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Welcome to my extra large life. - BigBootyBeautyXXL (@bigbootybeautyxxl)
Httpclips4salecom65243 the grease stains on @bigbootybeautyxxl

The grease stains on the bag and stretch marks on the belly speak volumes.

The struggle is real @bigbootybeautyxxl

The struggle is real! :)

Gained a pound or two hasnt she @bigbootybeautyxxl

Gained a pound or two, hasn’t she? :)

Theres potential in this one @bigbootybeautyxxl

There’s potential in this one! :)

Bbb newest fat farm piglet noelle nugget @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Newest Fat Farm Piglet: Noelle (NUGGET CHALLENGE Part 1)

Introducing the newest acquisition to my Fat Farm: Noelle, a 19yo BBW who has finally given in to her passion for being stuffed full and has agreed to allow her sugar-coated (literally) life to be filmed for your enjoyment… beginning with a nugget challenge series! :) Noelle will work her way up to her dream goal of consuming 100 nuggets in a single sitting–to surpass my own goal–and allow y'all to watch her belly-busting progress. While more of a stuffer/foodee, Noelle admits that’s she’s always been proud of her curves–which, by the way have been growing of late… no doubt a result of her binge-eating and gluttonous habits. :)

Bbb bloated after forcefeeding @bigbootybeautyxxl

href=""BBB Bloated After Forcefeeding

The best part of a stuffing is the after effect, when all your hard work pays off. Being able to lie back and enjoy the fruits of your labor is truly an amazing feeling. Moving the fork from plate to mouth is considered labor, right? At least for me it is. Anyways, watch as I lie back on my cough rubbing my swollen belly. It’s so bloated and round after a good stuffing but it is definitely one of my favorite feelings. [NO AUDIO]

Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb piggy pigging out @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Piggy Pigging Out

(This video does not have audio)Pie, cake, donuts, cheesecake, chocolate syrup and whipped cream…sounds like a feast for several people right? Not this time, it’s all for me. I couldn’t resist tasting everything before I started filming and that doesn’t stop me from eating even more. I fill my belly full of all the sweet treats sitting in front of me and the end result? One swollen, sore belly. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

The many faces of bbb for those of you who think @bigbootybeautyxxl

The many faces of BBB, for those of you who think I’m crazy.💁🏻😜😒😂😘

Trying to figure out what kind of chipotle sauce @bigbootybeautyxxl

Trying to figure out what kind of chipotle sauce Tim Hortons uses and I find this little exchange.

Bbb taunting my boy pig @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Taunting My Boy Pig :)

I took one look at my overfed boyfriend, reclining on the sofa with his stretchmark-covered paunch–clearly still distended from gorging on pizza all day–now completely covering where I imagine his penis must be. What a shame, because I was so horny. Although he keeps pulling down his t-shirt to conceal the effects of cohabitation with an SSBBW, a sliver of his gut still remains uncovered, as the snug cotton tantalizingly slides up his gut… like some sort of porcine burlesque show. He belches. What a pig he’s let himself become! My, my, he’s much less of a boy-friend and more of a boy-PIG. I decide to forgo the opportunity to have sex altogether, and simply taunt my brand new boy-pig, by pointing out–in not-so-delicate ways–how he has not-so-subtly let himself go. The question now is whether to find myself a fit man while I surreptitiously fatten my current boyfriend–so that he’ll be doomed to months of sitting on the couch, gorging, unable to find a rebound chick–or to stay with him and see how far I can grow him… What do you think I should do? :D                            
My natural habitat httpclips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

“My natural habitat.”

Httpclips4salecom65243 i want to get stuck in @bigbootybeautyxxl

I want to get stuck in your mind, like I got stuck between the washer and the wall! :)

Yall im going to get a funnel cake candy apple @bigbootybeautyxxl

Y'all I’m going to get a funnel cake, candy apple, elephant ear, fried cheese and any other goodies I can manage.

Httpclips4salecom65243 got legitimately stuck @bigbootybeautyxxl

Got legitimately stuck while filming this. My upper body strength just isn’t what it used to be, and neither is the weight of my body from the diaphragm down! :)

Httpclips4salecom65243 i have a lovehate @bigbootybeautyxxl

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise clips. On one hand you guys love them and I have to admit I like watching them myself and seeing all the jiggling, then on the other hand it’s exercise…do I need to explain anymore? So I sort of compromised, I created a “lazy workout”. I try to exercise without actually leaving my bed, it’s pretty likely I’m not actually burning any calories but still showing off all of my jiggly fat…which sounds like a win win to me. So enjoy my fat laziness. :)                            

How flesh blobs exercise @bigbootybeautyxxl

How flesh blobs exercise :)

Monday blah @bigbootybeautyxxl

Monday. Blah.

