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Bear Ass Naked @bearassnaked

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Hi I am Travis. I'm 41 and am comfortable with who I am. I try to be respectful of others. I'll generally answer any question asked with honesty and occasional wit. I take all my photos myself, with a tripod and camera. This is me. I'd like a bigger dick and more hair on my head then on my back but I didn't get that hand dealt. It should go without saying that this blog is NSFW 18 and up only. It's Naked pictures for fuck sake, with nice lighting. - Bear Ass Naked (@bearassnaked)
I dont like the lighting in this one shadows @bearassnaked

I don’t like the lighting in this one, shadows fell oddly. I might retake it later.

Good morning @bearassnaked

Good morning

Missing him @bearassnaked

missing him

Dark and stormy night @bearassnaked

Dark and stormy night

Wet beard @bearassnaked

Wet beard

Just realized that munderpants are on wrong side @bearassnaked

Just realized that m’underpants are on wrong side out. Better take them off.

New messengerlets try it out @bearassnaked

New messenger?…Let’s try it out.

These are quite snuggle worthy @bearassnaked

These are quite snuggle worthy. 

Bear butt @bearassnaked

Bear Butt

Toys are fun too @bearassnaked

Toys are fun too.

If you dont like to rim or get rimmed we cant @bearassnaked

If you don’t like to rim or get rimmed, we can’t be friends.

Look at that beautiful ass @bearassnaked

Look at that beautiful ass

Full frontal request i dont post many @bearassnaked

Full Frontal request. I don’t post many…

Hotel room @bearassnaked

Hotel Room

Heres one from this summer day after my 41st @bearassnaked

Here’s one from this summer. Day after my 41st birthday.

Finally able to get the new camera connected @bearassnaked

Finally able to get the new camera connected…

Bearassnaked getting or givingrim jobs are @bearassnaked


Getting or Giving..Rim Jobs are amazing.

Bearassnaked boy kisses @bearassnaked


Boy Kisses

Naked in another hotel @bearassnaked

Naked in another hotel

Naked diving just something to try @bearassnaked

Naked Diving. Just something to try.

Super @bearassnaked


I should be packing for my next trip @bearassnaked

I should be packing for my next trip.

Kilted @bearassnaked


In my own bed been traveling for months @bearassnaked

In my own bed. Been traveling for months.

Two balls two feet @bearassnaked

Two Balls Two Feet

Tummy tuesday @bearassnaked

Tummy Tuesday

Dirty feet and jock @bearassnaked

Dirty feet and jock. 

Have a great tomorrow @bearassnaked

Have a great tomorrow.

Good night boys @bearassnaked

Good Night boys.

Fa @bearassnaked