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I'm shy, queer, and definitely NSFW. I mainly post about men who are "bearish," "chubby," "bullgoonish," "daddyish," "furry," and "beardy." A more personal blog can be found here: Wilbert72 . These blogs are more personal than my Wordpress Blog . There's also a naughtier version of this tumblog at BearMythology Fetishes . Thank you very much for visiting and I also welcome any submissions . - BearMythology (@bearmythology)
Be gentle with watersa83 @bearmythology


Be gentle. Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, indeed. I will be gentle in popping that heart balloon. :)

Bobbymarc uber sexy @bearmythology

So unbelievably huggable and infinitely cute. :)

Cute tumblr cub @bearmythology

Thanks, Buddy, for this money shot! :) Such an adoroble lad. :) And please help me with his name and link to his YouTube page…

Jock samson photoset @bearmythology

Here are screenshots from Jock Samson’s Deaf Wrestlefest promo video. Pretty sexyliciouslyhot, yes? :)

You must now fap to this @bearmythology

OMFG NO! On the first one.

OMFG HELLS YEAH! On the second one.

Elbrus nigmatulin @bearmythology


Strongman Bull

Elbrus Nigmatulin. Wow. And what are “safe sex condoms”? As opposed to “not safe sex condoms”? :D

Chris richards @bearmythology

Pro-wrestler, Chris Richards

Brettnexx photoset @bearmythology

That sexy underwear photo is from this amazingly cute guy: brettnexx. :)

Brettnexx unerwear @bearmythology

Oh my gosh. Very beautiful. Thank you so much, brettnexx! *drools/cuddles/licks/pounce/hugs*

Michael oher @bearmythology


Football Sunday: Michael Oher

Such a gorgeous man

Shirtless musclechub football @bearmythology

May I take the one on the left? Double rubber trash can it, please?

Contemporary queer photography @bearmythology

Contemporary Queer Photography

April 6 – May 27, 2012
900 12th Avenue • Seattle WA 981221

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, April 12, 6-8 pm
Lecture: Kelli Connell & Sophia Wallace, Friday, April 13, 6:30 pm

Artists: Adrain Chesser, Kelli Connell, Katie Koti, Molly Landreth, Steven Miller, Rafael Soldi, Chad States, Lorenzo Triburgo, Amelia Tovey, Sophia Wallace

Joey stern chest @bearmythology

Might as well post this Joey Stern FB photo as well. :D Unfortunately, his cute face has been covered up. Much sadness. :(

Bear photography @bearmythology

He’s so hot that I don’t even care that he’s wielding scissors nonchalantly.

Joey stern uniform @bearmythology


Joey Stern

New York, NY


Oh my goodness. Even cuter with clothes on!

Dark horse poster @bearmythology


3 Top Reasons to be excited for Dark Horse: 1. New Todd Solondz movie; 2. Selma Blair; 3. Jordan Gelber’s peek-a-boo furry chest.

#3 is the only top reason to see this. :)

Im totally humming george michaels faith at the @bearmythology

I’m totally humming George Michael’s Faith at the moment. Totally a handsome beefcake. :)

John goodman true stories animated gif @bearmythology


An attempt at Quimby-ism :)

Let’s reblog this. :)

Louis the bear @bearmythology




Musclebear near a hammock @bearmythology

It’s Hammock Time!

Bearded smile @bearmythology

Cute smile on such a ridiculously perfectly-groomed beard

Sean marquette @bearmythology

Sean Marquette in the upcoming stoner comedy flick, High School

Seidnernin @bearmythology



In the bedroom, on the computer, looking at internetz (Taken with instagram)

more followers here they come

Followed myself. :) And the internetz looks back in wondrous awe…

Cute guy winking in bed @bearmythology

Cuteness has reached redick levels

Jesse dangerously beard @bearmythology


This beard is taking over.

Soon all will be beard.

