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Bears, Cubs, and Other Manly Beasts @bearscubsbeasts

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Be 18 years of age or older or leave. Photo blog of my favorite sexy pictures. Fetishes: Bears/Cubs Daddies Ethnic Men Public Nudity/Sex Speedos/Thongs/G-Strings Tan-lines Oral Groups Longhair/Hippies If you see a picture of yourself you do not wish to be posted, ask me, and I will simply remove it. I will accept submissions from anyone who would like me to post their pictures! - Bears, Cubs, and Other Manly Beasts (@bearscubsbeasts)
Chubsandchubs en serio @bearscubsbeasts


En serio.

Chubsandchubs embrujo @bearscubsbeasts



Chubsandchubs desmelenado @bearscubsbeasts



Jadesword this is my 200 followers celebration @bearscubsbeasts


This is my 200 followers celebration post o/////o (which by now has been going over 200 and i don’t think i have ever imagined to have this many followers and I’ve also made wonderful friends through tumblr)

Come and wrestle me :3

Thank you everyone for following me.

Jadesword jadesword its been a while since i @bearscubsbeasts



Its been a while since i showed my self. Well my whole body that is so I did a few photo’s ;)

reblogging cause just because ;)

Jadesword forgive me tumblr @bearscubsbeasts


Forgive me tumblr friends/followers/strangers or however we might be interacting so here are some photo’s I took to make it up to you all :D.

I ask for forgiveness first, second then i demand it and as a last resort umm seduce you? :P i dunno.

A brief telling why i was gone. First I had to move out of my student apartment that took a few days and a quite a few drives from and to my parents, I’m still recovering from all the driving and lifting so exhausting.

In these last few days my brother and sister inlaw got a baby daughter :D yaaaay. So I’m am now an uncle weeeeeeeeeee :D :D :D.

I also want o thank my followers for putting it up with me and my silly blog and for still following me ;)

Jadesword this is the last set of photos out of @bearscubsbeasts


This is the last set of photos out of 4 sets . So anyone wanna crawl into bed with me :3

set 1 = 3 photo

set 2 = 2 photo

set 3 = 2 photo

set 4 = 2 photo

Cubbyrob rangecubby things i am this @bearscubsbeasts



Things I am this morning: Incredibly horny.

I’d love to rim that

Imshaych yummy imhereforthemen i think @bearscubsbeasts




I think I might be coming back to tumblr soon…

I sure hope so! 


Stocky men guys aboyneedshisdaddy daddy had @bearscubsbeasts



Daddy had been taking me to the nude beach since I was a little boy, so seeing men’s bodies had never been a big deal.  But when I knelt between Marty’s legs and rubbed sunscreen on him, that changed.

Big, strong and sexy men
Stocky Men & Guys


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