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Bear in NYC @bearinnyc

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Big hairy bear guy living in NYC and loving it. Gay horny man into all kinds of guys. Have a great day job and am an artist on the side. This site is certainly NSFW and you MUST be over 18 to view. For mature audiences only. Pictures found here are mine or found on the internet. If you want anything removed, please let me know and I will take it down asap. Best. - Bear in NYC (@bearinnyc)
Rock hard buff at the pool @bearinnyc

Rock hard buff at the pool.

Buff packed @bearinnyc

Buff packed.

Sexy buff man @bearinnyc

Sexy buff man.

Rock hard hunk @bearinnyc

Rock hard hunk.

Fucking hot buff man @bearinnyc

Fucking hot buff man.

Flexing in the car @bearinnyc

Flexing in the car.

Hunky roman on the beach @bearinnyc

Hunky Roman on the beach.

I want to join this hunky foursome @bearinnyc

I want to join this hunky foursome.

Sexy trio @bearinnyc

Sexy trio.

Sexy hairy buff hunk likes a party @bearinnyc

Sexy hairy buff hunk likes a party.

Buff hunks hanging out @bearinnyc

Buff hunks hanging out.

Stunning buff man @bearinnyc

Stunning buff man.

Sexy sweet buff hunk @bearinnyc

Sexy sweet buff hunk.

Buff hunk at the toilet @bearinnyc

Buff hunk at the toilet.

He knows hes got hot bod @bearinnyc

He knows he’s got hot bod.

Hard sexy hunk @bearinnyc

Hard sexy hunk.

This is man @bearinnyc

This is man.

Bill allen @bearinnyc

Bill Allen

Hairygingerman pride in paris @bearinnyc


Pride in Paris


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