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I'm shy, queer, and definitely NSFW. I mainly post about men who are "bearish," "chubby," "bullgoonish," "daddyish," "furry," and "beardy." A more personal blog can be found here: Wilbert72 . These blogs are more personal than my Wordpress Blog . There's also a naughtier version of this tumblog at BearMythology Fetishes . Thank you very much for visiting and I also welcome any submissions . - BearMythology (@bearmythology)
Be gentle with watersa83 @bearmythology


Be gentle. Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, indeed. I will be gentle in popping that heart balloon. :)

Bobbymarc uber sexy @bearmythology

So unbelievably huggable and infinitely cute. :)

Cute tumblr cub @bearmythology

Thanks, Buddy, for this money shot! :) Such an adoroble lad. :) And please help me with his name and link to his YouTube page…

Jock samson photoset @bearmythology

Here are screenshots from Jock Samson’s Deaf Wrestlefest promo video. Pretty sexyliciouslyhot, yes? :)

You must now fap to this @bearmythology

OMFG NO! On the first one.

OMFG HELLS YEAH! On the second one.

Elbrus nigmatulin @bearmythology


Strongman Bull

Elbrus Nigmatulin. Wow. And what are “safe sex condoms”? As opposed to “not safe sex condoms”? :D

Chris richards @bearmythology

Pro-wrestler, Chris Richards

Brettnexx photoset @bearmythology

That sexy underwear photo is from this amazingly cute guy: brettnexx. :)

Brettnexx unerwear @bearmythology

Oh my gosh. Very beautiful. Thank you so much, brettnexx! *drools/cuddles/licks/pounce/hugs*

Michael oher @bearmythology


Football Sunday: Michael Oher

Such a gorgeous man

Shirtless musclechub football @bearmythology

May I take the one on the left? Double rubber trash can it, please?

Contemporary queer photography @bearmythology

Contemporary Queer Photography

April 6 – May 27, 2012
900 12th Avenue • Seattle WA 981221

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, April 12, 6-8 pm
Lecture: Kelli Connell & Sophia Wallace, Friday, April 13, 6:30 pm

Artists: Adrain Chesser, Kelli Connell, Katie Koti, Molly Landreth, Steven Miller, Rafael Soldi, Chad States, Lorenzo Triburgo, Amelia Tovey, Sophia Wallace

Joey stern chest @bearmythology

Might as well post this Joey Stern FB photo as well. :D Unfortunately, his cute face has been covered up. Much sadness. :(

Bear photography @bearmythology

He’s so hot that I don’t even care that he’s wielding scissors nonchalantly.

Joey stern uniform @bearmythology


Joey Stern

New York, NY


Oh my goodness. Even cuter with clothes on!

Dark horse poster @bearmythology


3 Top Reasons to be excited for Dark Horse: 1. New Todd Solondz movie; 2. Selma Blair; 3. Jordan Gelber’s peek-a-boo furry chest.

#3 is the only top reason to see this. :)

Im totally humming george michaels faith at the @bearmythology

I’m totally humming George Michael’s Faith at the moment. Totally a handsome beefcake. :)

John goodman true stories animated gif @bearmythology


An attempt at Quimby-ism :)

Let’s reblog this. :)