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Strictly adults only. That means 18+. Sissy and forced feminization captions. All scenarios are pure fantasy. Happy to answer questions. - The Bellefair Institute (@bellefair-institute)
I know some of you dont like medical themes but @bellefair-institute

I know some of you don’t like medical themes. But it’s been ages since I did one.

Im pretty sure ive done a caption very similar @bellefair-institute

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a caption very similar to this in the past, but who cares. After more than 500 some reheating is inevitable.

Maidtanja dominantfemales consummated i @bellefair-institute




I love this set…

How a wedding night should be.

Ecstasyinrestraints kittydenied tonights @bellefair-institute



Tonight’s assignment from Sir was to come up with a very specific uniform that I should be required to wear in order to be used as an ass fuckhole (meaning he has decided that’s my intended use for the day).  I also had to give a rationale for each item, and why it’s useful to him- or why I like it.  

Obviously, Sir will make the final decision of what I wear, but he likes to know what I would choose if given a choice.. and I like having the illusion that I’m helping make decisions sometimes ;)

So I put together an outfit, and sent him my proposed “ass fuckhole uniform”  (..that I hope I never have to wear…)


Ass Fuckhole Uniform Suggestions (sent for Sir’s review):

Hair in pig tails to accommodate the muzzle, and if not wearing a lot of makeup- should at least have mascara on. If I’m going to complain or cry I may as well have runny mascara so I look hot. :)

Start with wearing panties for awhile before getting dressed and maybe sucking cock or doing something thats guaranteed to make me super wet immediately (like promising a wet check later). 

Then the dirty panties get stuffed in my mouth with the wet side in full contact with my tongue. I will have to taste my pussy, so I’m reminded how slutty I am.. That way, I will have no questions as to why I’m being used as an ass fuckhole.

Muzzle: Since my mouth is of no use to you at this time, the muzzle goes on tight. This is helpful for you because it limits the amount of complaining, and begging you will have to listen to. 

Plus, having the muzzle on will take away any hope I have of having my mouth fucked instead (which is what I would prefer over an ass fucking). I’m sure you would enjoy the sad muffled noises I make while being teased with your cock in my face, and the even sadder noises I make when it goes in my ass.

Then more stuff to make myself pretty for you to look at:
Leather garter
Locking heel cuffs

All of these things are intended to make me as visually pleasing as possible for you. This way you will be inspired to use me often and take full advantage of the hole you want to use. 

The corset specifically, keeps me feeling very restricted, and makes anything in my pussy or ass feel that much bigger and more uncomfortable. Also, I like the conflicting feelings of looking/feeling pretty in a corset, but being used like a slut. :)

Pussy plug:
Might be fun to be given the option to choose between no plug and the bound cock. (I was way too sore to try to put it in again for taking pics - I was forced to use it a couple times earlier today) 

Having my pussy stuffed would make my ass even tighter to fuck, and the bound cock would ensure that I get no pleasure from having my pussy filled. 

I would eventually regret my greedy choice to have my pussy plugged with a painful dildo, and if I chose to not have a plug, I would regret that decision after a couple ass fuckings. Either way, the muzzle would prevent me from complaining about it. 

Anal plug: I should have the big black plug in- or I suppose technically I should have spent my free time during the day working up in plug sizes until able to take my favorite dildo. 

You shouldn’t have to be bothered with worrying about injuring me with a rough ass fucking. A good fuckhole would be fully prepared to accept your cock. :)

 Plus, all the ass prep can provide you with entertainment while I’m working up in plug sizes by telling you what it feels like and why I think sluts deserve this treatment. Wet checks can confirm my slut status. (If I’m wet- that means I deserve it)

Metal belt with rear opening:
This is to keep my pussy denied of any pleasure and takes away any hope I have for getting attention to that hole. The shield itself works well to collect pussy juice and eventually leaks messes for me to acknowledge and clean up. 

The rear opening displays my hole for your evaluation and provides you with easy access for use. Its also humiliating and makes me feel super exposed and slutty. It makes me really crave having my mouth fucked instead.

Thigh bands:
Because they’re pretty and make it hard to walk..Anything that makes it hard to move is super hot. Plus, having the connector between the bands reminds me I have no reason to spread my legs because you have no use for my pussy when my ass is so easily available.

