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Big and Huge Fake Tits and Open Pink Pussies @bigfaketits

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I´m a 30 y old guy and this blog is here to share my love for sexy well stacked pin-up-girls and hot porn-whores. I just love Chicks with big fake tits and some nice pink, open pussy. Girls should all look like the fuckdolls they are supposed to be: Wearing sexy nylon stockings or bodystockings, and of course extreme high heels. Please note: All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. I have tried to attribute artistic credit and sources when available. In the event that there is an error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial. Material will be removed upon request by the copyright owner. - Big and Huge Fake Tits and Open Pink Pussies (@bigfaketits)
Fakeplasticsluts he just sees you as a sex @bigfaketits


He just sees you as a sex object. But so do you. You’re not that dumb.





Good plastic bimbo bags on it

Look how unnaturally they move.

This is so neat. I can imagine even bigger ones looking awkward as a cunt is used for its purpose. 

I could watch this all day.

Bimbofication this is for all the ugly girls @bigfaketits


This is for all the ugly girls out there thinking they don’t get much attention they deserve from men. Firstly, you’re all ugly so stop bitching. Secondly, get big fake tits. Thirdly, show them off, wear tight clothes, wear stripper heels, make yourself sexy for men. That’s the only way you can get attention from men. Oh yeah, and stay stupid.

Slutsobey the more ridiculous and cartoonish @bigfaketits


The more ridiculous and cartoonish your appearance, the more men will pay attention to you… The more men pay attention to you, the more cock you will get jammed in your holes… The more cock you get jammed in your holes, the more valuable you feel. 

Slutsobey accept and embrace one fact and you @bigfaketits


Accept and embrace one fact and you will be able to get on with your life: You are a stupid bimbo cunt and the ONLY time men pay attention to you is when they want to use you as a cum dump.

Live the part, whore.

Just the right size of boobs @bigfaketits

just the right size of boobs

Hugefakebreastlover just incredibly perfect @bigfaketits


Just incredibly perfect what a turn on - huge round firm implants

Hotbabeselfshotposts another fucking stupid @bigfaketits



Evilstranger bimbofication giant faketits @bigfaketits


Bimbofication. Giant faketits, huge injected fakelips, long curly fakehair, fake eyelashes, strong and heavy make up. It makes the perfect bimbo, she´s now looking like a cheap whore, ready to be exposed, used and humiliated over and over again. She is not a human being any more. She is a useless fuckdoll, a rapedoll, ready to play with, ready to be destroyed.

Bigtitsworship candy charms pure wank @bigfaketits


Candy Charms - Pure Wank Material

Faketitsorbust still one of the sexiest things @bigfaketits


Still one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. British big fake tit queen Ashley Bond had inflatable expanders and videotaped herself filling her fake boobs with extra silicone. All women should have these installed. Your huge, fake, plastic tits await.

Faketitsorbust if youre wondering why men @bigfaketits


If you’re wondering why men don’t pay attention to you, consider getting these: huge, fake, silicone-filled tits. Pump them up so big that there’s no question they’re fake. So big that they barely look like natural tits; they’re something far more perfect. You’ll be an implant slut with a massive chest no man or woman could ignore.



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