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NSFW/For adults only! Leave now if you do not care for adult content!!! Pictures of men/scenes that I find erotic. You can get a good sense of what I'm like (or what I like) from what gets posted here. - bikeguy13 (@bikeguy13)
Best selfie ever @bikeguy13

best. selfie. ever. 

Cornfed @bikeguy13


Loved this late 70s honcho guy @bikeguy13

loved this late 70s Honcho guy

I want to be right there @bikeguy13

I want to be right there

Show him the way @bikeguy13

show him the way. 

Stud @bikeguy13


La policia @bikeguy13

la policia

What a chin @bikeguy13

what a chin. 

Id be selfish and fight for roccosteelexxx s @bikeguy13

I’d be selfish and fight for @roccosteelexxx ‘s cock.  No sharing.  :)

Get on it @bikeguy13

get on it

Carhartt hottie @bikeguy13

Carhartt hottie

Tim tebow is a doucheand you know id still @bikeguy13

Tim Tebow is a douche…….and you know, I’d still suck his cock. 

Cigardadclassic god damn @bikeguy13


god damn

Incestandotherstuff are you sure its okay if we @bikeguy13


Are you sure its okay if we fuck your Son like this?

Oh ya.  I’ve been doing it for years

Eat daddy adams hole i would @bikeguy13

eat daddy Adam’s hole.  I would.    ( @adamrussoxxx )