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BIMBO's aka Beautiful, Incredible, Mesmerizing, Barbie Of course. Goddesses of beauty, sexuality and joy, which no man can resist... Pls feel free to send your bimbo blog url to my e-mail bimbobarbies() =) Lets keep in touch and let the bimbo community spread and grow! *Unless otherwise stated, none of the photographs, images or other files that appear on this tumblr account are mine. I do not claim ownership. Everything that appears on this website is assumed to be in the public domain. Should you be the owner of material posted on this website, please send me a message and that content will be removed.* - Bimbo Barbies (@bimbosnbarbies)
Starman191 starman191 @bimbosnbarbies



Mybimbolove nice pair of tits and dick sucking @bimbosnbarbies


Nice pair of tits and dick sucking lips…

Good girls vs bad girls @bimbosnbarbies


“Good” girls vs “bad” girls. Who will win? Whores will win by a 21 inches at least!

Whore and proud of it!

Please like, follow, share like crazy and say no to slut-shaming!

- Sluttier the Prettier -

Mini skirts street wear @bimbosnbarbies


Mini skirt is best way to show off your booty, which you have trained and worked so hard to get. Let our booties shine!

- slutty 4 ever - 

Sluts dress better mini skirt fashion @bimbosnbarbies


I’m a slut and I know how to dress better than you

- Sluts, always ahead of fashion -

Dress slutty stop slut shaming mini skirts @bimbosnbarbies


I like my skirts short. If you don’t like it, you can go to dress like your grandma and visit a boring woolly museum.

- Stop the slut-shaming! -