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The #1 Place for Big Tits, Small Shirts, Hentai, Blowjobs, Titty Fucks. And some of the biggest boobs on the planet. These girls will do anything to choke on a big dick. If this doesn't get you hard... nothing will - Tigolbitties (@bigtittiesdd)
Expansionfancomics creating high quality fetish @bigtittiesdd


Creating high quality fetish comics can be an odd business sometimes. For example, most of our artists (as far as I know) aren’t even remotely interested in expanding breasts, buttocks, or bellies. They’re just open-minded professionals who are very good at adapting their particular art styles to suit the needs of their audience!

But this site has always prided itself on constantly striding to further improve with every new title, and what better way to do so than to find artists who brings both the quality our fans expect AND a shared affinity for the fetish they love?

It is with that in mind that we are happy to present Expansion Fan’s first collaboration with one of DeviantART’s most popular expansion artists: TLink’s Annie and the Blow-Up Dolls!

Synopsis: Annie and the Blow-Up Dolls is one of the top-selling pop acts in the world, but the band’s tendency to run off solving mysteries, even cancelling concerts to do so, drives their manager crazy. Then a fanboy doses Annie with a chemical that makes her breasts grow when she’s turned on — but she’s kinky for mysteries, not him. So, when a mystery beckons, Annie keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Release Date: September 7th, 2015

Authors: Mac Rome & Valeyard Vince

Lineart: TLink

Colors: Ross A Campbell

Tags: Breast expansion, pleasure, clothes ripping, boob crush, science, sex, ZENITH breasts

Series Link: Annie and the Blow-Up Dolls

Download this comic and all of our other breast expansion comics with a single 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics

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Expansionfancomics expansion fans first foray @bigtittiesdd


Expansion Fan’s first foray into the multi-boob sub-fetish, the erotic-science-fiction-adventure series Girls in Grey, is now available for download!

Synopsis: When the Earth is threatened by alien invasions, it has a secret guardian force: the Girls in Grey. With aliens often using human male breast fixation as part of their plan, G.I.G. has the power, the knowledge and the bust lines to stop them! When the Earth is attacked by an alien menace with growing, multiple breasts, G.I.G. and streetwise waitress Corazon fight to save the world. Will Corazon get a gig with G.I.G.? The Girls in Grey – saving the Earth two tits at a time!

Release Date: October 7th, 2015

Author: Mac Rome

Artwork: Hart (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Breast expansion, deflation, mind control, clothes ripping, lactation, multiple expansions, multi-boobs, science, alien woman, TABOO breasts

Issue Link: Girls in Grey

Download this comic and all of our other breast expansion comics with a single 1-month membership to Expansion Fan Comics

And don’t forget: Expansion Fan Comics is bitcoin-friendly!

Thefitally epic leg day today cant wait for @bigtittiesdd


epic leg day today. cant wait for the new Crush crop tops 😉 😈 14 weeks out from Nationals!
a video of THE BEST glute/ham exercise on my instgram: my own pr! @ allystone

Thefitally matching my house today in my new @bigtittiesdd


matching my house today in my new funky pants. had to document
feeling good at the start of this week. 11 weeks out from Nationals! #miami #RoadToNationals #npcbikini #prep

Thedude3dx alright so this ones a preview of @bigtittiesdd


Alright, so this one’s a preview of the new rendition of Set 2 that I’m working on, as you can see Kayla’s wearing a new top showing off some underboob :D The actual render’s bigger, this is a cropping. Anyway, this is in response to a comment someone left on my previous post, about the cock looking like it’s attached to the body, ie it was too wet compared to other skin. And I agreed with that! It’s part of why I ditched that version of the set. That, and some other reasons.

I do want the dick to gleam a bit more after the action’s begun, because it only makes sense, but the effect was too much in the previous render. To settle worries, I hope you can agree it looks better here :)

Dogmeout join over 20000 other followers @bigtittiesdd


Join over 20.000 other followers

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Busty slim girls truly epic cleavage @bigtittiesdd


Truly epic cleavage

Fuck yoga pants ready for remy @bigtittiesdd


Ready for Remy

Thebombshellmuseum22 harumi nemoto @bigtittiesdd


Harumi Nemoto

Fitjyn workingonmy fitness fitspo blog @bigtittiesdd



Fitspo Blog

Hey I’m on my feed cool

Fitjyn stayhungry stayfree fitjyn i tried @bigtittiesdd




I tried to flex properly after an evening full of volleyball, glutes, abs, and deadmills but I couldn’t feel my body so I just kinda stood there instead

Oh my god, honestly after all that I am amazed you’re even standing at all. SLAYIN’ AS ALWAYS BABYCAKES

I’m sleeping good tonight 😂😅

Funbaggery t h e s e t i t s w i l l h a u n t @bigtittiesdd


T H E S E T I T S W I L L H A U N T Y O U T O Y O U R G R A V E 😳🍈🍈😳👀🍼🍼👀

35 24 35 get your goal body @bigtittiesdd


get your goal body 💕

Deepthroat every day horny teens on webcam live @bigtittiesdd


Horny teens on webcam live & totally free Click Here

Incaseart another commission senna from bleach @bigtittiesdd


Another commission. Senna from bleach in my style

Incaseart looks like prismgirlscom is now open @bigtittiesdd


Looks like is now open to errybody! At least I think so. No announcement was made. But I got an e-mails saying I can share this shit now so I am. 

