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Mr bedroom eyes @bigbearden

Mr. Bedroom Eyes.

Thecubhouse gorgeous thomas we know him @bigbearden


Gorgeous Thomas. 

We know him. And love him.

Get to suckin @bigbearden

Get to suckin’!

You need more lotion well rub it on @bigbearden

You need more lotion. We’ll rub it on.

We got something hot for him thats crude but @bigbearden

We got something hot for him. That’s crude, but accurate.

Mikebigbear i love a meaty back i think we @bigbearden


I love a meaty back

I think we know him.

Studjohnx wet soapy naked bear in the @bigbearden


Wet & Soapy Naked Bear In The Shower! Beefy Bear John X Lathering Up His Sexy Hairy Chest & Cock & Balls Just For You! This is a still from the following John X video:

Beefy Bear John X: Muscle Pumping Jockstrap Modeling Cock Stroking Shower Lathering Solo

Beefy Bear John X: Muscle Pumping Jockstrap Modeling Cock Stroking Shower Lathering Solo cover


Dedicatedto clap clap vol2 were @bigbearden


_Clap Clap vol.2_

We’re definitely applauding.

Designerbearcub ben dodge melt now thats @bigbearden


Ben Dodge. *melt*

Now THAT’s some hair.

Smacksomepakiass i want his children @bigbearden


I want his children!



Guys, I think I found the perfect man…

can’t even deal with this guy

So cute. 

Its funny hes all slender otterthen you get to @bigbearden

It’s funny, he’s all slender otter…then you get to the big beefy hairy bum. One of his Dads musta been a bear.

The hotter ones in front @bigbearden

The hotter one’s in front.

Catch snowflakes on your tongue its fun @bigbearden

Catch snowflakes on your tongue. It’s fun.

Chirpycub id love a young cub to blow me in @bigbearden


I’d love a young cub to blow me in the woods.


Have we had forensics prove whether or not those @bigbearden

Have we had Forensics prove whether or not those are his cakes yet?

Monsieurunivers dont shave ok love him @bigbearden


don’t shave, ok ?

Love him. Does he still make YouTube vids?

Lsuchemist bear in training well train him @bigbearden


Bear in training.

We’ll train him.

Doncastergit average flaccid todger bad day @bigbearden


Average flaccid todger!

Bad day at the poker game? :/

Guysthatgetmehard scottthighs when i ll see @bigbearden



when I ll see the cock in these panties?!!!!

Im ok with just licking the thighs

Hyphenhyphen monstertrucker i want to bury @bigbearden



I want to bury my face in his meavage…

I like the tits…

Meavage - that’s new.