Long leather gloves:
Cause they go with any outfit, and look super hot. :)

Wrist cuffs:
I should already have my hands locked to the belt. Hands aren’t needed to be an ass fuckhole, and would only get in the way. I also think it will be entertaining for you to watch me struggle and get frustrated while trying reach my undeserving pussy when back in my cage.

..After that, I’m pretty sure I would be ready to have my ass fucked. :)

HOT Assignment and equally HOT results, BRAVO

Revirgnation @bellefair-institute


Revirgination @bellefair-institute


Laotk chastity belt training reviewed 1 you @bellefair-institute


Chastity belt training reviewed 

1. You are not punishing your man - you are protecting him from his perfectly normal lack of self-control.

2. You are not denying him sexual pleasure. In fact, when you do release him from his male chastity belt, sex will feel better for him and his orgasms will become much more intense.

3. You are not denying yourself the sex life you deserve. While he’s locked up he’ll use his mouth and fingers to provide you with sexual satisfaction on a regular basis. And, there are ways that you have satisfying penetrative sex while he is still under lock and key.

4. Men will try to claim they need to have regular orgasms to stay healthy. This simply isn’t true. They do need to have ejaculations every so often; but you can make this happen in a matter of minutes without him getting an erection or having an orgasm.

5. Hundreds of thousands of married couples are in the male chastity lifestyle. It’s not kinky. In fact, the odds are that several of your friends already have their husband’s crown jewels locked away.

6. When done correctly, your man will feel more loved by you than he did before male chastity became a part of your life. In fact, most men eventually thank their wives for insisting on the lifestyle.

7. While at first you’ll only keep him locked up for a few days at a time, eventually he should be restricted to eight to 12 orgasms a year. This is more than enough.

8. Over time he’ll start to feel like more of a man, because he’ll know that all of his sexual energy is going towards pleasing you. He’ll like the fact that he no longer feels like a little boy who can’t help but play with his little pee-pee when you are not looking. Instead, he will be saving himself for you!

Its funny how perceptions changed you bitched @bellefair-institute

“It’s funny how perceptions changed. You bitched and moaned about that tiny little plug when it went in. But now I bet it feels like your friend and protector.”

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Chastity device AND humbler - it’s pretty clear that this fuck might be for the slave’s benefit, but it’s definitely not for his pleasure.

I might make this a series @bellefair-institute

I might make this a series.

Feminisedredhead pandorasissy @bellefair-institute



Are you boasting or complaining? i’d be happy to take your place dear. Just ask…please?

And these are the days you’ll look back on fondly when you’re upstairs cleaning His toilet and getting caned for overcooking His steak, and His dick is exclusively in some new slut who spends her lazy days down in the dungeon.

A motivational poster for the dungeon wall @bellefair-institute

A motivational poster for the dungeon wall, perhaps

Sfalphabull thedailycuck for more related @bellefair-institute



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Beta training is not about punishment, but rather correcting behavior.

This is a great way to correct a beta who complains that he “needs to cum” after a week-long chastity sentence. He doesn’t need to cum, he wants to cum. Wants and needs are different, but betas tend to conflate the two.

The brutality of this restrained orgasm will demonstrate the difference between wants and needs: the beta got to cum, but it was not satisfying. After this, he will still think that he needs to cum, but realize that he just did, so it is not a physical need, but simply a psychological desire.

Being able to reason about a sexual urge like this is the first step in training it out of a beta male.

This is SO TRUE. You’re on fire at the moment Sir. These insights are superb.

So sexy the perfect outfit for a sissy spending a @bellefair-institute

So sexy. The perfect outfit for a sissy spending a weekend away with one of their Owner’s friends.

Captivefantasies hmmm yes would like you go @bellefair-institute


Hmmm yes would like, you go out and left me so :) schiava94 [2 MIC] via /r/Bondage

“Sweetie, I can see you’re trying to find a more comfortable sitting position, so let me give you a tip: there are no comfortable positions. Just be sure to stay in the webcam frame. If so much as a strand of hair is out of frame, the time it spends out of frame doesn’t count, and will be added to your three-hour sentence. I have to leave the house, and I want to be able to keep an eye on you.””

