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This is an 18+ blog ONLY. Living with my girlfriend who gets pleasure from being my arm candy. Who calls me daddy in public and enjoys a good remote vibrator in her panties while we're out on a date. I believe that woman are the most beautiful thing on this planet. I also believe that they can be what ever they want. It just so happens that I'm attracted to the ones that choose to be brainless, cock happy bimbos with massive amounts of silicone stuffed in their tits. If you're a girl that chose that path, I say all the power to you! Now get on your knees, push those tits together and suck my cock. - Now Be a Good Girl (@bimboeyes)
Fakeboobsworld aletta ocean @bimboeyes


Aletta Ocean

The girl who @foreverdaddysbabygirl wanted her tits to look like. I’m not sure… but I think she ended up a lot bigger then Aletta’s…
Bimbopartygirl beautiful bpg @bimboeyes


Beautiful  :) BPG

Its hotinstagramgirls world tawny jordan ring @bimboeyes


Tawny Jordan Ring

Bimboeyes i dont mean to sound like an @bimboeyes


I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but the cocky smirk she has on her face makes me want to bend her over the patio railing over looking the public beach and fuck the ever-living shit out of her. Make her moan like the little slut she is and then stop right before she orgasms. She’ll beg me to keep going, ignoring the fact that her top had fallen off leaving her round fake tits out for everyone to see. I wouldn’t continue until she told me what I wanted to hear. My cock teasing the entrance of her drenched, quivering pussy, it only takes a few moments before she can’t hold back any longer. Turning toward the beach, mascara running down her cheeks she yells, “I’m just fucking slut. A fake titted, stupid little girl who always needs cock! Please fill me up daddy!!!” Just saying the words makes her realize how true it really is. Seeing a married couple walking by, she arches her back and sticks her fake titties out like the horny little bimbo she now knew she was. “Please daddy! Fuck my little pussy! I promise I’ll be a good girl!”

Yeah, that’s pretty much what her smirk makes me think of.

Bimboeyes bimbodreams even though they were @bimboeyes



Even though they were larger than she had agreed to, she found she loved them.

She knew she could never hide them. She would permanently look like a big titted slut. But the funny thing was… it didn’t bother her. In fact, she felt her pussy start to drip at the thought of a fat cock between her new inflated bimbo tits. Her college ambitions were quickly being replaced by an overwhelming hunger to be filled with cock. To plaster her titties in a thick layer of cum while having her tight little cunt and ass thoroughly fucked by one cock after another.

Yes they were bigger than she originally wanted, but she wasn’t a cum hungry bimbo slut then either.

Bimboeyes i cant believe you came on me i @bimboeyes


“I can’t believe you came on me!” I was furious! It was my husband’s birthday and I finally agreed to give him oral sex. “I never said you could come on me! You got it all over my titties! I mean tits! Err.. boobies!” Damn it! Why couldn’t I say fun bags!? What!? I couldn’t even think of the right word any more!

My husband just looked down on me with a smile on his face. “Oh yeah babe, that’s my cum seeping into your skin. I took a few pills that would make my jizz turn you into the brainless fuck slut you were always meant to be.”

I couldn’t believe him!

“Oh look, it seems your bimbo tits are filling out quickly”

I looked down in horror. My usual modest B cups began to expand. I could actually feel the sili.. silico… balloon thingy’s filling up inside me. I raised my hands up to them just as they stopped. These weren’t boobies.. these we’re udders! Giant bimbo titties just perfect for titty fucking!

Wait no that’s not right! I need to get away!

“You can’t do this to me! You can’t- oomph!” …like, he shoved his cum covered dick in my mouth…giggle. It’s not like I have anything important to say. I’m just a bimbo… a bimbo with big fake titties and a mouth and pussy just waiting to be filled. I hope he gets hard again soon! My ass could you use a good fucking!

MY VERY FIRST POST ON HERE. Before I met my love foreverdaddysbabygirl, this blog started as a place where I would write out my fantasies. 

I kind of miss writing them. Would anyone out there enjoy them if I wrote some more?

Mannequinfetish that top nb @bimboeyes


That top. *NB

Bimbodreams she just had to compare real quick @bimboeyes


She just had to compare real quick.

Dirtygifsfan foreverdaddysbabygirl @bimboeyes







I never would have thought this would be me. Showing my boobies online. But I love my new boobies! And I really just want to show them off!

But when ever someone reblogs a photo of me and adds some derogatory comment, I can hear the feminist in me screaming. But then, I get distracted by the warm, happy feeling between my legs… and after reading the comments a few times, I usually end up in my room with one hand on my new tits and one working one of my favorite toys between my legs.

