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A TUMBLR TO SHOW & CELEBRATE CONFIDENT WOMEN OF COLOR WITH LITTLE TO NO HAIR! Submitted Photos | Plus Sized | Mature (Age 35+) Beauties - Bald Black Beauties (@baldblackbeauties)
Artbrains tiki instagram tikicaldwell @baldblackbeauties


Tiki | instagram: @tikicaldwell

Yattiyatti lets talk about keke palmers @baldblackbeauties


Let’s talk about KeKe Palmers effortless style💁🏾😍

Melaninhoe idk how to take pictures anymore lol @baldblackbeauties


Idk how to take pictures anymore lol

Neshanova92 just because blackout shorthair @baldblackbeauties


Just because #blackout #shorthair #doublechinandall

Entire galaxies when i was younger i used to @baldblackbeauties


When I was younger, I used to hate my body, and I believed lies that only held me down. I believed that I was too dark and too fat to be beautiful. I let that mentality stop me from a lot of things, things as small as laughing to loud to as big as not applying for certain jobs. I was in a self hate cycle until I decided that I didn’t want to live my life in the shadows of those lies. I wanted to live a full life. It’s been a hard road, and it continues to be struggle some days, still, but I’m learning to love who I am, even the parts that I hated. I love my big body, I love my natural hair, and I love my dark skin. And I thank movements like #blackout day that encourages this self love

Merraland black out @baldblackbeauties


Black out ☺️

Dopeempress rainbow springs @baldblackbeauties


Rainbow Springs 🌈🌊

Isismag too high fashion for yall what a @baldblackbeauties


Too high fashion for ya’ll

What a beauty!

Pastel pwussy hey wassup hello i decided @baldblackbeauties


Hey wassup hello!! 😁😘😂
I decided to put some clothes on, so here y'all go!
Boost meeeeeeee lmao

Lateriahope on the sea to nassua bahamas @baldblackbeauties


On the sea to Nassua, Bahamas. #Vacation

Stylelikeu i weighed 13 pounds when i was @baldblackbeauties


“I weighed 13 pounds when I was born, so I guess I’ve always been overweight. In preschool, I got teased so miserably that I would pretend to pass out so that I could go home. I would practice how to fall because I didn’t want to hurt myself. My mom thought there was something seriously wrong with me. I didn’t want to go outside. I found solace in my room, where I could paint, draw, and write stories. I was alone a lot. My father abandoned me, my mom was always working, and my step-dad made it clear that I was just his step child. When I started high school, I found a way to pretend that I was OK with being in my shell by always being the first to joke about my weight. It got to a point where I was making jokes when nobody was even thinking about it. My confidence was fake. To cloak how I was never comfortable in my skin, I would pack on layers. My mom got me to have gastric bypass surgery when I graduated, which is why I have a big scar above my belly button. I lost 100 pounds, but losing weight is an easy thing, it’s the mental weight that’s hard to lose. You have to be able to see yourself. Only now am I able to look in the mirror and think: You’re dope, you’re alright. I’m a work-in-progress, and I’m OK with loving myself in the meantime.”

– Stacy Barthe in today’s new episode of the What’s Underneath Project! For her full story, watch her video!

Desireeonwudiachi summer time bihhhhh @baldblackbeauties


Summer time bihhhhh.

Samira wiley for buzzfeed @baldblackbeauties

Samira Wiley for BuzzFeed

Arisjerome giannina oteto for aris jerome @baldblackbeauties


Giannina Oteto for Aris Jerome

Blackfashion daniele blogger ottawa on @baldblackbeauties


Danièle | Blogger

Ottawa, ON.

Tumblr :

Instagram & Twitter : @dmkontrast


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