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things I find while surfin' that make me hard, and inspire me to start jerkin' my daddy dick... to that end, this is a NSFW site... you've been warned! insert the standard "these are pics I found on the net" waiver here... you must be 18+ (21 in some areas)... any mention of boys or son is strictly a dom reference to consenting young men of legal age... if you find something here that's yours and you want it removed, blah, blah, blah a more personal way to contact me? [at] gmail [dot] com or Talk Dirty to Me - by clicking the link below! Leave a nasty message and get Daddy all worked up!! - Bi Fit Daddy's jack-spiration (@bifitdaddy)
Fucking perfection @bifitdaddy

fucking perfection!!

Newjerseyjoe great collection @bifitdaddy


Great collection

This is my very favorite position when i top @bifitdaddy

This is my very FAVORITE position when I top!

Njhockeyman very nice cock he has would love to @bifitdaddy


Very nice cock he has. Would love to see that in a jock 😛

Cumblaster6969 coachpervman hey coach i go to @bifitdaddy



Hey Coach, I go to the gym every day and look pretty good. For some unexplained reason, i haven’t been able to let jocks know that i’m available for blow jobs or getting my ass pounded by them. What can i do to let the jocks know they can have my ass if they want it? - boysobey 

Hey Rookie, good question.  

First, make sure your gym uniform shows off your best assets. Shorts that are short enough to show off the straps of a jock, or freeballing in compression shorts.  This may feel odd at first but in time you will find that you crave the attention.  

Secondly, to help communicate to the gym-jocks that you are available for use, be a voracious crotch-watcher in the gym.  This will probably come very naturally to you— but go ahead and give yourself permission to stare at jock-crotch in the gym from the moment you walk through the doors. 

What you want is between their legs— therefor you job as a rookie is to communicate that.  So, when you are in the gym you will only occasionally look at faces, but predominantly at crotches.  When you work out, you will scan the room for bulges.  You will look at each guys crotch and imagine just exactly what his cock looks like, the weight of it, whether it’s cut or uncut, the size of his balls, and how good it will feel hard in your mouth with him looking down at you.

And when you talk to a jock at the gym you will let your eyes wander down to his crotch, and by doing so you will let him know that you want, need and crave his cock.  

Train hard. Stay hard. -Coach P

Ready for coach son @bifitdaddy

ready for coach, son?

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Bareback33 the only thing daddy loved as much @bifitdaddy


The only thing Daddy loved as much as the feeling of Junior’s cumsloppy boycunt spasming around his daddy cock, was the look on his boy’s face as he surrendered to yet another powerful anal orgasm. Daddy had been breeding Junior for years, but every time he triggered another anal orgasm in his boy, he glimpsed that same expression of fear turning to lust, of pure innocence turning to unquenchable sexual hunger, of trust rewarded with carnal bliss that he had witnessed the first time he took his son’s cherry & opened his boycunt for service. Seeing Junior overcome with lust for his Daddy’s cock & hunger for man seed never failed to churn Daddy’s balls. Sometimes when he pimped Junior’s boycunt out for cash or to reward his fucktoy’s hunger, Daddy would stick around & watch from just out of Junior’s line of sight, relishing the unquenchable thirst for daddy milk he had awakened in his pussyboy.

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Daddy needs to borrow this boi @bifitdaddy

Daddy needs to borrow this boi