Bbb putting on a show for a booty freak clap @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Putting on a Show for a Booty Freak (Clap & Spread)

You can’t get enough of my big round ass. In fact, you’re mesmerized by it. I’m going to take complete advantage of that and make you my ass slave. You like having my big ass right in your face? Spreading my juicy cheeks showing you all of me? I know you like it, your dirty dirty boy. 

Some are surprised that these even spread @bigbootybeautyxxl

Some are surprised that these even spread :) ;)

Being basic and stuff psl season baby @bigbootybeautyxxl

Being basic and stuff. Psl season, baby.

Nighttime stuff no make up in the first pic and @bigbootybeautyxxl

Nighttime stuff. No make up in the first pic. And yes, my phone is still cracked. :(

Httpclips4salecom65243 i used to be small and @bigbootybeautyxxl

I used to be small and athletic… before you placed the electric collar around my neck. Ever since then, you’ve administered a painful shock every time I refuse to eat–so I’ve stuffed myself until my stomach practically felt like it would split open. You were so greedy… you never let my pain stop you from forcing even more calorie-laden food into my mouth. You smirk as I sit here, hardly able to move and reluctant to stuff myself further, lest I should finally lose the ability to get up. However, the choice has become nominal–I WILL eat, because I know that if I don’t, you will activate the electric collar and fry me until I turn into the bacon that has created me… like the last skinny cheerleader you turned into an oversized blob :(

Httpclips4salecom65243 got a little silly @bigbootybeautyxxl

Got a little silly with my food, sorry. :(

Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb painful @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Painful Bloating/Burping After a Stuffing

Coke has got to be my favorite soda. I love the way of fills my belly with all of its bubbly goodness. The way my belly swells and aches after gulping down the delicious cola is one of my favorite feelings. As much as I love the bloated feeling it gives I rub my belly anticipating the burp that will relieve all the pressure and when it happens, it’s epic. 

In my natural habitat httpclips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

In my natural habitat!

Painful bloating is the best @bigbootybeautyxxl

painful bloating is the best…

Httpclips4salecom65243 how does a fat girl @bigbootybeautyxxl

How does a fat girl like myself take a bath, well in a jacuzzi big enough for more than one average sized person but leaving no space for those extra people of course. And there’s nothing hotter than a fatty in water. Watching the fat trying to rise to the surface like giant floaties is truly a beautiful site. Watch and see, I know you’ll agree. 

From this to this fatsporation c4scom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

From this to this… #fatsporation

Hopefully no one behind me wanted to use these @bigbootybeautyxxl

Hopefully no one behind me wanted to use these!

C4scom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

Working up quite an appetite doing something that @bigbootybeautyxxl

Working up quite an appetite doing something that I could once do with relative ease! :(

Bbb fat belly plops httpclips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Fat Belly Plops

Soapy, wet, squishy fat makes the best plopping sounds. With a belly like mine I can make some crazy loud smacking sounds just by dropping it. Being in the jacuzzi surrounded by bubbles reminded me of that and I wanted to show you guys just how fun it can be. Not just my belly is capable of doing this but every roll and fold on my glorious body. Splishing, splashing, smacking…enjoy. [FILMED USING THE FLAGSHIP PRODUCT OF A SILICONE VALLEY-BASED FORTUNE 500 COMPANY] 

Join me @bigbootybeautyxxl

Join me?

Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb winded in the @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Winded in the Stairwell

Walking a straight flat surface is hard at my size so I’m sure you can imagine walking on an incline or even worse, climbing the stairs. However, you don’t have to imagine because I wanna show you. I don’t think you’ll really be surprised how fast I start panting and how quickly I need a break but I know you’ll enjoy it. Lots of swaying and jiggling to see here. ;)

Draw me a bath manservant @bigbootybeautyxxl

Draw me a bath, manservant :)

Clips4salecom65243 im about to add one great @bigbootybeautyxxl

I’m about to add one great big bubble to this tub… my bubble butt!

Gotta stay safe @bigbootybeautyxxl

Gotta stay safe ;)

Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb hefty hottie @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Hefty Hottie Walks the Hotel Hallway
I think most people’s reaction when they see me walking is amazement that I’m still able to do so at this size. Sometimes I feel the same way. Every single part of me wobbles and jiggles when I move. This weekend while at a hotel I thought I’d make a video so you can see exactly what I mean. I’m sure everyone was wondering what was going outside their doors, they floors were very obviously creaking under me as I walked back and forth. Enjoy watching me strut my stuff. ;)

Hi guys @bigbootybeautyxxl

Hi guys.

