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A blog dedicated to beautiful Black men, all around the globe. From celebs to models to even the guy next door! We see you, we appreciate you and love you beautiful black men. Also including: Mens culture, fashion, news, topics, advice, and so much more.... - Beautiful Black Men (@beautifulblackmen)
Fukkkres safety boy tell em @beautifulblackmen


safety boy tell ‘em

Dreamshappenhere anyone in nyc looking to work @beautifulblackmen


Anyone in NYC looking to work with a dope professional photographer hit him up!

Photo by: nikxofficial

Blackfashion osi 21 new york photographed @beautifulblackmen


Osi, 21, New York




Goldenmamii goldenmamii @beautifulblackmen


goldenmamii 💸🌴

Godgazi tbt i didnt move to la to be a @beautifulblackmen


#TBT I didn’t move to LA to be a modeling agent. I moved to LA for my dream to become a comedian and to have my own show. Being a modeling agent gave me great connections. I was signed with Madonna’s talent agency and through them I got casted to have my own show! Needless to say I was swimming in money. Being a coon pays well…and I was paid very well dahling lol. I filmed a few pilot clips for them to shop around. While I was waiting they gave me a shit load of more money to live on lol. During this time I started to get more interested in the world around me. After the Trayvon Martin case I lost it. The Revolutionary fire that my parents put inside me ignited again. I started to relive the death of my High school friend who was killed by a pig all over again. I snapped! I started protesting, marching, organizing, and reading. I didn’t hear back about the pilot but I didn’t care cause i was so into the revolution. A week after I got back from Ferguson I got a call. It was my talent agent. She told me the show got picked up by Disney. She said they did background on me and wanted me to delete all my videos go back to my slave name and pretend like that part of my life never happened. If anyone asked about it to just say I was suffering from depression or bipolar or some shit. I hung up the phone and blocked her number. I literally hung up on a dream that I’ve had since I was a child. Ever since I saw Chris Rock host the 1999 MTV awards this is all I ever wanted to do. It was the best decision of my life and I’ve never looked back…until recently. My mother’s bday is coming up. I used to buy her the most amazing bday and mothers day gifts. Shoes, bags, jewelry, perfume, apple tech. I mean you name it I bought it for her. I don’t miss the money but I do miss being able to help my mom out whenever she needed. I do miss sending her flowers. I do miss treating my mother like the Queen that she is. I can’t get you anything this year mommie. I know you don’t fully agree with my Revolutionary stance. I hope you know I can’t buy you David Yurman but I’m fighting like hell for your freedom. Love you mommie.

Blackfashion model deshon leek 19 submitted @beautifulblackmen


Model: Deshon Leek, 19 

Submitted by:


Briannaroye jesse boykins iii at afropunk 15 @beautifulblackmen


Jesse Boykins III at afropunk  ‘15
by Brianna Roye

Equatorproductions the shirt says it all @beautifulblackmen


The shirt says it all| #AfroPunk
#AnthonyPrince (at Afro-Punk Festival)

Scarlettviewphotography a man and his guitar @beautifulblackmen


A man and his guitar: Thundercat at afropunk Fest 2015.

Hightopsxheels your favorite barbers favorite @beautifulblackmen


Your favorite barber’s favorite barber 💈 #HightopsandHeels
#HTxH #afropunk #afro #afrohair #afrobarber #afrotherapy #mensstyle #frolife #fro #afropunkfest #Brooklyn #NYC #streetwear #fortgreene (at Commodore Barry Park)

Nichelle laid out afropunk afropunk15 @beautifulblackmen


Laid out #AFROPUNK #afropunk15 #melanin #blackbody #tribalprint 📷: @jai_florez by kellyrowlandblunts

Hightopsxheels bedstuy in the building @beautifulblackmen


Bedstuy in the building #HightopsandHeels

#HTxH #afropunk #afro #afrohair #dreads #afropunkfest #Brooklyn #NYC #streetwear #fortgreene (at Commodore Barry Park)

Nichelle afropunk afropunkfest15 @beautifulblackmen


#afropunk #afropunkfest15 #afropunkfest15takeover by kashifpowellphotography

Ig kiingkawaii sc pharaohashim @beautifulblackmen

Ig: kiingkawaii ☆sc: pharaohashim 

Name zino @beautifulblackmen

Name: Zino

Bradwalrond afropunk blackmen africanfashion @beautifulblackmen


#afropunk #blackmen #africanfashion #africanculture

Sleepybrowne 70s flare @beautifulblackmen


70’s Flare

Thejasperaesthetic via afropunk dude i want @beautifulblackmen


via @afropunk 

dude i want those glasses. Boykins lookin fly and proudly black af

Truedanizig the beautiful humans of afropunk @beautifulblackmen


The beautiful humans of @afropunk in their own words today on @bustle ! 📷: @ohmiamore (at Afropunkfest)

Nichelle afropunk afropunknyc @beautifulblackmen


#AfroPunk #afropunknyc #afropunkfest2015 #klofoto #afropunkfashion by klofoto

Byrellthegreat byrell the great @beautifulblackmen


Byrell The Great

Thewhitelining joshua kissi at afropunk @beautifulblackmen


Joshua Kissi at AfroPunk

Straightouttacomptonmovie thank you for making @beautifulblackmen


Thank you for making Straight Outta Compton‬ the number one movie for two weeks in a row!

Villainloveshero adonis yassine @beautifulblackmen



Kumokelly let me be great jay z @beautifulblackmen


Let Me Be Great! © Jay z

Andyswarhol andyswarhol polaroids of @beautifulblackmen



polaroids of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Andy Warhol, 1980’s.

Which one would you choose @beautifulblackmen

Which one would you choose?