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NSFW/For adults only! Leave now if you do not care for adult content!!! Pictures of men/scenes that I find erotic. You can get a good sense of what I'm like (or what I like) from what gets posted here. - bikeguy13 (@bikeguy13)
Happy 4th @bikeguy13

happy 4th

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Cock Sucking, Cum Spewing, Man on Man Action ~ Every Hour 24/7.
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Human sculpture @bikeguy13

human sculpture

This is like me most days @bikeguy13

this is like me, most days

Super @bikeguy13


Montydave woof @bikeguy13



The main stage @bikeguy13

the main stage

I got it for you right here @bikeguy13

i got it for you - right HERE!

Fagformen you liked summers with uncle joe @bikeguy13


You liked summers with uncle Joe - Tho this year he was rougher with you then he had been in the past…

….but he had to be.

Formal casual bears @bikeguy13

formal / casual bears

Fucking hot bryce harper @bikeguy13

fucking hot Bryce Harper

Self medicating @bikeguy13

self medicating

Waiting for it to be recycled would take it from @bikeguy13

waiting for it to be recycled. would take it from his tap!

Breakfast @bikeguy13



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