If you saw a hitchhiker as fat as i am would you @bigbootybeautyxxl

If you saw a hitchhiker as fat as I am, would you pick me up? Or just leave me to the buzzards? :D :P

Clips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

Mirror mirror on the wall whos the fattest of @bigbootybeautyxxl

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fattest of them all?”

Clips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

Clips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

Big belly @bigbootybeautyxxl

big belly.

3 @bigbootybeautyxxl


Like my belly @bigbootybeautyxxl

Like my belly?

Lotsa pounds ago @bigbootybeautyxxl

Lotsa pounds ago…

How i feel about being outside when its hot @bigbootybeautyxxl

How I feel about being outside when it’s hot…

Workin at the car wash @bigbootybeautyxxl

Workin’ at the car wash…

Hiiii @bigbootybeautyxxl


D @bigbootybeautyxxl


Bbb backroad belly bounce @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Backroad Belly Bounce

Growing up in the country most of your driving is done on bumpy back roads. These days I’ve found a new reason to like these roads, hands free belly jiggling! Every bump I hit makes my belly jump and jiggle like you wouldn’t believe. I just had to film it for y'all. So come along on a country ride with me and enjoy the view and I’m not talking about the scenery. 

Sooooo excited to wash your car 8d @bigbootybeautyxxl

Sooooo excited to wash your car 8D

The great big fat outdoors c4scom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

The Great Big Fat Outdoors ;)

Here we see the wild bbb in her native habitat @bigbootybeautyxxl

“Here we see the wild BBB in her native habitat…”

Took these earlier and forgot to post hi hi hi @bigbootybeautyxxl

Took these earlier and forgot to post. Hi hi hi.

Clearning a car i can barely fit into @bigbootybeautyxxl

Clearning a car I can barely fit into :’-(

Took these earlier and forgot to post hi hi hi @bigbootybeautyxxl

Took these earlier and forgot to post. Hi hi hi.

Papas and insurgent perfect night @bigbootybeautyxxl

Papa’s and insurgent. Perfect night.

Clips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

Bbb too fat to jump @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Too Fat to Jump?

I bought this small trampoline intended to be used for exercise to show you guys just how ridiculously out of shape I am. I actually ended up surprising myself though. First of all, after stepping on I wasn’t even sure the trampoline would hold up…you’ll see what I mean. Secondly, I really underestimated just how fat I am. I actually thought I’d jump for a few minutes and be exhausted…ha. I couldn’t even get my feet off the trampoline and still ended up being winded. I remember when I used to actually be able to enjoy trampolines, my body sure has changed that.  

Derp @bigbootybeautyxxl


Hmmmmguessing they didnt have anyone fat enough @bigbootybeautyxxl

Hmmmm…guessing they didn’t have anyone fat enough to model these in China.

Clips4salecom65243 @bigbootybeautyxxl

Does this bra make me look like a human pot roast @bigbootybeautyxxl

Does this bra make me look like a human pot roast?

Out in the country @bigbootybeautyxxl

Out in the country

Good morning @bigbootybeautyxxl

Good morning.

Perfect combo @bigbootybeautyxxl

Perfect combo💗

Bbb gorgeous gorged belly drops my belly has @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Gorgeous Gorged Belly Drops 

My belly has really grown, it could practically be another person. I thought I’d show you by doing some belly drops onto my bathroom sink, I had no clue it would be so much harder to do now that my belly has become so huge. It nearly fills my bathroom sink, I’m pretty sure that within a year I could completely fill the sink with all of my belly fat. Won’t that be amazing? I think you’ll agree that my belly has become gigantic after watching this.

Bbb recline and play @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Recline and Play

It’s becoming rather hard to please myself. With each pound I gain I know it’ll be harder to do so. I’ve discovered that if I use my wand and sit in my recliner it’s much easier to reach around my growing belly and between my gigantic thighs. I wanna show you exactly what I mean. ;)

These are pics from a pre recorded video @bigbootybeautyxxl

These are pics from a pre-recorded video… hopefully we can enjoy these without any creepiness, OK? :)

It must be personal @bigbootybeautyxxl

It must be personal…

Httpclips4salecom65243 bbb pedicure piggy @bigbootybeautyxxl

BBB Pedicure Piggy  

I’m about to go on vacation and thought my fat little toes needed to be looking nice, so I decided to paint them on my own. It’s been quite a while since I’ve attempted this. I’m not really sure how reaching for my toes will go, my belly has gotten so huge I can’t even see my feet usually. It’s hard being a fat girl.

D @bigbootybeautyxxl