Do you think you could do something with this @bellefair-institute

Do you think you could do something with this picture? As soon as I saw it, I thought of you.

(Bellefair writes: You know … this was submitted some time ago … and I must admit it has me stumped. It’s a lovely, sexy picture and there must be story potential but I can’t get an angle on it. Not everything sparks a caption idea, of course. Sorry! But thank you for submitting.)

The force in forced bi is exactly the same as @bellefair-institute

The “force” in “forced bi” is exactly the same as the force in “forced feminization”. It’s NOT about overriding consent. It’s about giving sissies a little push over their ingrown inhibitions - inhibitions they WANT and NEED to overcome. The idea that it’s “forced” gives the remaining male ego the alibi it needs to retreat entirely, and the sissy permission to come out. It’s about roleplaying into a psychological space where the sissy feels safe submitting.

A sissy maids favourite things chastity device @bellefair-institute

A Sissy Maid’s Favourite Things

Chastity device and glossy silk stockings
A glimpse of a key and daydreams of unlocking
Long slutty Sundays treating His friends like kings
These are a few of my favourite things

Frilly pink knickers and a pink satin satin corset
When the plug goes in smoothly and He doesn’t force it
Workday restraints that allow some use of the limbs
These are a few of my favourite things.

A French maid’s uniform and the taste of His cum
When he calls you a bimbo and say that you’re dumb
A fucking so powerful it strains the bedsprings
These are a few of my favourite things

When the gag chokes, when the cane stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so bad


Redstiletto redsjake ruinedorgasm all a @bellefair-institute




All a boy wants at the point of no return is to be stroked to completion. Thats all he wants…..

Cuckolds, Goddesses, Play Partners, Slaves…all at Alt .com

M'Lady red–stiletto

Now now Jake, you know you don’t get stroked to completion.

Nothing funnier than a sissy breezefucking.

More problems with text legibility maybe the drop @bellefair-institute

More problems with text legibility. Maybe the drop shadow was a mistake.

Itsybitsysissy itsibitsysissys sissy school @bellefair-institute


itsibitsysissy’s Sissy School lesson 3:

Sissy Tumblr Rules.

here are the reccommended blogs to follow

A question for my followers now there are 2000 of @bellefair-institute

A question for my followers, now there are 2000 of you. I want to gauge interest before sinking a lot of time into it. 

I’ve been making some notes towards a very short book, a hot little fantasy-based “Bellefair guide to Training your Sissy”. It incorporates the “Slippery S.L.O.P.E” methodology and the “ladders for sissies” but with a LOT more along those lines. If this book were available for Kindle with a low price - I’m thinking £1.99 - would you want to buy it? 

I cant believe this little perverted blog has got @bellefair-institute

I can’t believe this little perverted blog has got 2000 followers! The milestone completely sneaked up on me. Thank you so much everyone!

Love that expression @bellefair-institute

Love that expression.

Chien cl tease and denial cuckold hubby @bellefair-institute


tease and denial - cuckold hubby
Mistress/wife tease her cuckold hubby locked up in Chastity and use two of the three cocks for her EXCLUSIVE pleasure, the third obviously has no option to be used !!

Fetishkitsch every buckle counts see nenetl @bellefair-institute


Every buckle counts. See Nenetl Avril at!

Inflatable by Demask | Hoods by Latex Nemesis | Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

I love that’s it’s happening in front of the mirror - watching your humanity being stripped away, strap by strap, buckle by buckle …

Slow domination restraining a slave for fucking @bellefair-institute

Slow domination.

Restraining a slave for fucking and/or punishment can be an arousing and adrenalising experience for both Dom/me and sub. So it’s valuable to take you time before actually beginning the session. Don’t just rush in. Take a few minutes and clear your head. You can even take longer. Make a cup of tea. Attend to a couple of emails. Your slave isn’t going anywhere - they’re enjoying a delicious cool glass of anticipation, sip by slow sip. Let the rush of restraint wear off, and that first burst of arousal die. Let them have time to properly contemplate their situation. When you return your footsteps will sound like thunder. Your touch will feel like lightning. But even then you don’t have to hurry.

A little play in six scenes @bellefair-institute

A little play in six scenes.