Am I really now just some bimbo on tumblr with big, fake tits??? Like, do guys jack off to my photos?

And if so, why do those thoughts turn me on so much????

Mmmmmm yes you are a bimbo with fake tits baby! Thats how every man is gonna see you now and thats okay! Men can give you anything you want so be happy you can attract more of them by being a bimbo slut! Embrace it! Sex is fun and natural in any way so go with it! Also to answer your other question, yes, mean jerk off to you all the time and wish they were inside your tight wet holes while licking sucking and biting your bimbo tits! Im doing it now and it feels amazing! I wanna use your holes as much as i want and let my hung friends help me! Keep posting gorgeous! 😘😘😍

Ok I think I’m ok with it now. I mean, Daddy does all the important thinking for me and I do have big, round titties… I guess then, yeah… I’m a bimbo. Ok wow, that felt really good to write that! Of course I’m a silly bimbo! I mean, I do what Daddy says and I show off my big fuckable, plastic melons for him anytime we go out! Also, I’m ALWAYS grabbing Daddy’s cock through his pants when we go out! I can’t help it!
You jerked off to my big bimbo titties? :) That’s all I am huh? A big pair of fake tits and and holes for men to fantasize about stuffing. Fuck, that’s hot!!!! ✨💕✨

Mmmmm thats such a good girl realizing what you were made for! Keep grabbing your daddies cock and making him cum as much as he wants and anytime he wants! You are a big titted bimbo for daddy to use and fill up with warm cum anytime he wants! If daddy wants you to please his friends, you do it! If daddy tells you to finger yourself no matter the place, you do it! And yes i came so fucking hard to your big fake tits you sexy slut! Ugh i wish i could help your daddy use you! Keep posting bimbo😘

Uhgg!!! I feel so guilty for enjoying this thought! Of being nothing but Daddy’s big tittied arm candy. Yes I grab daddy’s cock when we’re in public to be a sneaky bad girl, but if Daddy was to spank me or grab my plastic melons in Target, I’m not sure if I would say stop him or if I would just giggle and say “Thank you Daddy.” Fuck! Why does it turn me on so much to thought of as just a sex object! I’m HAPPY you came to my tits!!! They’re big and fake and amazing and I bet they could make your cock cum in seconds if you titty fucked me! Oh god yes!!! Call me a sexy slut!!! That’s what I feel like! If daddy was fucking me from behind and you walked up I wouldn’t even think… I would just open my mouth and do what I’m made to do. Fill my slutty mouth with your cock! Just PROMISE ME that you and Daddy will cum on my tits when you finish!! I wanna feel all that hot yummy cum coating my plastic tits while I play with my pussy like a good little girl!

Dont EVER feel guilty for enjoying these thoughts! Be happy proud and embrace them all! If your daddy every spanks you or grabs your bimbo tits in public you must always enjoy it and thank daddy for treating you like his property! You know why it turns you on so much to be treated like a bimbo slut, dont act like you dont. You know deep down thats what you were born to do, was to be a hole for daddy and other men to stick their cocks inside and use you to make them cum as much as they need! Ive came to your beautiful bimbo tits multiple times and also what you say in these replies. God you ARE A SEXY SLUT!!! Id tit fuck you over and over again shooting load after load all over your tits without cleaning it up so more and more builds up on your perfect chest! If daddy was fucking you from behind you BETTER just open your mouth when i walk in because i ALWAYS want and need to cum so id just wall up and slide all 8 inches of my thick smooth young cock down your wet throat! Mmmmm fuck!!! Youre so fucking sexy and bad you gorgeous bimbo slut!! Your daddy is a lucky man

Oh baby girl, you’re absolutely perfect. Just enjoy every feeling that enters that silly head of yours. Remember when you first saw the images of girls on my tumblr? How you thought their tits were WAY TOO BIG. Well now your titties are bigger then most of their’s! In fact at lunch today, your titties were practically spilling out of your push-up bra!
Also remember there was a time when you were nervous and unsure about me touching you below your pussy? Now you beg me to stuff your ass with one of your toys when I’m fucking you!

So listen to @dirtygifsfan and never feel guilty about those thoughts!

Know that your daddy is proud of his silly, fake titted, horny little girl.

Skyped with foreverdaddysbabygirl tonight while @bimboeyes

Skyped with foreverdaddysbabygirl tonight while I’m away. Sorry people just gotta be sappy! I love this girl like crazy!

