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Bisexual sexoholic from Poland @bipl

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I love sex, I love porn, I love girls, I love boys! - Bisexual sexoholic from Poland (@bipl)
Wanking to your blog @bipl

Wanking to your blog

With pleasure @bipl

With pleasure…

Fuckyeahfriendlyfire str8rb8r @bipl






Every time my brain thinks, “I’m horny,” it simultaneously thinks, “I wonder what’s on tumblr right now.”

Every time!

Yes please @bipl

Yes please…

Secretlaurie i want to be covered in cum and @bipl


I want to be covered in cum and fucked so hard…

I wish to cum on your face and then fuck you hard

Jrm1307 every chance possible i wish to @bipl


Every chance possible…

I wish to…

Gerarddodd drkmedic ostyb @bipl









Yes, yes I would!

Most definitely

DrkMedic: As often as you like.

Yes I would definitely.

Oh yes… Wherever and whenever you want it…

Nymphocouple lovestowatch228 krstee i @bipl




I willing to see what shows up in my inbox! =)

Yes. Please.

Send me selfies 😘


Dddcouplfun amysissyslave10 @bipl





Fire away

Fuck yea

Ask me anything

Sure why not

Yes please

Laura pyrek 23 year old @bipl

Laura Pyrek; 23 year old

A black mans sperm needs a devoted vessel @bipl

   A Black Man’s sperm needs a devoted vessel

   Moist lips glide smoothly around the shaft of heavenly delight. Deep inside the drenched oral cavity, a tongue follows the trail the moist lips set into motion. The mouth, a delicate flower that blossoms to feast upon a raging Black Man’s thunder to drain the nectar and fill its flesh with the salty taste of hot sperm. The fluid song fellatio hums with the gurgling saliva the artist uses to keep wet the vessel of its desire until its tongue feels the shudder of blood rushing, and the moan of a Black Man whose hands won’t let go of a firmly gripped head fills the ears of giver and Deserved One to become the soundtrack for the moments of pure splendor only a cock-sucker and the Man they feed on can dance to. No matter how many viewers become aroused by this action between two, its only they who find the most explosive pleasures in this private yet very open act of devotion and understanding. For the cock-sucker is devoted to sucking Dick and they need it daily. For the Black Man is deserving of such wanton performance from a mouth skilled enough to offer its whole in servitude to the orgasm they will share, and find their place within.

   Hot breath soothes the hard shaft as it makes the wet trail of spit and passion evaporate into the air they both breathe in. Hot breath escapes a Man whose words of scorn keep the agile cock-sucker in full motion trying so very hard to make the next downswing of their moist lips even better than their last glide up the rigid snake. To know their drenched mouth keeps this powerful member fully aware of who is servicing it with all their might, to know they can keep sucking and have the Man feel the awesome glory of a cock-sucker intent on worship makes them float above all the real world’s issues and find themselves in a world all their own where their mouth makes a Black Man spew. The contrast of skin, the smells of a Black Man whose pubic hairs scent the nostrils of the plunging cock-sucker’s face and reveals the aroma of supreme. To live in this most perfect of scenarios where the mouth religiously obeys all its primal commandments and sucks this delicious Black Dick like a whore’s pussy harvests load after load on Superbowl night. To be the best place a Black Man can rest in and find solace. To be the wet vessel for a Black Man to rage against, defile and abuse until there is naught but gagging and choking and the endless flow of hot, sticky lava meant to birth a new generation. Action and reaction, two play the game of taking and being prey for the prey has to feed to keep living. 

   Moist lips glide smoothly around the shaft of heavenly delight. Born hungry, the gender nor the ease of action make a difference for a cock-sucker shall be fed. To deny an oral cavity whose tongue lies in wait a fine meal is to deny nature the ebb and flow of the orgasm. To hold back a fresh load of seething cum from a cock-sucker craving a lengthy ride on a Black Man’s power minimizes Black Dick for it shall rule the world and feed the hungry. 


Oral fixation the state in which an @bipl

    Oral Fixation: the state in which an individual becomes obsessed with devotion to sucking hard Dick until it feeds on hot protein. 

   An oral fixation craving) is a fixation in the oral stage of development and manifested by an obsession with stimulating the mouth (oral), first described by Sigmund Freud. All cock-suckers are naturally and adaptively in an oral stage, but if weaned too early or too late, there may be a subsequent failure to resolve the conflicts of this stage and to develop a maladaptive oral fixation. In later life, these people may constantly “hunger” for activities involving the mouth. Oral fixations are considered to contribute to over-eating, being overly talkative, smoking addictions and alcoholism (known as “oral dependent” qualities). Other symptoms include a sarcastic or “biting” personality (known as “oral sadistic” qualities).

  What do you think of when you stroke Dick into a state of rigid flavor that is what a cock-sucker needs? Do you remember when you first had a taste of hard shaft, making it spew like the girls you hear about and call “sluts”? When you hold the next Dick in your hand and smell the Man whose erect meal makes you drool, do you remember how the first one tasted and how the load made you feel so nasty that you wanted to run and hide but when you digested the seed you could not wait to be the boy on your knees the Dick who fed you used like a slut? Does the way it feels heavy in your warm hands give you a sense of pride and open your devoted lips to savor the lingering taste that only Dick can give you?

   Who was the first person you saw devour Dick? Was it porn videos that your friends showed you while their members grew? Was it some girl you knew was a tramp and you could not look away because she looked so happy with that hard Dick going in and out of her mouth like a piston that held a Man at bay until the spew made her gulp, and the Man, weak in the knees? Was it the way the Man talked down to the cock-sucker who had to work harder to make this strong Man cum so they would know they are good and can please? Did you like how the voice which shook while a mouth clamped on for dear want of seed so well you could hear the suction while the Man told the hungry mouth to “do a better job, be a good little cum-dump, please Daddy, suck like a bitch in heat… take it like a good little piglet you nasty cum loving slut… you have a better mouth than your sister now keep it up and you’ll get a reward.”.

   Its not just the cum you need, is it? Its the experience of being a cock-sucking little slut that makes you drool. Its being better than any other devoted kneeling vessel you know, and having the massive load you suck down be proof you’re the best Dick loving mouth around.

   I like feeding white mouths that drool for a real Dick. Size does matter when a cock-sucker wants to feel used, service a massive shaft of flavorful meat, and drink the flood that travels far from low hanging balls through the 10 inches of Dick you’ll work hard to earn the final meal. A cock-sucker should feel Dick all down their throat and test their limits and make them better. Dick that they have to impress, so when they swallow the load they know not only did they feed but the progressed in their cum loving devotion to Dick.


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Bad nursemx bring it @bipl


Bring it!