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THE SLUT HUT. @bimbofication

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(18+) only. I'm Male, 29 years old, and I love bimbos. I believe females should learn their place and this blog is to teach them. All females should strive to look like the dumb sluts on this blog. - THE SLUT HUT. (@bimbofication)
Hugefakebreastlover just incredibly perfect @bimbofication


Just incredibly perfect what a turn on - huge round firm implants

Degradedbimbo no matter where my bimbo goes @bimbofication


No matter where my bimbo goes she’ll be dressed like she’s ready and willing to suck cock at any time. 

Laceywildd laceywilddnet i am always pushing @bimbofication


LACEYWILDD.NET I am always pushing my limits. #faketitsdriday #blondenation #busty #bluejeans #boobjob #bodymodification

Laceywildd i have become a home body due to @bimbofication


I have become a home body due to cell phone photo bombs in public. And people who freak me out in parking lots. Being chased and harrassed.,#scary #stalkers

Slaves4profit all women need implants these @bimbofication


All women need implants. These should be the minimum mandatory breast size for all women.

Darkersideofthestone the new average @bimbofication


The New Average

Onlyslimnstacked bianca beauchamp covered but @bimbofication


Bianca Beauchamp - covered but not covered if you get my drift.