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I'm shy, queer, and definitely NSFW. I mainly post about men who are "bearish," "chubby," "bullgoonish," "daddyish," "furry," and "beardy." A more personal blog can be found here: Wilbert72 . These blogs are more personal than my Wordpress Blog . There's also a naughtier version of this tumblog at BearMythology Fetishes . Thank you very much for visiting and I also welcome any submissions . - BearMythology (@bearmythology)
Be gentle with watersa83 @bearmythology


Be gentle. Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, indeed. I will be gentle in popping that heart balloon. :)

Bobbymarc uber sexy @bearmythology

So unbelievably huggable and infinitely cute. :)

Cute tumblr cub @bearmythology

Thanks, Buddy, for this money shot! :) Such an adoroble lad. :) And please help me with his name and link to his YouTube page…

Jock samson photoset @bearmythology

Here are screenshots from Jock Samson’s Deaf Wrestlefest promo video. Pretty sexyliciouslyhot, yes? :)

You must now fap to this @bearmythology

OMFG NO! On the first one.

OMFG HELLS YEAH! On the second one.

Elbrus nigmatulin @bearmythology


Strongman Bull

Elbrus Nigmatulin. Wow. And what are “safe sex condoms”? As opposed to “not safe sex condoms”? :D

Chris richards @bearmythology

Pro-wrestler, Chris Richards

Brettnexx photoset @bearmythology

That sexy underwear photo is from this amazingly cute guy: brettnexx. :)

Brettnexx unerwear @bearmythology

Oh my gosh. Very beautiful. Thank you so much, brettnexx! *drools/cuddles/licks/pounce/hugs*

Michael oher @bearmythology


Football Sunday: Michael Oher

Such a gorgeous man

Shirtless musclechub football @bearmythology

May I take the one on the left? Double rubber trash can it, please?

Contemporary queer photography @bearmythology

Contemporary Queer Photography

April 6 – May 27, 2012
900 12th Avenue • Seattle WA 981221

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, April 12, 6-8 pm
Lecture: Kelli Connell & Sophia Wallace, Friday, April 13, 6:30 pm

Artists: Adrain Chesser, Kelli Connell, Katie Koti, Molly Landreth, Steven Miller, Rafael Soldi, Chad States, Lorenzo Triburgo, Amelia Tovey, Sophia Wallace

Joey stern chest @bearmythology

Might as well post this Joey Stern FB photo as well. :D Unfortunately, his cute face has been covered up. Much sadness. :(

Bear photography @bearmythology

He’s so hot that I don’t even care that he’s wielding scissors nonchalantly.

Joey stern uniform @bearmythology


Joey Stern

New York, NY


Oh my goodness. Even cuter with clothes on!

Dark horse poster @bearmythology


3 Top Reasons to be excited for Dark Horse: 1. New Todd Solondz movie; 2. Selma Blair; 3. Jordan Gelber’s peek-a-boo furry chest.

#3 is the only top reason to see this. :)

Im totally humming george michaels faith at the @bearmythology

I’m totally humming George Michael’s Faith at the moment. Totally a handsome beefcake. :)

John goodman true stories animated gif @bearmythology


An attempt at Quimby-ism :)

Let’s reblog this. :)

Louis the bear @bearmythology




Musclebear near a hammock @bearmythology

It’s Hammock Time!

Bearded smile @bearmythology

Cute smile on such a ridiculously perfectly-groomed beard

Sean marquette @bearmythology

Sean Marquette in the upcoming stoner comedy flick, High School

Seidnernin @bearmythology



In the bedroom, on the computer, looking at internetz (Taken with instagram)

more followers here they come

Followed myself. :) And the internetz looks back in wondrous awe…

Cute guy winking in bed @bearmythology

Cuteness has reached redick levels

Jesse dangerously beard @bearmythology


This beard is taking over.

Soon all will be beard.