Foreverdaddysbabygirl yessssssss soon baby @bimboeyes



Soon baby.

Theoryofbimboperfection @bimboeyes



Guys, what do you think? Do you like my titties??

Or do they need to be bigger and rounder all around???

They are a fantastic start. But follow your instincts you’ve stated in other posts because if that’s you’re desire, it’ll make you happier in the long run. Go bigger and rounder.

Daddysdlg lets play daddy @bimboeyes


Let’s play, Daddy! 💋

Foreverdaddysbabygirl im silly and forget @bimboeyes


Im silly and forget sometimes. 😛 I feel so little inside when I’m with Daddy. I love that he tells me what to do, so I don’t need to worry about doing the wrong thing! I’m just a little girl with a Daddy that takes care of me!

But then I look in the mirror and see a big girl, with massively fake big girl titties and it makes me feel really sexy and yummy! ✨🎀✨

Babygirl! You can be a little girl on the inside and still feel sexy and yummy. Don’t worry that little head of yours! Love you and can’t wait to see you in a week!

Zapnosis good girl @bimboeyes


Good Girl!

Foreverdaddysbabygirl exactly how i want my @bimboeyes


Exactly how I want my boobs to look up top when not in a bra!!!

Rantsofacurvelover @bimboeyes



The longer she held her breath the bigger her @bimboeyes

The longer she held her breath, the bigger her titties got and more thoughts just popped out of her brain.

Boltontits redhead and fake tits a killer @bimboeyes


Redhead and fake tits. A killer pair.

Bigboobed amateurhour just a little horny @bimboeyes


“Just a little horny.”

Thanks for the submission. We’d love to see your face, though.

Mr h 999 so sweet bffs @bimboeyes


So sweet


Though she looks innocent she is the one that @bimboeyes

Though she looks innocent, she is the one that decided to inflate her tits into heavy round melons.

So damn hot.

Bimbopartygirl i like those @bimboeyes


I like those 😁👍

wannabe-wifesharer submitted: 

Realgirls365 this is a great idea for a photo @bimboeyes


This is a great idea for a photo shoot and would love to do one like this some day. Those are at least DD’s stuffed into an A cup bra. Look at the way those straps and the cups themselves are straining…if she just jumps up and down once i think that whole thing could just disintegrate. It also looks like a pretty amateur shot given the background and lighting. Would have loved to see her getting that thing on those big tits. 

Jnailer46 billyguitar77 thisisfun lets @bimboeyes


billyguitar77: let’s do it  🎸

This is definitely the kind of woman I really want my fiance to want to be like definitely

Jimmytulip2003 helen de muro @bimboeyes


Helen De Muro

This image will forever make me think of @bimboeyes

This image will forever make me think of bimbocandy

Enterwilderness foreverdaddysbabygirl daddy @bimboeyes



Daddy, are they big enough?

Hmmmmmmm, nicely done foreverdaddysbabygirl. I’m not your daddy but those fun bags create desire. 💋
Foreverdaddysbabygirl sometimes i like compare @bimboeyes


Sometimes I like compare my tits to how they were before to really appreciate them! I totally forgot how much lower my nipples were!

I love my new boobies!!!!

Dollyleighofficial sabrina nellie feeling moody @bimboeyes



Feeling moody but at least I have cute clothes to wear

those shorts ugh <3

Bimbohearts foreverdaddysbabygirl i never @bimboeyes



I never would have thought this would be me. Showing my boobies online. But I love my new boobies! And I really just want to show them off!

But when ever someone reblogs a photo of me and adds some derogatory comment, I can hear the feminist in me screaming. But then, I get distracted by the warm, happy feeling between my legs… and after reading the comments a few times, I usually end up in my room with one hand on my new tits and one working one of my favorite toys between my legs.

Am I really now just some bimbo on tumblr with big, fake tits??? Like, do guys jack off to my photos?

And if so, why do those thoughts turn me on so much????

Omg her boobs are amazing

Foreverdaddysbabygirl why i decided to get @bimboeyes


Why I Decided to Get (huge) Fake Boobies

I’ve wanted implants for ever 10 years now. I love my curves and I love LOVE my big ass!!! But I always felt my top half didn’t match the rest of my body. So after a lot of thought and a LOT of research (and with a bit of financial help from Daddy) I finally decided to do it!

But why so big?
I’d say it was a mix of a two things. The first one is that when I started to do my research, I found out that one of the biggest problems girls had after implants was that they had wished they went BIGGER! It’s called “the booby greed” and I didn’t want to have that!! The second reason was… well, I know daddy loves big tits! 💁
Before anybody freaks out, I got my new boobs FOR ME. But while I was at it, why not become Daddy’s big titted dream girl? 💖💕

And now I have huge tits! (Well huge to me!) I went from a 32B to a 32F!!! I love how I look when I look in the mirror! Yes, finding bras and tops that fit perfectly can be a little challenging, but so worth it! I love how I look in a pair of short shorts and tight T-shirt without a bra! And I love how Daddy looks at me too!

Something else that surprised me that I really like. When I walk, I can totally feel the weight of them move and jiggle. It just makes me feel so… womanly!!!

Foreverdaddysbabygirl i still cant believe @bimboeyes


I still can’t believe these are my boobies!!! When I walk I can totally feel them jiggle! ^_^ It feels really good for some reason!

Fakeboobsworld brooke tyler @bimboeyes


Brooke Tyler

One of the hottest bimbos out there and she’s 48 freaken years old.

Mindbrokensluts who would buy such a blatantly @bimboeyes


Who would buy such a blatantly self deprecating t-shirt? ‘I am a dumb cow’ was emblazoned across the chest of an article of clothing which I had by chance picked of the rack at my local charity shop. Buying it was one things but donating it to charity? Simply detestable!

I can’t see why anyone would wear this. Maybe it was a joke or something? Sometimes I don’t get jokes…friends tell me I can be a bit stuck up but…I just don’t find stuff like that funny. The material is nice at least. Really soft. It’s too bad for the slogan because it would be a real high quality t-shirt without it. Hmmm what if I buy it and remove the lettering? Yeah that’s a great idea! I’ll head to the till now.

“Hi, just this please”

The woman smiled as she took the t-shirt. She glanced at me weirdly when she saw the print on it.

“Okaaaay…that will be £5 please”

“I’m going to remove that typing you know…here.”

I left the charity shop a little embarrassed but who cares what that woman thinks, I don’t deserve to be judged even if I am a dumb cow, which of course I’m not. I went to university for God’s sake…and I don’t look even look remotely like a cow. I suppose that look would be characterised by massive tits-‘udders’, floppy cow ears and a tail or something. I have none of those.

After getting home from the shops I had some stuff to unpack, including the absurd cow t-shirt. After putting several articles in the wardrobe I decided to try it on…that material still feels great. I bet it would be really comfy and loose fitting. I took off my current shirt and pulled the new one over my head. It slid on easily and I was right! So lovely! Why would they make such a trashy t-shirt out of…whatever dreamy stuff this was made of?

It’s so nice I don’t want to ever take it off. Something just feels so right when it’s on. If I had to be critical I would say it feels a little itchy in the chest area. Not itchy, more…tingly. That could be my bra actually…it was starting to feel tight, it can get like that when I’m out all day though. I should probably get a new one. I’ll just take this thing off, since I don’t expect to be going out again today, and I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind.

I unclasped my bra under my t-shirt- you know some men can’t get them undone when they’re staring at the clasp- and misogynists have the audacity to call us the inferior gender…ha! Pulling out my bra from under my t-shirt I felt immediately better.

“Aaah that’s much better”

My udders felt great being out of that constrictive bra. I-what the hell? Did I just think udders? I meant breasts! It’s been a long, hot day today, my brain must be really frazzled. Dumb cow t-shirt! I mean that the cow t-shirt is dumb not…ahh whatever I know what I mean.

It’s true though, about my u…breats! They feel great! I just want to…rub them…mmmmm they do ‘feel’ great…and…swollen? Are my breasts getting bigger? I was a B cup earlier and now they seem bigger. That’s just downright impossible! I’m squeezing tighter but…they still feel larger…in fact, I can feel them growing as I squeeze them! They must have grown two cup sizes while I’ve had my hands on them…shit! What’s going on!?!

Not only are my udders growing but they feel so sensitive. I just have to rub them more…massage them…gently, oh it feels so good.

“Oh God! Ahh mmm oh!”

They’re- udders! I called them udders again! I nearly completely let that slip because I was so engrossed in fondling them…fondling my…my…well honestly they look pretty udder like right now. They’re massive! They’ve grown like four cup sizes already! How the hell am I going to explain this to my husband? I’m still rubbing them…pinching my nip-


What the hell was that? Moo? I’ve never mooed before! Especially not so…lewdly! I’m not some dumb cow…the t-shirt…is it doing this to me? Have to get it off…have to…tell my husband….get it off…tell husband…get him off….I….what…?

Crap…my thoughts….I can’t stop thinking about milking my nice udders for him….maybe he can give me a titfuck and share some milk of his own with me and- stop! Take of the t-shirt! I can resist this! I’ll just reach my arm into the sleeve…and…umm…..pull…something? I know how to take off a t-shirt! Don’t I…?

I can’t help myself, I really am turning into a dumb cow. I just want to suck master’s cock! Master? I mean….ummmm what was his name again? All I can think of is master…he’s so powerful…authoritative…want him to brand me with his hot dick….I….must resist…I….must suck…I…….I….moo? Moo! MOOOO?!?

And that was all she ever thought, from then on. Her husband found her in quite the state, mooing helplessly, and when he realised his wife was completely gone they fucked- like the animal she was. Although he missed his intelligent wife, he enjoyed his new dumb cow a lot more.

Well done. Very hot.

Polaroid tits @bimboeyes

Polaroid Tits

How my babygirl looked 3 months into our @bimboeyes

How my babygirl looked 3 months into our relationship and how she looks now.

It’ s amazing the doc was able to inflate her tits to that size in one surgery!

Pixeefoxs expression in this photo is so stupidly @bimboeyes

pixeefox’s expression in this photo is so stupidly hot that it deserves a repeat post.

Pixeefox humanbarbie doll dolltransformation @bimboeyes


#Humanbarbie #doll #dolltransformation #barbie #barbiegirl #plasticsurgery #plasticfantastic #plasticgirl #scandinavianbarbie #plasticdoll #plasticsponsor #humandoll #xlimplants #extreamecurves #beauty #blond #pixie

Hotfitnesswomen just tear that apart @bimboeyes


Just tear that apart

My baby was cleaning her closet today when she @bimboeyes

My baby was cleaning her closet today when she found an old 34B “little girl” bra that she had before she got big, bimbo titties.

Is it weird that im jealous of my babygirls @bimboeyes

Is it weird that I’m jealous of my babygirl’s seatbelt?

My baby girl and her beautifully fake 32f melons @bimboeyes

My baby girl and her beautifully fake 32F melons.

Foreverdaddysbabygirl um so my titties look huge @bimboeyes


Um… so my titties look HUGE in this pic!
Surprised daddy when he came home from work today by having this on while I was doing my chores! ^_^

That’s because your tits ARE huge baby girl!

Bimboeyes mastersbelladoll i like the way you @bimboeyes



I like the way you like the way you made me.

You feel the weight of your enormous fake titties on your chest. The thickness of a warm cock sliding in and out of your plump lips.

A year ago you were majoring in microbiology. Then you met “him”.

At 6'3", he made you feel small. Weak. You found yourself giggling when you were around him. He liked it when you giggled. You saw him checking out that blonde girl at the movie theater. You decided to dye your hair blonde.

He told you at lunch you should get your tits done. You got mad and drove home. The next day you decided to see a plastic surgeon - “just for information”. A week later each of your tits were being stuffed with 800cc’s of silicone.

You’re standing in front of the mirror. A year ago you were wearing jeans and t-shirt. Today: cutoff jean shorts so short the bottom of your ass shows. And up top, just a tight baby pink tank top. No need for a bra since your EE fake tits stand up just fine on their own.

What’s happened to you? In one year you went from a microbiology major to a bimbo receptionist to a Hooters waitress and then finally a stripper. Just last night you sucked off an entire bachelor party in the champagne room. You knew you weren’t supposed to, but grinding on all those cocks just got your little pussy so hot and wet.

You look down and see your nipples getting visibly hard. Fuck you’re getting horny. This isn’t you. He did this. You know that. He turned you into this hot little piece of ass. This big titted cock socket. Hmm.. cock socket. You realize that’s what you are now. Nothing more then an object for cocks to unload their cum into.  You feel your bald pussy start drip from that last thought.

He’s behind you. You feel him pressed against you. His cock already hard. You turn around and without a word unzip his pants.

For one last moment you remember who you were. You had a future. You were smart. He grabs your silicone inflated tits. You were- fuck you’re horny. That cock should already be in your mouth.

Before getting on your knees, you open your mouth. Not to speak. What does a brainless little girl like you have to say? You look at “him” and let out a little girlish giggle before finding your home on your knees.

He likes it when you giggle.

(Some details borrowed from the life of bimbocandy . Don’t worry, I promise I’ll take good care of them and return them when I’m done.)

Bimboeyes heavy round and full of silicone my @bimboeyes


Heavy, round and full of silicone.
My little baby girl is still getting used to her big girl titties.