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Big dicks on fine dudes @big9joe

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a quick look at the kind of dudes i dig kickin it with... or at least fantasizing about! - Big dicks on fine dudes (@big9joe)
Beautiful @big9joe


Yes i would suck his dick @big9joe

Yes. I. Would. Suck. His. Dick.

What a fantasy @big9joe

What a fantasy!

Oh hell yeah id suck @big9joe

Oh hell yeah! I’d suck!

Yes @big9joe


Hairyblklvr photo submitted by charles angel @big9joe


Photo submitted by Charles Angel

Another reason why we suck dick!

Luv a tight body @big9joe

Luv a tight body

Luv a strong physique @big9joe

Luv a strong physique

My goal killing my squats daily i want chicks @big9joe

My goal. Killing my squats DAILY! I want chicks and dudes watching my BULGE and ASS.

My new internet man crush @big9joe

My new internet man-crush!

Beautiful guy id love to give him head @big9joe

Beautiful guy. I’d love to give him head.

On my way to go suck @big9joe

On my way to go suck!

I sucked dick here it was aight not as big as he @big9joe

I sucked dick here. It was aight. Not as big as he said. Thought it was bigger than mine. Junky ass house. He had to jagg to get his dick hard enough to suck. Nutted in under 3 minutes.

I thought it said free ass today had my turn @big9joe

I thought it said ‘free ass today!’ Had my turn signal on like a mothafugga!

Which one you want @big9joe

Which one you want?

Dwayne mckell yeah id suck @big9joe

Dwayne McKell. Yeah, I’d suck

You already know that i luv this angle id suck @big9joe

You already know that I luv this angle. I’d suck!

This is why we suck @big9joe

This is why we suck!


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