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Big and Huge Fake Tits and Open Pink Pussies @bigfaketits

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I´m a 31 y old guy and this blog is here to share my love for sexy well stacked pin-up-girls and hot porn-whores. I just love Bimbo-Chicks with big fake tits and some nice pink, open pussy. Girls should all look like the dumb fuckdolls they are supposed to be: blonde curly hair, huge fucking big boobs and 3 holes to fuck and shoot my sperm into. Nothing less and nothing more. - Big and Huge Fake Tits and Open Pink Pussies (@bigfaketits)
Odaguy69 is it that lolo ferrari is the fantasy @bigfaketits


Is it that Lolo Ferrari is the fantasy lurking deep in the minds of the most respectable men, that they wish they could alter the women they encounter to resemble their most perverse fantasies? 

Odaguy69 my request in exchange for more lola @bigfaketits


My request in exchange for more Lola Ferrari photos is for you to answer my questions: How would you feel being in public with a woman who looked like Lola Ferrari? What do you think others would think of you? If they disapproved, would that just make it even more appealing?

1000 wurdz rachel @bigfaketits



Mandatorybimbofication hiiiiiiiiiiiii @bigfaketits



Lookingformybimbo the size you should be @bigfaketits


The size you should be striving for.

Lookingformybimbo ready to be shown off @bigfaketits


Ready to be shown off.

Lookingformybimbo perfect everyday outfit for a @bigfaketits


Perfect everyday outfit for a busty bimbo.

Platko i would enjoy this @bigfaketits


I would enjoy this…

Lookingformybimbo good view @bigfaketits


Good view.