Guard your grill…

Uncle Jesse and his epic beard. :)

Panda bear caught in the act @bearmythology



What happens next???!!! :)

Unnamed pro wrestler 3 @bearmythology

Can someone please fund me with my idea of a Fantasy Pro-Wrestling Bear Restaurant/Bar? In other words, Hooters for Bears, except this one will have way better hooters. :)

Unnamed pro wrestler 2 @bearmythology

My unnamed pro-wrestler trapped in a cage. (I’m just fueling some wrongful fantasies here, fellas and gals.) :)

Unnamed pro wrestler 1 @bearmythology

I normally give as much as info as I can, but I will not do so with this one. I once posted about him from my Wordpress blog and he got completely livid and even threatened to sue me. But then again, I did post some personal photos that he had on MySpace (in my defense, his MySpace was open to the public). Then I apologized to him and he actually granted me an interview. I then forgot to post it and he wouldn’t respond back to me. I might have given mixed signals. :) But, anyway, just some growing blogging pains on my end… But, yadda, yadda, yadda, I just want to still share him with you guys. He’s definitely one of my favorite type of pro-wrestlers… So after this, I will post more photos of him without his name…

Mr saturday night michael barry and his tag team @bearmythology

Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry and his tag-team partner, Alan Steele, known as Genetic Perfection. Both are undoubtedly cute, but I like Alan Steele the most. :)

Mr saturday night michael barry @bearmythology

Pro-wrestler, Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry

Squat mckenzie screenshots @bearmythology

I got these screenshots of the beefy Squat McKenzie from Bear Hugging is definitely the theme of these screenshots. If I could choose my means of death, I will not think of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but rather a bear hug from a bear. Though as a twist of fate, I’d probably get hugged and mauled by a real fucking grizzly bear. :(

Squat mckenzie lookalike @bearmythology

The guy getting a BJ looks like one of the wrestlers I have been lusting over the past few years: Squat McKenzie. He was one of the few beefy wrestlers who was part of the now-defunct Pro Muscle Wrestling (PMW) video company. They catered to gay folks who enjoyed the eroticism of pro-wrestling. Most of their athletes/performers were the muscular twinks type, so it was always a cause for celebration and much huzzahs when one of these beefier beefcakes showed up. is a great resource/archive for these not-easily-forgotten hunks:

Tyler labines bulge @bearmythology


Tyler Labine in “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” - behind the scenes.. and the robe

Tyler Labine’s Bulge is a character in itself.

Beer belly advertising @bearmythology

From a YouTube video titled “Beer Belly”… [oac47b_2] Apparently, the US is not the only place that takes advantage of chubby guys’ bellies for free advertising and – joke’s on them – chub mockery.

Nice wallpaper there ive seen this strongman @bearmythology

Nice wallpaper there! I’ve seen this strongman before, but not in glorious HDR. Who is he?

Andoverchub bigboyslittletoys hot hot hot i @bearmythology



hot hot hot

I couldn’t agree more…yum!

Not even Buster Poindexter’s Hot Hot Hot is overpowering my auditory senses from lusting over this cute guy’s sexy pose.

Uncut beauty @bearmythology

Unrated, Uncut, Unbelievably Hot

Aghostwhorawkscawk @bearmythology


MARVELous pajama party pants.

Not only does aghostwhorawks rawk, he’s also sexy as hell. Musically-talented, has great tastes in films (Lynch, anyone?), and a damn fine writer (finish up that story, foo!). :D

Shower time @bearmythology


Shower time!

aseasonofpoison is a sweet guy. And also a hot guy. That’s a great combination. :)

Hand face tattoo @bearmythology

This is quite possibly very awesome.

Detrea 200 followers @bearmythology


I forgot to post something for hitting 200 followers. So, here, have a fat guy with his dick out.

This sexy guy needs 200 more followers. Please? :)

Bull hurley @bearmythology

Here’s a classic promo photo for Over The Top... I wanted to be that kid so badly when this scene showed up: a sweaty Bully Hurley coming over to you when, suddenly, you feel his massive hand enveloping your little hand. Right there, I just wrote a “sudden slashfic.” :D

Alan chunk jacobsen @bearmythology



It looks like it’s the “Wooden Spoon” for Allan “Chunk” Jacobsen!

Next Time, Baby! 

Rugged Rugby Daddy Bear

Musclechub omfg @bearmythology



Just by looking and without even trying, I already came.

Tiu football @bearmythology



Bless the football pants makers for making them look like undies.