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I'm a long time fan of the cancan. How can one with any sense of fun not be? If you share this interest, I would suggest you visit the online cancan community's hub site, Cancan Favorites and join the group. It is located at: Also, have a look at the community's two Blogger/Blogspot cancan sites, Club CCD and Classic Cancan: A note about this blog. I am a refugee from Multiply, which is closing down their blog and group operations. That's a real shame since they had a very good format for both. But life goes on. The initial postings to this site are things copied over from Multiply. When that task is completed, I will post new things of interest to fans of the cancan as I find them. The selection of the photos and videos posted here is meant as a high compliment to the dancers, costumers and photographers involved, but, if anyone objects to their photo or video appearing here, please leave a comment or email me and I'll take it down. I'd also like to add attribution to the unidentifed photos and videos, so please let me know that as well, and I'll give credit where credit is due. You can contact me at as barbebleu2012. You may want to use the search feature and tags to locate things. For example, a search for "le cancan bijou" will bring up the first 15 photos or posts on the site relating to that dance troupe. To see them all, go to an entry that has that tag and click on the tag there. Not sure why the search doesn't do that, but there's a work-around. A list of search tags used on this site appears on the page below called, Tags. The WOW! tab will take you to a page where I have collected images I thought were particularly striking. Great dancing, great photography, beautiful dancers. All the best and hope to hear from you at the sites, Barbebleu CLICK THE TABS BELOW TO ACCESS OTHER USEFUL PAGES ON THIS SITE. - Cancan Fan (@barbebleu)
Bandera texas wranglers roost saloon mayan dude @barbebleu

Bandera, Texas

Wranglers’ Roost Saloon, Mayan Dude Ranch frontier town 1950′s or early 1960′s

From this EBay auctioon;

Gina lollobrigida in beautiful but dangerous @barbebleu

Gina Lollobrigida in “Beautiful but Dangerous”

(Originally entitled, “La Donna Più Bella Del Mondo”.)

One of Spick’s classic cancan covers


href="" target="_blank"

The Old Fetish Magazines site has a very thorough collection of photos from and information about  the classic British pin-up magazines and the models who graced them.

The main site:

Cooling off from this delcampe auction @barbebleu

Cooling Off

From this DelCampe auction:,317407077,var,Carte-photo-Jolie-femme-sexy–Bas-Jupon-jambes-ecartees,language,E.html

Same model - later date?

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(scroll down for the famous Bal Tabarin set)

Spick and span one of their classic cancan covers @barbebleu

Spick and Span

One of their classic cancan covers


The Old Fetish Magazines site has a very thorough collection of photos from and information about  the classic British pin-up magazines and the models who graced them.

The main site:

Le caf conc matchbooks from the le chateau @barbebleu

Le Caf’ Conc’

Matchbooks from the Le Chateau Champlain in Montreal.

Available on EBay:

I wish there were more extant photos of this revue.

Taking the lead a more daringly costumed dancer @barbebleu

Taking the Lead

A more daringly costumed dancer takes center stage in this nice artwork by an unknown artist.

Retrogasm alice huertas best seat in the @barbebleu


Alice Huertas

Best Seat in the House

No place better.

Retrogasm oops the advantages and @barbebleu



The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hoop Skirts Illustrated

Lovethepinups ben hur baz encore 1940s @barbebleu


Ben-Hur Baz - “Encore” - 1940’s

Lunawoman two dancers in costume 1905 source @barbebleu


Two dancers in costume 1905 source etsy

The Thinkers

Wedding night cancan art by aslay or aspay @barbebleu

Wedding night Cancan

Art by Aslay or Aspay

Reblogged from Old Erotic Art:

Tackorama im ba ack source captain geoffrey @barbebleu


I’m ba-ack! [Source: Captain Geoffrey Spaulding.]

Watching the Watcher

The real show is behind the curtains.

A very pretty dancer models a costume from @barbebleu

A Very Pretty Dancer

… models a costume from Creazione Danza:

Coup de vent the vagaries of the wind a favorite @barbebleu

Coup de Vent

The vagaries of the wind - a favorite theme of Le Sourire magazine

These are from HPrints

See their entire collection of Le Sourire artworks with these and many other humorous prints at:

That wraps up the coup de vent series, at least for now.

Maudelynn vision of autumn la vie parisienne @barbebleu


Vision of Autumn; La Vie Parisienne Print c.1921 

Hoodoothatvoodoo illustration by vald es for @barbebleu


Illustration by Vald ‘Es

For Le Sourire


Hoodoothatvoodoo illustration by maurice @barbebleu


Illustration by Maurice Milliere

For La Vie Parisienne


Coup de Vent

The startled look is priceless.

Marilyns grandmother from le sourire magazine @barbebleu

Marilyn’s Grandmother?

From Le Sourire magazine, which delighted in such windy art

Lost link

Bundling up a traffic stopping move worthy of la @barbebleu

Bundling Up

A traffic-stopping move worthy of La Goulue

Art by Auguste Roubille for Le Sourire magazine

Available from HPrints: