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This blog is dedicated to the visual appreciation and celebration of the Negroid Feminine Backside. E-MAIL: - The Black Assthetic (@blackassthetic)
Soulfulsex her body is life @blackassthetic


Her body is life

Themental1 bmore baltimore mentalphotoz @blackassthetic


#bmore #baltimore #mentalphotoz

Meapp via the timbuktu blog @blackassthetic


Via the TIMBUKTU Blog

Meapp via the timbuktu blog @blackassthetic


Via the TIMBUKTU Blog

Stlblacknudis fallahsart hughmorrisphotography @blackassthetic




i love yoga and everything that it comes with





Revitiligoish teamrockstarimagescom @blackassthetic


Themental1 howismile when people try to talk @blackassthetic


#HowISmile when people try to talk down about #mentalphotoz and it leads to 250 new followers and and 3 models calling me to ask did I post anything new because 30 people just followed them in the last hour lol. #MissionAccomplished #mentalphotoz #getmental #natetyler #MODEL is #painter #photographer #artist @tae_noir #follow her and #bookher THANK U ALL FOR TGE SUPPORT! #afrosensual #nubian #melanin #goddess #blackwoman #curves #NudeIsNotPorn #windowseat #bunz #butt #dc #bmore #dmv #1738 #picoftheday

Therefinementgroup if im in it you will feel @blackassthetic


If I’m in it, you will feel it. I live my life with Passion. I put Intentional Directed Energy into the things I do. If Im not feeling it, Im not doing it. It’s not a look, a show, a lights camera’s throw on a hat act, I’m a phucking passionate woman. Which is why, with all the words in my diction, I choose to say “phucking.” Only passionate people feel me. Photo @sammysampsonphotography Email me if you want to learn how to live in passion. #passion #passionate #phuck #freedom #livewithpassion #femininemagic

Meapp via the timbuktu blog @blackassthetic


Via the TIMBUKTU Blog

Serenity hart @blackassthetic

Serenity Hart 

Micdotcom topless protesters marched through san @blackassthetic


Topless protesters marched through San Francisco to stand up for black women everywhere 

Around 300 protesters, mostly women, blocked traffic as some marched topless through the streets of San Francisco’s Financial District on Thursday to protest police brutality against unarmed women of color. Using the hashtag #SayHerName, the protests centered around the deaths of Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Rekia Boyd. The decision to go topless held special meaning for the protesters.

Retrospectyes owning our story can be hard but @blackassthetic


Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky, but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.✨
📷 By. @that1camraguy

Retrospectyes i can be your fantasy make me a @blackassthetic


I can be your fantasy; Make me a reality.. 📷 @_virtuetheartist