Gonna start with this little comic I did a couple of months ago. My first AND LAST attempt at doing a painted comic. Almost killed me. Don’t do painted comics kids. Too much work!

I’ll post more comics when I feel like it. 

You can check out more comics here

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Incaseart commission for scaryserum his ocs @bigtittiesdd


Commission for ScarySerum! His OC’s dr.Belphegra Sheridan and Esha Prasad being entertained by Mei Fujimoto under the effects of Teeming Tentacle Tincture. That’s how science is done. 

Incaseart aaand done winner of the second @bigtittiesdd


Aaand done! Winner of the second vote. Gonna start the next vote somewhere thix week.

Incaseart aaand done probably the goofiest @bigtittiesdd


AAand done! Probably the goofiest full color picture I ever did. One more to go in febreuary! I need to set up the vote soon or I’ll run out of time.

Incaseart 3rd page wip still needs some @bigtittiesdd


3rd page wip. Still needs some details added.

Incaseart first four pages of the mess part 2 @bigtittiesdd


First four pages of The Mess part 2 done!

Eight more to go.

I am not sure how to handle the dialogue for this comic. I can either add the dialogue after each page is finished, or wait for the whole comic to be done. Let me know which one you guys prefer:

I thought about making this a patreon poll, but it’s more of a general comic issue.

Incaseart the people have spoken @bigtittiesdd


The people have spoken!

Incaseart here you go i am going to experiment @bigtittiesdd


Here you go! I am going to experiment with different kinds of simple shading from now on. Flat shading is fine for comics etc, but I want the single pics to pop more after all.

Incaseart and we have a winner mother @bigtittiesdd


And we have a winner:

Mother creampies daughter’s ass doggy style

I am going to sketch it out sometime before the next color vote.

Incaseart collered hooker trap giving a futa a @bigtittiesdd


Collered hooker trap giving a futa a blowjob in an alley

Sens18dude futa feast futa 3d dickgirls @bigtittiesdd



#futa #3d #dickgirls
Darkzcornz fireside facial @bigtittiesdd


Fireside facial

Darkzcornz elsa anna moan @bigtittiesdd


Elsa & Anna moan

Funatari is my life futanari dickgirl shemale @bigtittiesdd


futanari dickgirl shemale hentai

Helenowen concept a coffee that tastes @bigtittiesdd


Concept: a coffee that tastes delicious AND boosts your metabolism like woah - helps you burn fat - keeps you energized - motivates you to work out - has zero crash… Concept: Java Babe Coffee.
5 months deep now, a cup a morning. Showing no signs of stopping. #productsthatwork

Yogapantsfeed so very tight so very tasty @bigtittiesdd


So very tight, so very tasty

Smutbunny minx gets a boobjob chavin it @bigtittiesdd


~ Minx gets a boobjob ~
Chavin’ it LARGE innit like <3
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Dufffthings beauty in blue wwwdufffcom @bigtittiesdd


Beauty in blue -

Dufffthings bubble butt wwwdufffcom @bigtittiesdd


Bubble Butt! -

Dufffthings bows and yogapants wwwdufffcom @bigtittiesdd


Bows and yogapants -

Dufffthings three girls at the gym @bigtittiesdd


Three Girls At The Gym -

Dufffthings chloe bruce the stunt double for @bigtittiesdd


Chloe Bruce, the stunt double for Daisy Ridley in The Force Awakens -

Dufffthings yanet garcia wwwdufffcom @bigtittiesdd


Yanet Garcia -

Boobsandsmiles one of many uses for big boobs @bigtittiesdd


One of many uses for big boobs

35 24 35 get your goal body @bigtittiesdd


get your goal body 💕

Poetrystudios gonna be a long day todaygotta @bigtittiesdd


Gonna be a long day today…gotta be comfy

Hugebikiniboobs huge bikini boobs @bigtittiesdd


Huge Bikini Boobs

Fuck yoga pants just do it @bigtittiesdd


Just do it

Giypwtf sandra prikker more girlsinyogapants @bigtittiesdd


Sandra Prikker More Girlsinyogapants pictures @ woah! hot girls in yoga pants

Sizefiend submission from a follower proving @bigtittiesdd


Submission from a follower proving once again that God Is SO Unfair!

Futanari futanari futanari dickgirl shemale @bigtittiesdd


futanari, dickgirl, shemale hentai

Funbaggery id apologize and take a handful @bigtittiesdd


I’d apologize and take a handful.

Funbaggery m cup at least @bigtittiesdd


M cup at least.

14by8inches large boobs babes by @bigtittiesdd


❤️ Large boobs & babes by 14by8inches ❤️ 42k+ followers 💋 17k+ posts 💋 Randomise

Praisemybigblackcock @bigtittiesdd