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Eternal presence 1987 john wilson @blackcurator

Eternal Presence (1987) John Wilson

State of mind date unknown ola balogun @blackcurator

State of Mind (Date Unknown) Ola Balogun

Fetish 2 1988 renee stout @blackcurator

 Fetish #2 (1988) Renee Stout

Peasant circa 1945 1946 hector hyppolite @blackcurator

Peasant (Circa 1945-1946) Hector Hyppolite 

Levenger rollerball by alma thomas @blackcurator

Levenger  Rollerball by Alma Thomas

Pay day 1938 william e smith @blackcurator

Pay Day (1938) William E. Smith 

Untitled 2012 glenford nunez @blackcurator

 Untitled (2012) Glenford Nunez 

Double fashion date unknown sam gilliam in the @blackcurator

Double Fashion (Date Unknown) Sam Gilliam

In the 1960s, Gilliam became the first painter to introduce the idea of an unsupported canvas. 

Editor’s Note: Artist’s name is corrected. 

Bust series 2007demetrius oliver @blackcurator

Bust Series (2007)Demetrius Oliver

American people series 20 die 1967 faith @blackcurator

American People Series #20: Die (1967) Faith Ringgold

Humility before exaltation 2001 vinnie bagwell @blackcurator

Humility Before Exaltation (2001) Vinnie Bagwell

Red star 1970 raymond saunders @blackcurator

Red Star (1970) Raymond Saunders

Portrait of a creole gentleman 18351837 julien @blackcurator

Portrait of a Creole Gentleman (1835–1837) Julien Hudson

Title unknown date unknown alvin d pettit any @blackcurator

Title Unknown (Date Unknown) Alvin D. Pettit

Any details about Petit’s work would be greatly appreciated!
The 13th marin city community festival 1987 @blackcurator

The 13th Marin City Community Festival (1987) David Crumpler


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