Guard your grill…

Uncle Jesse and his epic beard. :)

Panda bear caught in the act @bearmythology



What happens next???!!! :)

Unnamed pro wrestler 3 @bearmythology

Can someone please fund me with my idea of a Fantasy Pro-Wrestling Bear Restaurant/Bar? In other words, Hooters for Bears, except this one will have way better hooters. :)

Unnamed pro wrestler 2 @bearmythology

My unnamed pro-wrestler trapped in a cage. (I’m just fueling some wrongful fantasies here, fellas and gals.) :)

Unnamed pro wrestler 1 @bearmythology

I normally give as much as info as I can, but I will not do so with this one. I once posted about him from my Wordpress blog and he got completely livid and even threatened to sue me. But then again, I did post some personal photos that he had on MySpace (in my defense, his MySpace was open to the public). Then I apologized to him and he actually granted me an interview. I then forgot to post it and he wouldn’t respond back to me. I might have given mixed signals. :) But, anyway, just some growing blogging pains on my end… But, yadda, yadda, yadda, I just want to still share him with you guys. He’s definitely one of my favorite type of pro-wrestlers… So after this, I will post more photos of him without his name…

Mr saturday night michael barry and his tag team @bearmythology

Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry and his tag-team partner, Alan Steele, known as Genetic Perfection. Both are undoubtedly cute, but I like Alan Steele the most. :)

Mr saturday night michael barry @bearmythology

Pro-wrestler, Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry

Squat mckenzie screenshots @bearmythology

I got these screenshots of the beefy Squat McKenzie from Bear Hugging is definitely the theme of these screenshots. If I could choose my means of death, I will not think of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but rather a bear hug from a bear. Though as a twist of fate, I’d probably get hugged and mauled by a real fucking grizzly bear. :(

Squat mckenzie lookalike @bearmythology

The guy getting a BJ looks like one of the wrestlers I have been lusting over the past few years: Squat McKenzie. He was one of the few beefy wrestlers who was part of the now-defunct Pro Muscle Wrestling (PMW) video company. They catered to gay folks who enjoyed the eroticism of pro-wrestling. Most of their athletes/performers were the muscular twinks type, so it was always a cause for celebration and much huzzahs when one of these beefier beefcakes showed up. is a great resource/archive for these not-easily-forgotten hunks:

Tyler labines bulge @bearmythology


Tyler Labine in “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” - behind the scenes.. and the robe

Tyler Labine’s Bulge is a character in itself.

Beer belly advertising @bearmythology

From a YouTube video titled “Beer Belly”… [oac47b_2] Apparently, the US is not the only place that takes advantage of chubby guys’ bellies for free advertising and – joke’s on them – chub mockery.

Nice wallpaper there ive seen this strongman @bearmythology

Nice wallpaper there! I’ve seen this strongman before, but not in glorious HDR. Who is he?

Andoverchub bigboyslittletoys hot hot hot i @bearmythology



hot hot hot

I couldn’t agree more…yum!

Not even Buster Poindexter’s Hot Hot Hot is overpowering my auditory senses from lusting over this cute guy’s sexy pose.

Uncut beauty @bearmythology

Unrated, Uncut, Unbelievably Hot

Aghostwhorawkscawk @bearmythology


MARVELous pajama party pants.

Not only does aghostwhorawks rawk, he’s also sexy as hell. Musically-talented, has great tastes in films (Lynch, anyone?), and a damn fine writer (finish up that story, foo!). :D

Shower time @bearmythology


Shower time!

aseasonofpoison is a sweet guy. And also a hot guy. That’s a great combination. :)

Hand face tattoo @bearmythology

This is quite possibly very awesome.

Detrea 200 followers @bearmythology


I forgot to post something for hitting 200 followers. So, here, have a fat guy with his dick out.

This sexy guy needs 200 more followers. Please? :)

Bull hurley @bearmythology

Here’s a classic promo photo for Over The Top... I wanted to be that kid so badly when this scene showed up: a sweaty Bully Hurley coming over to you when, suddenly, you feel his massive hand enveloping your little hand. Right there, I just wrote a “sudden slashfic.” :D

Alan chunk jacobsen @bearmythology



It looks like it’s the “Wooden Spoon” for Allan “Chunk” Jacobsen!

Next Time, Baby! 

Rugged Rugby Daddy Bear

Musclechub omfg @bearmythology



Just by looking and without even trying, I already came.