Ive been meaning to use this gorgeous picture for @bellefair-institute

I’ve been meaning to use this gorgeous picture for ages.

Another random dom the test subject still @bellefair-institute


“The test-subject still appears highly uncooperative, but the beta-testers still report high levels of satisfaction with the unit.  Design approved for full production.”

Expatsub madamekeyholding do i have @bellefair-institute



Do I have followers who read Tumblr dressed like this?

Well something very similar at times

I’ve only just followed, but yes, Madame..

Sfalphabull anicegoodboy i know baby but @bellefair-institute



I know, baby, but this will help you learn that not everything in life is centred on the penis and the important thing is to empty you out every day.

Ruining a cuckold’s orgasm like this is a great way to reinforce the uselessness of his genitals.

This is a beautiful scene. The cuckold is shaved bare, like a child. A few well-timed hand pumps, and then complete abandonment. He spurts his small load of semen unceremoniously onto the floor. Psychologically, this build several useful thought pathways for the cuckold:

  • His sexual arousal does not result in penetration.
  • His orgasm is not pleasurable.
  • His ejaculation does not serve its ostensible biological purpose.
  • Continuous ruined orgasms eventually train our cuckold to understand that he does not have a masculine sexual identity. Once he accepts this, he will be much happier with himself and the world.

    Pathetic means youre getting something right @bellefair-institute

    “Pathetic” means you’re getting something right. Face it, a Real Man’s never going to say “Great life choices, bro”. But they might say “Great blowjob, sissy”. Focus on what you’re good at.

    Lustomic feminization such a real good sissy @bellefair-institute



    Such a real good sissy training!

    Sissy Slut Motel available at

    Greekpowerlady which is the best photo that i @bellefair-institute


    Which is the best photo that I posted on June 15?

    Reblog the photo set and write the number of the photo you like most !

    It’s a hard choice between 1, 5, and 7 but I’m going to go with 7.

    Cocfs roses are red your manhoods a fraud now @bellefair-institute


    roses are red
    your manhood’s a fraud
    now drop to your knees
    and worship your god

    Im not happy with the legibility of the text on @bellefair-institute

    I’m not happy with the legibility of the text on this one but the picture is so cute I had to use it.

    Id count this as a successful sissy first @bellefair-institute

    I’d count this as a successful sissy first date.Definite jingle of wedding bells.

    Alphaforsissysnc attention sissys reblog @bellefair-institute


    Attention Sissys!!! Reblog this and I will follow you :) White Alpha Daddy is looking for all hot Sissys..

    Loveleatherladies ericboulay perfect and @bellefair-institute



    Perfect and nice girl … I love it ….

    She’s not nice. She’s an ASIAN DOMINATRIX

    Just perfect, then.

    Straitjacket strap on sex is safe sex folks @bellefair-institute

    Straitjacket strap-on sex is SAFE sex, folks.

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    For more related content - Visit us at

    What morals need to be overcome? I don’t see anything immoral here. Only an increase in the net amount of happiness in the world. The “morals” involved are all obsolete parts of the old, rigid ideal of marriage as a male sexual monopoly, which was established to benefit men only and really only benefited some men.  

    The nipple clamp is a nice touch dont go putting @bellefair-institute

    The nipple clamp is a nice touch. Don’t go putting down that tray, sweetie, we might need it.

    You know youre a chastity cuckold when this look @bellefair-institute

    You know you’re a chastity cuckold when this look from your wife means you’ll be tasting another man’s cum within a minute.

    Heres fun idea honey tyrone and i want to go @bellefair-institute

    Here’s fun idea. 

    “Honey, Tyrone and I want to go to the cinema, and then have a few drinks. We’ll be back about midnight.” 

    Then the usual “babysitting” rig - full mummification, total sensory deprivation, nice fat vib in the rear and another secured between balls and chasti-caged penis, and a lovely cocksucking hypno tease-track on the earbuds underneath the most soundproof packing you can manage.

    Then just watch TV and make out until midnight! You’ll have to get your own rinks and snacks from the fridge, but sissy’s torment is a compensating amusement. 

    Sissy might be able to detect one or two distant signs of your presence -vibrations through the floorboards, or perhaps the smell of microwave popcorn. But she will have lost track of time almost immediately and will fear that she is going mad. 

