Slavesmallerthan my pretty pink sissy clitty @asthewifewishes


My pretty pink sissy clitty after a long night of impotence training with master ❤

Slavesmallerthan shaved my ass tonight what do @asthewifewishes


Shaved my ass tonight! What do you think?

Mrmrswoodman glory hole @asthewifewishes


glory hole fun - SUBMIT  -  ASK  -  ARCHIVE

Chaste sissy slut my first new caption in a @asthewifewishes


My first new caption in a while. Let me know what you guys think

M3tr0domme unlocked for an hour teased @asthewifewishes


Unlocked for an hour, teased relentlessly then locked back up, this is a power trip that is more sexually enjoying than anything I have ever done, feeling so powerful, How much longer can I deny him his release?

Mistressmg murseguy it is rather @asthewifewishes



It is rather embarrassing and thrilling when someone notices or remarks on it.

Yes it is my cupcake! ;)

Precious her ownedbyprecious a reminder that @asthewifewishes



A reminder that I’m caged tonight

Mistressmg would you spot the key in public @asthewifewishes


Would you spot the key in public? Would you know what is was for? Would you try to find the man following behind me knowing what was under his clothes? Such power is such a small piece of metal…

Mistress Macie

Asthewifewishes submissive sissy slut i @asthewifewishes



I scored 12, just two full orgasms a year and ten ruined ;-)

2 ruined for me. 

Asthewifewishes i was feeling pretty good about @asthewifewishes


I was feeling pretty good about myself after going to and seeing that I am almost up to Mr. Medium, while still falling short of the female ideals, but then I looked at the flaccid comparison. I guess 2” just doesn’t measure up. 


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