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This blog is dedicated to the visual appreciation and celebration of the Negroid Feminine Backside. E-MAIL: - The Black Assthetic (@blackassthetic)
Therefinementgroup once i accepted my true @blackassthetic


Once I accepted my true nature, I found peace.
Photo - @sammysampsonphotophy

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#divinenature #Femininemagic

Therefinementgroup daydreaming @blackassthetic


Daydreaming.. @sammysampsonphotography
#restday #sore #onewithnature #therefinementgroup

Therefinementgroup chakras lit todays a great @blackassthetic


Chakras lit. Today’s a great day to not give a damn about what anyone thinks, be you, unapologetically.
Rise and beam young gods and goddesses!💫🌅 #unapologetic #Femininemagic

Therefinementgroup mami wata dahta i am @blackassthetic


Mami Wata Dahta.
I am fertile, fluid legato, wet with purpose, dripping creativity, sodden with sweat from skinny dipping into the rawest part of me, shit scary, especially when I’ve tried to smoked the trauma away, drank the pain numb, and cum myself to sleep but there I was, here am I, I’m still here, at the wata, meeting her and it’s not so bad after all.
Spoken word bothers me.. Lol But there you have it.
Photo shoot with @_kfos_ early this morning at the waterfalls..
#femininemagic #meetyouwhereyouare

Therefinementgroup and now for some throwback @blackassthetic


And now for some throwback scandal. Never ever showed this photo to anyone. From the private stash and this is a very private part of me though quite prominent. But now I can since Im choosing to share the raw me on this page. If yuh cyah tek it, gwan to my more conservative page @therefinementgroup. So yes, this was 11 years ago I was about 180 lbs, comfortable in my feminine magic. No one would’ve ever known I was like this behind closed doors because I dressed pretty conservative, don’t act out of self respect character and came off savvy but sweet. However, when I am in my comfort zone, I unleashed her and it feels so natural. I don’t deny any part of me for fear of what others think. I live.

Therefinementgroup some supta konasana for that @blackassthetic


Some Supta Konasana for that spine.. This one definitely had my spine and legs stretching in uncommon ways. Yoga is really awakening parts of my body, muscles and bones I don’t normally activate in such ways. It’s good.😊 #yogapractice #yogaeverydamnday #yogamom #Femininemagic

Therefinementgroup phenomenal rising beautiful @blackassthetic


Phenomenal Rising beautiful gods and goddesses. Not sure what this pose is called but saw it on tumblr and was inspired to try. Well.. after seven tries or falls rather, I kinda got it. And it stretched the heck out of my legs… this was a serious one. It looks effortless huh? Well just like the many falls I had to get into this position I also had to move passed the many critiques I made when viewing this photo. Then I say fuck it, all of it. Live. #yogapractice #Femininemagic

Therefinementgroup the only time i find peace @blackassthetic


The only time I find peace when Im conflicted within is when I choose to either let it go, or own it. Either you do it and own it, be who you are and own it, or you’ll have to deal with feelings of regret, unfairness, victimization, repression or resentment.
There’s such self empowerment in owning your feelings, your ‘percieved’ flaws, every beautiful and dark side of yourself.
When you own it, its yours, self defined, and claimed. Thus, no one’s thoughts, feelings or opinions of it will matter.
Photo by @michaelisiahphoto
#ownit #Femininemagic

Therefinementgroup i grew up in caribbean @blackassthetic


I grew up in Caribbean culture, where straight women, whine up on each other to docs music, feel on each others bamsy, touch each others breast in casual conversations. I’ve slept, cuddled with my best friends and it was pure sister love vibes. Men don’t get it.. But when you’re comfortable in your feminine magic, it’s not threatened by homophobia. On another note, I find women extremely attractive. I love the way we look, smell, feel. Women send me DM’s and emails with sexual advances often, and yes I’ve kissed a girl before, but I m not sexually into women to that degree. Too much yin. I’m a flirt and I don’t like toys. That’s it. I freaking loooove Men. His big arms hugging me, his toned voice, massaging his big firm body, his sexual aggression, the way his masculinity turns up my feminine prowess… Makes me melt! Nothing like the balance of yin on yang, yang of yin energy. #feminineandmasculinemagic #feminineenergy #femininemagic.

Roseography beautiful by roseography @blackassthetic


Beautiful by roseography

Stmerrique by billk photos chicago il @blackassthetic


by BillK Photos

Chicago, IL

Stmerrique by david miller @blackassthetic



David Miller

Everythingyntk carnivals secret @blackassthetic


carnival’s secret

Imthewritersway guitar goddess @blackassthetic


Guitar Goddess


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