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Bear in NYC @bearinnyc

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Big hairy bear guy living in NYC and loving it. Gay horny man into all kinds of guys. Have a great day job and am an artist on the side. This site is certainly NSFW and you MUST be over 18 to view. For mature audiences only. Pictures found here are mine or found on the internet. If you want anything removed, please let me know and I will take it down asap. Best. - Bear in NYC (@bearinnyc)
Total babe @bearinnyc

Total babe.

Bear love @bearinnyc

Bear love.

Have to admit it @bearinnyc

Have to admit it.

Husbear material @bearinnyc

Husbear material!

Lets do it @bearinnyc

Let’s do it.

Getting horny for himself @bearinnyc

Getting horny for himself.

Sexy brad @bearinnyc

Sexy Brad.

Need someone to replace this dildo @bearinnyc

Need someone to replace this dildo…..

In love with ty @bearinnyc

In love with Ty.

Hes nice @bearinnyc

He’s nice.

I want him in bed @bearinnyc

I want him in bed.

This is why i own kneepads @bearinnyc

This is why I own kneepads.

Makes me go woof @bearinnyc

Makes me go woof.

I want this huge cocked bear at my door @bearinnyc

I want this huge cocked bear at my door.

Rugby plump rump @bearinnyc

Rugby plump rump.

Texting out what hes got to offer @bearinnyc

Texting out what he’s got to offer.

Hot n horny @bearinnyc

Hot n horny.

Snapping his bubble ass @bearinnyc

Snapping his bubble ass.

Wow he could get me to do anything he wanted @bearinnyc

Wow. He could get me to do anything he wanted.

Cutie @bearinnyc