Tiu football @bearmythology



Bless the football pants makers for making them look like undies.

Jessy dangerously @bearmythology


Evidence of the aforementioned shirtless rapping.

Oh wow. I will not only watch and enjoy the show, but I will also throw some dolla billz. :D It’s cool just how close you got. :P

Kasey studdard pointing at nipples @bearmythology

Kasey Studdard was once seen shirtless in some photo of a drunken Vince Young. This time, I found out that a few years before that shirtless incident, he was captured in a photo where he was allegedly drunk and pointing to his perky nipples.

Georgia southern football bears @bearmythology


(via stockyjocks)

Those shirts need to make a comeback.

Watersa83 and roxxie @bearmythology


Roxxie and I enjoying some movies on my day off.

That wilbert72 guy said that he liked watersa83’s tanktop… I agree. :D

Jesse dangerously scantily clad @bearmythology


Over five thousand views in the last week, but I really want more people to peep this video out!

Specifically - hey all you bear chasers!  Peep these photos - I’m in the video twice, and relatively scantily clad, wouldn’t you agree?

Also peep out Thesis Sahib (singing the hook) - that kid is furry.

Oh my gosh. Yes. Thank you. :D (EDIT: Video link)

Tim schafer @bearmythology


Tim Schafer of Double Fine.

[Kotaku uses this pic a lot for some reason]

They just want to use the goofiest photo they can take of him. But he’s looking sexy with that beard. This is Tim Schafer sans beard from my old PC Gamer magazine scans.

Kris dielman head @bearmythology

Kris Dielman had retired from the NFL due to a concussion. So it’s going to be awkward when I say that Kris Dielman has one of the sexiest heads in the NFL. :)

Here is an old post I made about Kris Dielman. (My “” has been cyber-squatted by GoDaddy and my new url is “” for those who’s been asking about my deleted Wordpress blog.)

Cub armpits @bearmythology




will ALWAYS reblog this. god DAMMIT.

Sometimes it’s nice to see an old favorite pop up. 

Where did this kid go?

I have probably liked/reblogged this a gazillion times. What’s another reblog? :)

Rubear1369 worrking out @bearmythology


Work out Bear

*melts* An an excellent shot with the sexy exposed armpits. :)

Ricky gervais touching louis ck moob @bearmythology

These are a few of my favorite things…

Beefy newyorkstraightmen model @bearmythology



Tumblr is already the best place for free porn. Why must I be seduced into paying for another service just to see this amazingly sexy stud? :D Anybody knows where else we might find him?

Yeasun lumberjack 2 @bearmythology


Tumblr split the pics up, so here is the rest of the set

My phone actually cooperated this time :) hehe 

Wood. That’s all I can think of. Wood. :)

Yeasun lumberjack 1 @bearmythology

A sexy straight guy who thinks gay people are awesome? That is truly awesome. :)

Larry the cable guy the tooth fairy 2 @bearmythology

I watched The Tooth Fairy 2 from beginning to end. I will now erase that knowledge from my memory. :D

Patton oswalt shirtless @bearmythology

Oh my gosh, what movie is this from? If it’s Young Adult, then I’m gonna kick myself from not getting it sooner. O_O

EDIT: Otakumon verified that it is indeed from Young Adult. Thank you! *big hugs*

Poe rilla rilla life @bearmythology



Damn. One of those looks that just catches your attention. Yes, it helped that he’s shirtless, bearded, and tattooed. :D These screenshots are from his music video: Rilla Life.

Sweaty musclemoobs @bearmythology


Bull Work-Out

Love it when the musclemoobs peek out from such a sweaty and skimpy tanktop. :)

Cello bear @bearmythology

“Cello? Is it me you’re looking for?”

Chubby bear getting a tattoo and about to get eaten @bearmythology

I would like to apply for a tattoo artist’s assistant whose sole job is to massage the naughty bits on chubby dudes to relax them while getting a tat. Strictly chubby guys of course. I have tastes and not a ho. :)

Jonny oc of liferuiner ill most likely look like @bearmythology


Jonny OC of Liferuiner.
I’ll most likely look like this in a few years.

