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Welcome to my extra large life. - BigBootyBeautyXXL (@bigbootybeautyxxl)
Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb pedicure piggy @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Pedicure Piggy  

I’m about to go on vacation and thought my fat little toes needed to be looking nice, so I decided to paint them on my own. It’s been quite a while since I’ve attempted this. I’m not really sure how reaching for my toes will go, my belly has gotten so huge I can’t even see my feet usually. It’s hard being a fat girl.

D @bigbootybeautyxxl


Hi guys @bigbootybeautyxxl

Hi guys.

Bbb measuring belly before and after buffet @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Measuring Belly Before and After Buffet

Ya know that super stuffed feeling you get when you eat at a buffet, the one that makes you undo your pants so you can try to get down another plate or two? Isn’t that the best!? I’ve always wondered if after a major stuffing there’s actually a visible difference in the size of my belly, it always looks huge to me and I was dying to find out. I decided to measure around my belly before heading to a Chinese bigger for lunch with friends and then again after to do a little comparing. I knew I’d eat a ton, it happens every time we all go out together. I hope you’re as impressed with the results as I was

Clips4salecom65243 lets see how much this belly @bigbootybeautyxxl

Let’s see how much this belly expands after a meal, shall we?

Dark hairrrr @bigbootybeautyxxl

Dark hairrrr



Ive spent one quarter of a median american @bigbootybeautyxxl

I’ve spent one-quarter of a median American household income on fast food alone… these are the results! :)

My future according to one fan ill eventually @bigbootybeautyxxl

My future? According to one fan, I’ll eventually develop a double-belly :) hm….

Fatty at the party @bigbootybeautyxxl

;) fatty at the party

Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb fatty goes to @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Fatty goes to the Waterpark  

I’ve made it almost all summer without having to go to any sort of water park, until now. Some friends that were in town insisted we go this past weekend and I decided not to ruin everyone’s fun and agreed. Water parks are extremely un fat-friendly and this one was no different. I felt like a beached whale most of the day, but was surprised how many other fatties I saw. I think you guys will wish you were there if not to see me in all my glory then to at least get a glimpse of all the other fatties rocking very small swimsuits. ;) 

From the looks of my body it appears my cooking @bigbootybeautyxxl

From the looks of my body, it appears my cooking has been successful… ;)

Cleaning out my memory card thought some of you @bigbootybeautyxxl

Cleaning out my memory card… thought some of you might enjoy to see these again! :)

Lets have a ball or squish one @bigbootybeautyxxl

Let’s have a ball… or squish one! ;)

Bbb can i pop the exercise ball @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Can I Pop the Exercise Ball?

I see people sitting on exercise balls and it looks so fun, it’s basically a round bouncy seat. I love round and bouncy. So I thought I’d try sitting on one. At first I didn’t put all of weight on it but after a few minutes I felt brave, I actually thought it was going to pop under me. The ball nearly looks flat under me, what you can see of it. My big butt hides it pretty well. I also love how my body jiggles with every bounce.  


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