    “Look, Tyrone, I think she might be having a forced chastity orgasm! Lucky sissy! Of course that will make the next two hours even worse …”

    Ballsmakeuweak forced supervised masturbation @bellefair-institute


    Forced, supervised masturbation.  SO humiliating!!!  SO pathetic!!!

    All good advice for sissies as well @bellefair-institute

    All good advice for sissies as well.

    Continuing cucktober @bellefair-institute

    Continuing Cucktober!

    Continuing cucktober please do make your own @bellefair-institute

    Continuing #cucktober!

    Please do make your own stuff for #cucktober if you want, it’s an open-source concept and I won’t be able to keep up a post a day.

    Cucktober continues original explanatory post @bellefair-institute

    #Cucktober continues! Original explanatory post HERE. Reblog! Make your own! Join in!

    I like the idea and the look of the beta of @bellefair-institute

    I like the idea, and the look, of the “beta of spades” symbol that some sissies and cucks use. However as you all might have noticed I don’t do very much in the way of raceplay in my captions. So I thought I’d design an equivalent for betas open to ownership by any race, gender or sexuality. This isn’t intended as a criticism of any other symbol or ownership preference. It’s merely an addition to the mix.

    Released under creative commons - please use/reproduce/remix/share freely, attribute to me if you feel you want to. 

    More for cucktober original post here @bellefair-institute

    More for #cucktober - original post here!

    Haha @bellefair-institute


    If youre not careful your sissys orgasm can be @bellefair-institute

    If you’re not careful, your sissy’s orgasm can be accompanied by a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction which can diminish the effectiveness of chastity in the hours and days following. Do your best to rob the experience of pleasure. It’s an unpalatable bit of hygiene, like popping a zit, not some magical explosion of joy. Given time the sissy’s source of sexual pleasure will transfer to the mouth and/or the rear end. 

    Now thats what i call kissable lips @bellefair-institute

    Now that’s what I call kissable lips.

    A typical day for a working sissy with a @bellefair-institute

    A typical day for a working sissy with a non-working, stay-at-home wife

    05:30 Rise, shower, shave, put on day’s lingerie (stockings, suspenders, waist cincher, ruffled panties, garters), apply full makeup, put on morning maid’s uniform. Timestamped picture must be taken with digital camera on dressing table for later inspection.

    06:30 Morning housework.

    07:30 Prepare wife’s breakfast.

    08:00 Serve breakfast to Wife - in dining room if she has risen, in bed if she is still in bed, leaving it on a tray outside the door if she is asleep or in flagrante.

    08:15 Remove and hang morning uniform, remove makeup, put on male outerclothes over lingerie.

    08:30 Leave for work.

    AT WORK: Sissies are expected to keep exactly to their contracted hours, never arriving early or staying late. Travel time is similarly fixed, so unusually long journeys must cut into work time, not home time. For instance: A sissy is not permitted to leave the house early on the day of a public transport strike, and is expected home at the same time, so will have to leave work early on pain of punishment. A SISSY’S WIFE OUTRANKS HIS BOSS. It is the sissy’s responsibility to manage any professional problems that result, for instance by working harder.
    The sissy may also have to deal with occasional demands from his Wife during the day: for instance phone photographs to confirm that dress rules are being adhered to, or shopping for something during his lunch break.

    18:30 Arrive home - change immediately into formal evening maid’s uniform and apply full makeup.

    19:00 Uniform inspection and evening instructions from Wife.

    19:15 Prepare dinner.

    20:30 Serve dinner. Attending to Wife (and Guest) during dinner.

    21:30 Evening housework. Attending to wife (and Guest)’s post-dinner needs (drinks, candles etc).

    22:00 Disciplinary matters: corporal punishment if needed.

    22:30 Prepare Wife’s bedchamber.

    ?23:00 - ?00:00 Wife (and Guest) retire when they wish. Bedchamber services as required: cunnilingus, dildo-gag, fluffing, cleaning.

    ?00:00 Remaining housework once wife’s needs are met and sissy is dismissed.

    00:30 Preparation for bed.

    01:00 Lights out.

    Dont worry sweetie youll get used to it @bellefair-institute

    Don’t worry sweetie - you’ll get used to it.