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Now Be a Good Girl @bimboeyes

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Living with my girlfriend who gets pleasure from being my arm candy. Who calls me daddy in public and enjoys a good remote vibrator in her panties while we're out on a date. I believe that woman are the most beautiful thing on this planet. I also believe that they can be what ever they want. It just so happens that I'm attracted to the ones that choose to be brainless, cock happy bimbos with massive amounts of silicone stuffed in their tits. If you're a girl that chose that path, I say all the power to you! Now get on your knees, push those tits together and suck my cock. - Now Be a Good Girl (@bimboeyes)
Bimboeyes heavy round and full of silicone @bimboeyes


Heavy, round and full of silicone.
My little baby girl is still getting used to her big girl titties.

Foreverdaddysbabygirl i still cant believe @bimboeyes


I still can’t believe these are my boobies!!! When I walk I can totally feel them jiggle! ^_^ It feels really good for some reason!

Thisnameichoose zilla308 thinking of making @bimboeyes



Thinking of making prints to sell in my shop! Would anyone be interested in this set as one poster?

Uhm yes. Yes I would.

Candyhousebimbos dollyvisha worship him his @bimboeyes



Worship Him, His cock is the most important thing you will ever have in your mouth, aside from His cum. Spend as long as He wants you to, sucking and licking and savoring every inch of His cock and thank Him for the load of cum He fills your whore mouth with.

well said, young lady!

Candyhousebimbos the epitome of modern @bimboeyes


The epitome of modern womanhood

Enigmamre being a bimbo is about embracing your @bimboeyes


Being a bimbo is about embracing your inner femininity and showing it to the world. Let them see a feminine thing when they look at you.

Gigidamore who misses my purple hair already @bimboeyes


Who misses my purple hair already?? I’m struggling…sherbet cupcake or purple princess..??????????

Just sexy chicks brittanya razavi @bimboeyes


Brittanya Razavi

Just sexy chicks beth lily @bimboeyes


Beth Lily

Jesus h pervert yup all of this @bimboeyes


Yup. All of this.

Heavy round and full of silicone my little baby @bimboeyes

Heavy, round and full of silicone.
My little baby girl is still getting used to her big girl titties.