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The first time your girlfriend saw my cock, she couldn’t believe what she was doing. In your bedroom with a man who was, though a complete cocky ass, your physical superior in so many ways. After so many hints from my exes and her girlfriends, she wanted to peak at how superior- your house was nice but the small cock was a daily hurdle.

At first she just wanted to see it. Then to just touch it. When I told her to suck it, she just laughed and nodded.

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My fiance told me she had some pictures taken today that she wants to show me on our anniversary. I wonder what they could be of?

Photo shoots are my favorite couple’s activity. Even when I’m a third wheel, I can enjoy myself.

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source . Addicted to Ass Massages - Jessie Volt

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Through tear-filled eyes he watched his wife’s amazing deep throat skills on the MP4 she showed him. She didn’t understand why he was so distraught. She thought he should be happy for her for finally finding a dick she could really work with. “Wait til you see how good I ride it, baby. You’ll be so proud of me.”

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