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Sissy and forced feminization captions. All scenarios are pure fantasy. Only suitable for adults. - The Bellefair Institute (@bellefair-institute)
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Please do reblog or like if you’re male and this is a fantasy of yours. I’d like to gauge how much interest there is in FinDom out there.

Come on boys, don’t be shy. Just for science, no strings attached …

Subby lil boy cuckolding girlfriends love @bellefair-institute


Cuckolding girlfriends love their lives

Ever seen a cuckoldress unhappy? I mean genuinely unhappy, not just haughty with her cuckold for being a loser? No, it doesn’t happen. She’s got it made!

Her cuck treats her like a Goddess, lavishing her with gifts and compliments, not least his pathetic attempts at getting an erection in his chastity tube, a constant reminder of her irresistible sexuality. And he loves her too. Genuine, unadulterated, all encompassing, unrequited love. The type that blinds his better judgement, and stokes her ego to blinding levels. She knows he’s absolutely smitten and revels in his devotion.

And her ex pleases her sexually. Filling her up with big fat cock whenever she needs it, sometimes in the cuck’s bed, if he’s lucky.

No soul-destroying break ups for her. Just a string of men and boys she’s chewed up and spat out along the way. The boys who didn’t ‘measure up’ and were heartlessly dumped, something she constantly reminds her lovesick little cuck. The sexiest men, the ones with the biggest dicks, were let down gently, and their numbers stored in her phone. She’d call them up whenever she needed dick, and they’d be there in minutes, relishing the no strings sex with such a sexy minx. So what if her weedy boyfriend sometimes watched? She always had him tied down or locked up. It was hilarious.

And the cherry on the top? Having her girlfriend come over to babysit her cuck whilst she’s out on her dates. Her girlfriend loves laughing at him too, teasing him about being a wimpy little wanker, but unable to do it because he’s locked up. “Ahh, do you want to jerk off?” She coos, imitating his little hand. “Too bad,” she giggles, “I don’t have the key. You can come over here and rub my feet though.” They both know that’ll make him strain in his cage too, but it’s the only time he’ll get to touch a woman this week, so he jumps at the chance. Another hottie’s ego fed in the process.

Please do reblog or like if youre male and this @bellefair-institute

Please do reblog or like if you’re male and this is a fantasy of yours. I’d like to gauge how much interest there is in FinDom out there.

Another experiment in new fantasy magazine titles @bellefair-institute

Another experiment in new fantasy magazine titles. Design rather sloppy but I like the concept. Let me know if you agree and I’ll make more.

The google trends are pretty clear interest in @bellefair-institute

The Google trends are pretty clear - interest in cuckolding and chastity are rising, and that rise is quickening in pace. 

Believe me you wont regret this he might @bellefair-institute

“Believe me - you won’t regret this. He might …”

“Yeah but if that happens you’ll just let me out, won’t you darling?”


Perfectly expertly ruined @bellefair-institute

Perfectly, expertly ruined.

I like the expression on her face im not doing @bellefair-institute

I like the expression on her face. “I’m not doing this for fun, you know.” Yeah, right.

Mistressursular i just love our friday night @bellefair-institute


I just love our Friday night, after work, get together. Just the girls, with their males. We talk about our week, or gossip, or just shoot the breeze. Sometimes we’ll talk about our plans for the weekend, or what new techniques or training we have in mind for our slaves. Sometimes the males get very excited when hearing about this, and we have to take them over out knee to calm them down, usually by someone who is not his owner. Otherwise, the boys can be very entertaining, they french kiss for us, play with other for us, or maybe if someone really needs to be taught a lesson, his owner may have him go down on everyone, and when I say everyone, it’s everyone of the other males. There is nothing like forcing a man to give a blow-job, to remind him what his place is. Of course the night ends with each male servicing every Women in what ever way she wants. Like I said, I just love our Friday night, after work, get together.

Princessandherpuppy chien de nadya princess @bellefair-institute



Princess Nicoline Inspects CB3000 - Day 7 !! 
The slave really hates his chastity tube, he is whining about being in for a week with out release. Princess Nicoline  let him out and got him really hard teasing him and taunting him. His small cock gets so hard, but just to increase his agony and frustration  …. because the little thing must go back in the locked cage.

s - yes please, so hot, so fucking owned, so controlled, so desperate

Still experimenting with new fantasy magazine @bellefair-institute

Still experimenting with new fantasy magazine concepts. Feedback welcome.

Faontk how to make your wife or girlfriend @bellefair-institute


How to make your wife or girlfriend interested in femdom #1

If you have ever wondered how you can make your wife or girlfriend dominate you, here is a great tip how do to it right. Many submissive males fail to make their wives interest in femdom because they introduce their fantasy wrongly.

Understanding female domination is the key word to success. Many submissive males focus on the technical side of the fantasy rather than the emotional or psychological side of the submission.

Before you make any attempt follow the below rules:

  •     Be patient, never rush her. Lose any demanding attitude
  •     Never pledge her to do things she does not want to do
  •     Give her the time to find what she feels about domination
Laotk reducing the frequency of orgasms @bellefair-institute


Reducing the frequency of orgasms

Reducing the frequency of orgasms by the male will have a substantial effect on his sexual ardor and the focus of that sexual ardor, which will be his wife/significant. This means the male should avoid masturbation. 

In the beginning, the male should go without orgasm for at least several days at a time, extending over time to 1 to 4 weeks, depending upon a number of other variables. There is powerful biochemistry at work when orgasm frequency is reduced. There is a steady build-up in Dopamine (the desire and pleasure neurotransmitter) and Oxytocin (the bonding or devotion neurotransmitter). Orgasm releases a flood of dopamine which is immediately disposed of by a release of Prolactin leaving the male in a depressed Dopamine condition for a week or more.

An unimportant event fails to hold attention @bellefair-institute

An unimportant event fails to hold attention.

Writing lines is a very good punishment and @bellefair-institute

Writing lines is a very good punishment. And penmanship matters, girls!

Slut for sissification sissymaids sissy @bellefair-institute



Sissy Candy - ~ model for

It looks like Sissy Candy has the perfect life!