Love how his black shirt blends in the black background.

Jonny oc shirtless with pal @bearmythology



Shirtless Jonny OC of Liferuiner

Football player exposed belly @bearmythology

Man, that is pretty hot indeed.

Nude bear with bears @bearmythology

Bears everywhere and very accentuated testicles. :)

Bear shirt tease @bearmythology

I so love the teasing part a lot more than the actual nakedness. :)

Musclebear in black and white @bearmythology

Who is this sexy brute?

Bruticub photoset @bearmythology

(via bruticub)

O_O Oh my…

Bruticub @bearmythology


thats where my heart is :D

:) You are seriously and deliciously beefy, sir.

Bear with accordion @bearmythology


(via imgTumble)

I’m so focused on the glistening sweat on his arm… Who is this sexy fella?

Scott hutcheson @bearmythology


why the hell aren’t you following me?! I started this damn blog!

The blog owner of fuckyeahchubbyguys… He’s 100% straight, but his personal blog is still pretty fun to check out. I can relate to his girl problems. :)

Daddy exposed shorts @bearmythology


Revealing Crouch

Instantly triggered Daddy Fetish

Musclepanda with glasses @bearmythology

Oh, hai! This musclepanda is so cute with glasses. Here he is without it. Where can we find more info on beef kalbi?

Nude bear in bed @bearmythology


Up in the clouds!

I’m salivating, just looking at the pic.

Iconic brute @bearmythology


Iconic Brute

No doubt. Truly an “Iconic Brute”…

Shirtless bear with beer @bearmythology


Handsome man! User submission from fourblackdoves.    

Thick, bald, sweaty, and holding a beer. Simply bonerific.

Pro wrestler kevin steen @bearmythology



Pro-wrestler, Kevin Steen… I always go bananas when pro-wrestlers would hang their armpits on the top ropes. Just saying. :)

Shirtless musclebull @bearmythology

Wow. At first, I thought it was morphed. If he was bald, he’d make a good Kingpin. :)

Jonathan daniel brown @bearmythology

So yeah, I think that I might have developed an instant crush on Jonathan Daniel Brown. :) Original video found here.

Saxybear pokeball @bearmythology


I’m in a good mood so thought I would share. GPOY #pokeballz

And some TMIs wouldn’t hurt, so u guys might get more

You guys, make sure to ask saxybear what’s behind that Pokeball. :)

Nude bear sitting down @bearmythology

Images like this just really makes me a fan of the bearish physique… How can you not be one?

Blue painted chub @bearmythology


Blue is sexy…

I’m suffering from blue balls myself…

Bear in a jacket in a contemplative mood @bearmythology

Drive - The uncut bear edition

Chubby bear dancing by the pool @bearmythology


wet and dancing

Or possibly auctioning himself for a one-night ecstasy… I’m gonna outbid y'all! :D

Asian musclebear relaxing in a bathtub @bearmythology

I’m gonna slurp him up, pho real! … *crickets chirping*

Cub and daddy doing something @bearmythology


No idea what the fuck’s going on here but they’re naked and that’s all that matters!

I have no idea either. Fascinatingly enough is that I’m mostly drawn to the young cub’s face and not his naked self…

Aerial view of a nude tease @bearmythology



Those erect nipples just add to the mystique of this wonderfully artistic shot. It’s like an aerial view of a lusciously seductive mountain…

Bear adjusting unit in jeans @bearmythology

(via scout72, enigmaticparadox)

It’s always hot seeing a husky guy adjusting his family jewels. It’s even more preferable if they actually unzipped their pants while doing so. :D

Nude bear panther tattoo @bearmythology

Panther tattoo about to pounce on that luscious cock. I don’t blame it. :)

Brendan @bearmythology


I believe I know who this is. I think his name is Brendan. Yet another prime example of insane Canadians.

When I was in Canada, I saw a handful of hot guys like Brendan. But, OMG, this Brendan in particular? *swoons*

Bxuto photoset @bearmythology



Oh my gosh, I finally got to see him nekkid. :) Is that his name? “Bxuto”?