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Bimbo Sissy Cock Slut @bimbosissymichelle

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I'm a totally braindead bimbo sissy living in Cambridge, UK. I am filthy nympho slut who is completely obsessed with cock and have to have it every day! I dress like a slut and have sex with anyone who wants it every day of my life. If you want me to suck your cock and fuck my sissy ass then all you have to do is ask! - Bimbo Sissy Cock Slut (@bimbosissymichelle)
Becomingsissy do you love being a mindless bimbo @bimbosissymichelle


Do you love being a mindless Bimbo girl ?

Seattlejasmine httpseattlejasminetumblrcom @bimbosissymichelle


Your dating app is the public bathroom.

Sissy maker sissy maker where boys become @bimbosissymichelle


Sissy-Maker   Where Boys become Girls

Sissy maker sissy maker where boys become @bimbosissymichelle



Where Boys become Girls

Sissy maker sissy maker where boys become @bimbosissymichelle



Where Boys become Girls

Sissyfemminuccia take note sissies we are made @bimbosissymichelle


Take note sissies: we are made ​​only to serve men!

Ten ways how I live my life!

Sissy fag @bimbosissymichelle


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Sissiestaci cockdrunk dress up for daddy @bimbosissymichelle



Dress up for daddy.

Aren’t those the cutest panties n so love the outfit n yes love how enthusiastically she’s enjoying that amazing n oh so arouseing cock

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Follow my tumblr —-> Pretty Pink Sissy Perv

Yes Ido

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Give in. You know you’re a sissy faggot for life.
-Alpha Male Daddy

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Sexy Sophie Barrett!

Msterg maid training does cum with @bimbosissymichelle


Maid training does cum with benefits…smile

Ifucksissies put your head down and your ass @bimbosissymichelle


put your head down and your ass up, blondie, and stop yammering.

Sissyslave germany @bimbosissymichelle


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YES! Join my Tumblr!!! —->

Sissy Perv

Positive reinforcement for Sissies. Watch it everyday.

💋Crave it💋
💖Suck it💗
🌹Adore it🌹

Tell me all you would do to me if you owned my @bimbosissymichelle

Tell me all YOU would do to me if YOU OWNED my sissy ass?????

My little cuck wish you were here now then i @bimbosissymichelle

my little cuck

Wish you were here now. Then i wouldn’t have to go out looking for some cock!

Im more fun than their wives @bimbosissymichelle

I’m more fun than their wives.

Was there ever any doubt its too late now @bimbosissymichelle

Was there ever any doubt ? It’s too late now!

Closetsissy you like that outfit dont you @bimbosissymichelle


you like that outfit dont you sissy?

Bend over and daddy mike will fuck your sissy ass @bimbosissymichelle

Bend over and Daddy Mike will fuck your sissy ass silly and then finish by stuffing your pie hole with my cock and cum loa!

Yes please!!!

Darksideofacd 100 true @bimbosissymichelle


100% true

Tstoons love the look on her face @bimbosissymichelle


Love the look on her face

Proudbimbo please dont remove the text from @bimbosissymichelle


(Please Don’t Remove The Text from this post if you’re kind enough to repost, it’s quite important to me - pic without text is here)

Part three of my “bimbo crisis”. Read parts one and two here


So I guess I didn’t really answer the Am I a bimbo? question but I think the answer is, yes, but I am my bimbo. I am taking the parts of the bimbo lifestyle that I want and making them my own. There’s no judging panel for the Bimbo World to say if I am or not, only myself – so I’m making the term my own. So here are my bimbo rules for myself.

Proud Bimbo’s Ten Point Manifesto

1. I will make sex a priority always. I can, and will, say no if I don’t want to have sex with someone but I will never say no for misguided moral reasons.

2. I will dress sexily at all times, favouring all things short, tight, low cut, sheer, high-of-heel, and revealing. I will pay special attention to my make-up and keep my body free of hair at all times. 

3. I will do all I can to please men sexually but demand that they do all they can to please me sexually too. I will orgasm as often as I can, by myself and with others. 

4. I will work very hard to make every man’s sexual encounter with me as memorable as possible, using every part of my body and mind.

5. I will be subservient to men only in the bedroom, and then only when I choose. I believe in powerful, intelligent, capable women in the world. 

6. I will do all I can to show my happy side and try to make other people – especially men – happy to be around me. I will compliment men whenever I can to boost their egos (apart from bastards who will, as ever, get the sharp end of my tongue).

7. I will be a “worthless fuckdoll” when I choose to be and only when I choose to be. 

8. I will keep an open mind sexually and aim to try every new sexual experience that comes my way.

9. I will work to improve my sexual skills and my make my body more attractive and better for sex at every opportunity. 

10. I will be a shameless bimbo. By which I mean I will have no shame about my love of sex or the way I dress. 

I reserve the right to change these at any time or leave the bimbo lifestyle at any time, I will also give myself an exit strategy until that point where I decide that I don’t want one. 

(Thanks for listening - let me know what you think via Ask and how your own manifesto is different.)

Me you want its making me so hungry @bimbosissymichelle

me - you want?

It’s making me SO hungry.

Absolutely anything @bimbosissymichelle

Absolutely anything!!!!

Yum yum @bimbosissymichelle

Yum yum. 

Everyone who has met me knows just how true this @bimbosissymichelle

Everyone who has met me knows just how true this is about me. Don’t hide away and live a fantasy life. Make it a reality!