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Bald Black Beauties @baldblackbeauties

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A TUMBLR TO SHOW & CELEBRATE CONFIDENT WOMEN OF COLOR WITH LITTLE TO NO HAIR! Submitted Photos | Plus Sized | Mature (Age 35+) Beauties - Bald Black Beauties (@baldblackbeauties)
Sovnique ig missso @baldblackbeauties


Ig: @miss._so

Kirstenshielillustration im thinking of @baldblackbeauties


I’m thinking of starting a series called ‘Babes at Bus Stops’.

I am loving my baldness i was inspired by my @baldblackbeauties

I am loving my baldness. I was inspired by my father, who just passed away from lung Cancer. I told him I would shave my head when he start to loose his, but he did before I did it. Now here I am….and I Love it…..😁

Manufactoriel maya fuhr @baldblackbeauties


Maya Fuhr

G0dziiia shes only got eyes for me @baldblackbeauties


She’s only got eyes for me

Divalocity i see you lupita @baldblackbeauties


I see you, Lupita!

Thebaldmovement introducing ms chloe candace @baldblackbeauties


Introducing Ms Chloe Candace Hairston Wressell 

Hi my name is Chloe..I love the freedom of wearing my hair in a short barber cut..I have been rocking variations of this style for 10 is all by choice and I love it…

Thebaldmovement introducing karon obrien im a @baldblackbeauties


Introducing Karon OBrien

I’m a 44 year old wife and mother of two sons.  My decision to go bald was in 2011 after I had major surgery.  My husband shaved my head and my sons and sister supported me throughout my journey.  I love being bald and can’t imagine myself any other way.  Being bald is like being free. 

I love your website and keep up the awesome work. 

Blacboheme photographer courtney tucker @baldblackbeauties


Photographer: Courtney Tucker

Ceejaneoh skin glowing ig ceejayoh @baldblackbeauties


Skin glowing

IG: @cee.jay.oh

Blacboheme bazeynumberone beyondbeauti84 @baldblackbeauties


 @bazey_numberone @beyondbeauti84 @reeserozay 💋