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Bbw Selfies @bbwselfies

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Calling all plus size women. This site is here to share your natural beauty. Send in your selfies and show the world how proud you are of you bodies. We love your curves and want to see them. No glam shots here. Only real women with real bodies. Thank you’re ugly, send a shot in and see how wrong you are. Clothed, unclothed. Erotic or plain. All is required is your beautiful selfie. Ask me anything, nothing is off limits. And remember: SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT and SUBMIT SOME MORE. - Bbw Selfies (@bbwselfies)
Ive never liked my boobs but here ya go please @bbwselfies

I’ve never liked my boobs but here ya go.

Please, Please Please tell me why you don’t like something so beautiful. 

My sexy wife @bbwselfies

my sexy wife

Fetishkingqueen my lovely wife in the shower @bbwselfies


My lovely wife in the shower! If you like please reblog and follow us. We are always looking for new friends.

Mm8ss a gif of mistress m fingering her cunt @bbwselfies


a gif of Mistress M fingering her cunt and playing with her titties

A great set of pictures @bbwselfies

A great set….. of pictures

Shyhornyvirgin tumblr com @bbwselfies

Shyhornyvirgin tumblr com @bbwselfies 

Weve missed you so much @bbwselfies

we’ve missed you so much

Now thats a pair @bbwselfies

now thats a pair


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