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Be informed about all my new videos, photo sets and new hot Mexican BBW models. I have been producing this kind of videos and photo sets from around 1994. Since then I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing Big Mexican Women that have posed for me. I am currently working on my new website: and it is available now so you can join my Image Zone, and get access to my videos and some kinky stuff my women are doing. I am open to hear your ideas, comments, suggestions and even hate mail. You are all welcum. Manuel Barrancos. - BIG MEXICAN WOMEN (@bigmexicanwomen)
New juanita mendoza fuck clip get it at our c4s @bigmexicanwomen

NEW JUANITA MENDOZA Fuck Clip! Get it at our C4S Store: or straight from us cheaper using Paypal.

4 new big ass short clips added today to our c4s @bigmexicanwomen

4 New Big ass short clips added today to our C4S Store: Five minutes, just $5.99 each.

More images of precious lupita garcia there is a @bigmexicanwomen

More images of precious LUPITA GARCIA. There is a hot video and a set of large pictures too. Email us to: for more info.

Stunning and precious young mom juanita mendoza @bigmexicanwomen

Stunning and precious young Mom JUANITA MENDOZA displaying her unique, super strong, super big, super massive and super firm legs. Get all of Juanita’s sexy videos at our website directly: or at our store:

Some video grabs of wonderful maria avitia get @bigmexicanwomen

Some video grabs of wonderful MARIA AVITIA!… Get her on videos! Get her on photos!…Check our website: for much more of marvelous Maria and her sensational ass, thighs and well fucked pussy!….

Rosa maria gomez she posed once for me should i @bigmexicanwomen

Rosa Maria Gomez. She posed ONCE for me. Should I call her again for the second time? What you say? Let me know.

Big and mean elvira mendoza poses her huge hairy @bigmexicanwomen

Big and Mean Elvira Mendoza poses her huge hairy pussy before receiving a deep beef injection as she ride my strong and stiffened cock using her massive legs….Get that clip here:

Tere ortis my ultimate babe she is 42mom of @bigmexicanwomen

Tere Ortis: My ultimate babe! She is 42….mom of two mean young guys, working as hairdresser. Big Tere has wonderful and powerful super big legs, big curvy calves….A superb BBB (Big Bubble Butt)…An amazing tight fat and hairy pussy and a delicious tight ass. I have a blast every time she comes down for a new round of videos and pictures. I enjoy every second she facesits me, every second I fucked, every moment I cum inside her ass or pussy. You need REALLY to see her vast collection of videos, as I have plenty! That ass and pussy are a wonderful thing to kiss, lick, suck, smell and bite. That feminine smell and scent that well fucked (life giving pussy) has after a long day of work is amazing. Strong smell, stronger flavor; you really need that in your sad life! Get at me for her videos, photo sets…even her well worn panties! Email me!

Wonderful and super massive sandra medina graced @bigmexicanwomen

Wonderful and super massive Sandra Medina graced my studio for the third time to display her enormous and massive super legs! She did posed for a new video (no nudity at all) and a big set of pictures you can obtain at my website. These here are video stills. Get now her DVD disc by mail and entice your senses into this woman’s huge legs.

Gorgeous patty ramirez circa 2004 that was the @bigmexicanwomen

Gorgeous Patty Ramirez (Circa 2004). That was the first time she posed for me and had then a shaved pussy. Check the amazing curves and her unique WIDE HIPS!… You can get a big file containing 100 different large pics sending me $19 via Paypal to: ALSO you can get the video files too ordering same way (Just $29)…or even the high-resolution DVD disc for same price (Add $5 extra if you’re outside the USA). Mail orders to: Manuel Barrancos, PMB-40676, 120A Rockwood Avenue, Calexico, CA 92231 USA.

Video stills from the latest video done by @bigmexicanwomen

Video stills from the latest video done by wonderful Erika Garcia. (Just ask for FLS-110). Erika no longer poses for us, but we have these five videos you can have.

Wonderful paola rios displaying her famous curves @bigmexicanwomen

Wonderful Paola Rios displaying her famous curves and delicious hairy pussy. I have fucked her several times, but so far as of today she won’t let me use my cameras to witness these. There are right now FIVE sets of pictures containing some 300 different pictures of Paola at our brand-new Image Vault you can Test Drive for the whole month of May 2013 for just $29.95.Scroll down for more information about that…and join now because there are more than 4,000 large pictures of all our big Mexican girls.

Enjoy these video stills from tere ortiz video @bigmexicanwomen

Enjoy these video stills from Tere Ortiz video (FLS-140). You can download the video files…or order from us a DVD.

Stunning patty ramirez just completed her newest @bigmexicanwomen

Stunning Patty Ramirez just completed her newest video. Ask for FAV-54, her 8th video up to date. I am amazed at her unique sinuous hips, these thighs and all of that ass! She shows no mercy displaying all of her feminine erogenous zones for all of us, simple mortals. Hope you get yourself some of Patty’s videos either on DVD or sent to your email as video files. Check our website: for further details and more information about these and all of our stuff. Check our kinky and sex video clips here:

New model rosa maria gomez she has some @bigmexicanwomen

New Model: Rosa Maria Gomez! She has some wonderful ample thighs and a yummy and very strong big butt. She is mom of 3 teenagers and she is a single mom. She works at a factory assembly line. Check more information about her first video (full nude) and her hot picture sets that are available for you to get.

Sandra medina is back unique and super heavy @bigmexicanwomen

Sandra Medina is BACK! Unique and super heavy legged Sandra is also back with us after some 8 years. And she has packed some 30 more lbs., onto her already huge and heavy body. And with a very welcome bonus of her hairy calves! For these fans of natural unshaven women (like us) this feature on Sandra’s legs adds up to the sensual appeal. This new video has no nudity, which we hope soon convince her to take out her panties. Meanwhile check our website for more information.

Impressive patty ramirez is back with us again @bigmexicanwomen

Impressive Patty Ramirez is back with us again after some five years absence from our cameras. She has done so far four new videos since her long awaited return. Have you seen more wide hips on such an impressive woman? We don’t. She is soon to shoot her first hardcore sex video, so keep watching for news.

The always wonderful laura hernandez keeps adding @bigmexicanwomen

The always wonderful Laura Hernandez keeps adding more and more fans from all over the world; and we understand why perfectly; just check these curves and shapes and you too will scream: AY LAURA! Check our ever growing video list and all of Laura’s videos and photo sets. Check our website!


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