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Bear Films Brazil @bearfilmsbr

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Bears, chubbies, daddies, cubs, muscle bears... basically, hot men videos for download. - Bear Films Brazil (@bearfilmsbr)
Cant stop looking @bearfilmsbr

Can’t stop looking.

Guysthatgetmehard how you doin @bearfilmsbr


how YOU doin’?

Daddy love w ray stone and neo get it here @bearfilmsbr

Daddy Love (w/ Ray Stone and Neo). Get it here.

Lovely download here @bearfilmsbr

Lovely. Download here

New video marcelo buzz beautiful download it @bearfilmsbr

New video: Marcelo + Buzz. Beautiful. Download it here.

Cub love click here to see full post @bearfilmsbr

Cub Love. Click here to see full post.

Awesome click here for the full movie its hot @bearfilmsbr

AWESOME. Click here for the full movie (it’s hot.)

Bearslick i want to snuggle up in his chesthair @bearfilmsbr


I want to snuggle up in his chesthair

Buff see the full post here @bearfilmsbr

Buff. See the full post here.

Oh that ass see full post here @bearfilmsbr

Oh that ass… see full post here.

More bear love @bearfilmsbr

More Bear Love.

Posing like a real man @bearfilmsbr

Posing like a real man.

Hot daddy @bearfilmsbr

Hot Daddy!

Bear love click the video to download the @bearfilmsbr

Bear Love.

(Click the video to download the movie, you know the drill…)

How every men should be brawnymen perfection @bearfilmsbr

How every men should be.



Super bear @bearfilmsbr

Super Bear!

Damm click the photo to download the movie its @bearfilmsbr

Damm! Click the photo to download the movie. It’s free, don’t worry about.

Bo tucker and ben thomas click the photo to @bearfilmsbr

Bo Tucker and Ben Thomas. Click the photo to download the video.

It’s free, of course.

That ass bearpiss legs @bearfilmsbr

That Ass!!


Legs !!!!

Buff dude download his video here @bearfilmsbr

Buff dude. Download his video here.

Second look and video i love this guy @bearfilmsbr

Second look and video. I love this guy.

Male pulchritude study of red in red @bearfilmsbr


Study of red in red.

Bearchaser seambuster bigbigbears @bearfilmsbr





m all over it

(via largermen-deactivated20110214-d)

ummm…this fella just made my day. FUCKING. HOT.

Marcelo chuck @bearfilmsbr

Bear Love. More here.

Thats a hot dude check his video here its @bearfilmsbr

That’s a hot dude. Check his video here. (It’s free, no ads or anything.)

More bull love here @bearfilmsbr

More Bull love here.

Hot daddy download the video here @bearfilmsbr

Hot daddy. Download the video here.

Awesome justbulls beefy bulls @bearfilmsbr



Beefy Bulls

Beautiful @bearfilmsbr


Omg @bearfilmsbr


Blog post here @bearfilmsbr

Blog Post Here.

New movie johnny tim download blog post @bearfilmsbr

New Movie: Johnny & Tim

Download | Blog Post

New movie chubbies this time hot guys brandon @bearfilmsbr

New Movie! Chubbies this time!

Hot guys Brandon and Skyler, I don’t think i need to explain more right ;-)

Download it Here

Blog postHere

Bearchaser hes naked finally @bearfilmsbr


he’s naked! FINALLY!

New post guys at the lone star paxton hall @bearfilmsbr

New Post Guys!

At The Lone Star: Paxton Hall & Mark Bishop

Download it Here.

Blog Post

Justbulls hollywood bull @bearfilmsbr


Hollywood Bull

New post guys dwaine ceasar calderon more @bearfilmsbr

New Post guys! Dwaine & Ceasar Calderon! More here.

Some photos @bearfilmsbr

Some photos ;-)

Justbulls thick bulls @bearfilmsbr


Thick Bulls

Marco @bearfilmsbr

Marco (164MB)

Download Here

From requests again max sharp and jonah @bearfilmsbr

From requests (again ;-) ): Max Sharp and Jonah Dean

Enjoy and Download

From requests dwaine ceaser calderon enjoy @bearfilmsbr

From requests… Dwaine & Ceaser Calderon

Enjoy ^^ Download