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Eternal presence 1987 john wilson @blackcurator

Eternal Presence (1987) John Wilson

State of mind date unknown ola balogun @blackcurator

State of Mind (Date Unknown) Ola Balogun

Fetish 2 1988 renee stout @blackcurator

 Fetish #2 (1988) Renee Stout

Peasant circa 1945 1946 hector hyppolite @blackcurator

Peasant (Circa 1945-1946) Hector Hyppolite 

Levenger rollerball by alma thomas @blackcurator

Levenger  Rollerball by Alma Thomas

Pay day 1938 william e smith @blackcurator

Pay Day (1938) William E. Smith 

Untitled 2012 glenford nunez @blackcurator

 Untitled (2012) Glenford Nunez 

Double fashion date unknown sam gilliam in the @blackcurator

Double Fashion (Date Unknown) Sam Gilliam

In the 1960s, Gilliam became the first painter to introduce the idea of an unsupported canvas. 

Editor’s Note: Artist’s name is corrected. 

Bust series 2007demetrius oliver @blackcurator

Bust Series (2007)Demetrius Oliver

American people series 20 die 1967 faith @blackcurator

American People Series #20: Die (1967) Faith Ringgold

Humility before exaltation 2001 vinnie bagwell @blackcurator

Humility Before Exaltation (2001) Vinnie Bagwell

Red star 1970 raymond saunders @blackcurator

Red Star (1970) Raymond Saunders

Portrait of a creole gentleman 18351837 julien @blackcurator

Portrait of a Creole Gentleman (1835–1837) Julien Hudson

Title unknown date unknown alvin d pettit any @blackcurator

Title Unknown (Date Unknown) Alvin D. Pettit

Any details about Petit’s work would be greatly appreciated!
The 13th marin city community festival 1987 @blackcurator

The 13th Marin City Community Festival (1987) David Crumpler

Untitled date unknown em washington click the @blackcurator

Untitled (Date Unknown) E.M. Washington

Click the link for an interesting biography!

Span ii 1997 tracey rose @blackcurator

Span II (1997) Tracey Rose 

Wonder woman 2010 jepchumba @blackcurator

Wonder Woman (2010) Jepchumba

Founders library howard university 1939 albert @blackcurator

Founders Library - Howard University (1939) Albert I. Cassell 

Puppet master 2008 amy sherald @blackcurator

Puppet Master (2008) Amy Sherald

Identity for sorg architects date unknown eddie @blackcurator

Identity for Sorg Architects (Date Unknown) Eddie Opara

What we want what we believe 2009 emory douglas @blackcurator

What We Want, What We Believe (2009) Emory Douglas & Students

Hand drawn floral converse for free people date @blackcurator

Hand Drawn Floral Converse For Free People (Date Unknown) Andrea Pippins

Harlem usa series 1976 dawoud bey @blackcurator

 Harlem, U.S.A Series (1976) Dawoud Bey

Joshua dardens freight family of fonts could be @blackcurator

Joshua Darden’s Freight family of fonts could be seen notable publications around the world: from GQ, Better Homes and Gardens, The Boston Globe Magazine to Reader’s Digest

Southern landscape 1965 benny andrews @blackcurator

Southern Landscape (1965) Benny Andrews 

Double slide 2006 karyn olivier @blackcurator

Double Slide (2006) Karyn Olivier

All star squadron vol 1 40 1984 arvell jones @blackcurator

All-Star Squadron Vol 1 #40 (1984) Arvell Jones (Cover Artist)

DC Comics

Miscegenated family album series 19801994 @blackcurator

Miscegenated Family Album Series (1980/1994) Lorraine O’Grady 

Crocodile leaf tote 2012 mickalene thomas for @blackcurator

Crocodile Leaf Tote (2012) Mickalene Thomas

For Nancy Gonzalez Co.

Playboy magazine granny circa 1975 robert @blackcurator

Playboy Magazine “Granny” (circa 1975) Robert “Buck” Brown

Mursi with spinning labret 2006 kajahl benes @blackcurator

Mursi with Spinning Labret (2006) Kajahl Benes

Promise 2004 sonya clark @blackcurator

Promise (2004) Sonya Clark

Exxon oil king date unknown jerry harris @blackcurator

Exxon Oil King (Date Unknown) Jerry Harris

Untitled 2011 dominique marquette @blackcurator

Untitled (2011) Dominique Marquette

I refuse to be invisible 2010 njideka akunyili @blackcurator

i refuse to be invisible (2010) njideka akunyili 

Tar baby vs st sebastian 1999 michael ronaldo @blackcurator

Tar Baby vs. St. Sebastian (1999) Michael Ronaldo Richards

La patera 2010 armando mariño @blackcurator

La Patera (2010) Armando Mariño

The impressionist 2010 ron gamble @blackcurator

The Impressionist (2010) Ron Gamble

Legalize coca kola 2012 kevin darmanie @blackcurator

Legalize Coca Kola (2012) Kevin Darmanie

(Courtesy of artist, contact Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art with inquiries)