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Contemplation 2009 ronald l hall @blackcurator

Contemplation (2009) Ronald L. Hall

Eternal presence 1987 john wilson @blackcurator

Eternal Presence (1987) John Wilson

State of mind date unknown ola balogun @blackcurator

State of Mind (Date Unknown) Ola Balogun

Fetish 2 1988 renee stout @blackcurator

 Fetish #2 (1988) Renee Stout

Peasant circa 1945 1946 hector hyppolite @blackcurator

Peasant (Circa 1945-1946) Hector Hyppolite 

Levenger rollerball by alma thomas @blackcurator

Levenger  Rollerball by Alma Thomas

Pay day 1938 william e smith @blackcurator

Pay Day (1938) William E. Smith 

Untitled 2012 glenford nunez @blackcurator

 Untitled (2012) Glenford Nunez 

Double fashion date unknown sam gilliam in the @blackcurator

Double Fashion (Date Unknown) Sam Gilliam

In the 1960s, Gilliam became the first painter to introduce the idea of an unsupported canvas. 

Editor’s Note: Artist’s name is corrected. 

Bust series 2007demetrius oliver @blackcurator

Bust Series (2007)Demetrius Oliver

American people series 20 die 1967 faith @blackcurator

American People Series #20: Die (1967) Faith Ringgold

Humility before exaltation 2001 vinnie bagwell @blackcurator

Humility Before Exaltation (2001) Vinnie Bagwell

Red star 1970 raymond saunders @blackcurator

Red Star (1970) Raymond Saunders

Portrait of a creole gentleman 18351837 julien @blackcurator

Portrait of a Creole Gentleman (1835–1837) Julien Hudson

Title unknown date unknown alvin d pettit any @blackcurator

Title Unknown (Date Unknown) Alvin D. Pettit

Any details about Petit’s work would be greatly appreciated!
The 13th marin city community festival 1987 @blackcurator

The 13th Marin City Community Festival (1987) David Crumpler

Untitled date unknown em washington click the @blackcurator

Untitled (Date Unknown) E.M. Washington

Click the link for an interesting biography!

Span ii 1997 tracey rose @blackcurator

Span II (1997) Tracey Rose 

Wonder woman 2010 jepchumba @blackcurator

Wonder Woman (2010) Jepchumba

Founders library howard university 1939 albert @blackcurator

Founders Library - Howard University (1939) Albert I. Cassell 

Puppet master 2008 amy sherald @blackcurator

Puppet Master (2008) Amy Sherald

Identity for sorg architects date unknown eddie @blackcurator

Identity for Sorg Architects (Date Unknown) Eddie Opara

What we want what we believe 2009 emory douglas @blackcurator

What We Want, What We Believe (2009) Emory Douglas & Students

Hand drawn floral converse for free people date @blackcurator

Hand Drawn Floral Converse For Free People (Date Unknown) Andrea Pippins

Harlem usa series 1976 dawoud bey @blackcurator

 Harlem, U.S.A Series (1976) Dawoud Bey

Joshua dardens freight family of fonts could be @blackcurator

Joshua Darden’s Freight family of fonts could be seen notable publications around the world: from GQ, Better Homes and Gardens, The Boston Globe Magazine to Reader’s Digest

Southern landscape 1965 benny andrews @blackcurator

Southern Landscape (1965) Benny Andrews 

Double slide 2006 karyn olivier @blackcurator

Double Slide (2006) Karyn Olivier

All star squadron vol 1 40 1984 arvell jones @blackcurator

All-Star Squadron Vol 1 #40 (1984) Arvell Jones (Cover Artist)

DC Comics

Miscegenated family album series 19801994 @blackcurator

Miscegenated Family Album Series (1980/1994) Lorraine O’Grady 

Crocodile leaf tote 2012 mickalene thomas for @blackcurator

Crocodile Leaf Tote (2012) Mickalene Thomas

For Nancy Gonzalez Co.

Playboy magazine granny circa 1975 robert @blackcurator

Playboy Magazine “Granny” (circa 1975) Robert “Buck” Brown

Mursi with spinning labret 2006 kajahl benes @blackcurator

Mursi with Spinning Labret (2006) Kajahl Benes

Promise 2004 sonya clark @blackcurator

Promise (2004) Sonya Clark

Exxon oil king date unknown jerry harris @blackcurator

Exxon Oil King (Date Unknown) Jerry Harris

Untitled 2011 dominique marquette @blackcurator

Untitled (2011) Dominique Marquette

I refuse to be invisible 2010 njideka akunyili @blackcurator

i refuse to be invisible (2010) njideka akunyili 

Tar baby vs st sebastian 1999 michael ronaldo @blackcurator

Tar Baby vs. St. Sebastian (1999) Michael Ronaldo Richards

La patera 2010 armando mariño @blackcurator

La Patera (2010) Armando Mariño

The impressionist 2010 ron gamble @blackcurator

The Impressionist (2010) Ron Gamble

Legalize coca kola 2012 kevin darmanie @blackcurator

Legalize Coca Kola (2012) Kevin Darmanie

(Courtesy of artist, contact Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art with inquiries) 

Davenports 2010 lena jai @blackcurator

Davenports (2010)  Lena Jai

Self portrait as a heel part two @blackcurator

Self-Portrait as a Heel, Part Two (1982) Jean-Michel Basquiat

Absolut power 2003 hank willis thomas @blackcurator

Absolut Power (2003) Hank Willis Thomas

Weve harshed the ancestors mellow after @blackcurator

(we’ve) harshed the ancestors’ mellow (after Sunset Limited) (2012) iona rozeal brown

Noir 1978 barkley hendricks @blackcurator

Noir (1978) Barkley Hendricks

Herald ii 2004 mequitta ahuja @blackcurator

Herald II (2004) Mequitta Ahuja

Norma sklarek in 1954 became the first african @blackcurator

Norma Sklarek

In 1954, became the first African American woman licensed to practice Architecture in the United States.

In 1980, she was the first woman to be elected Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

In 1985, she became the first African American women to form her own architectural firm.

Chester 1930 sargent claude johnson @blackcurator

Chester (1930) Sargent Claude Johnson

Unknown 2007 rashid johnson this drawing has @blackcurator

Unknown (2007) Rashid Johnson

This drawing has come to symbolize the California prison hunger strike and the solidarity it has generated. It was drawn by Rashid Johnson, a prisoner in Red Onion Prison, Virginia.

Behind every good man 2010 nina chanel abney @blackcurator

Behind Every good Man (2010) Nina Chanel Abney

Zonbi 1939 wilson bigaud @blackcurator

Zonbi (1939) Wilson Bigaud

Middle of nowhere 2012 ava @blackcurator

Middle of Nowhere (2012) Ava DuVernay, Director/Writer

The first feature film in the history of the Sundance Film Festival to win “Best Director” by a Black woman.

How to blow up two heads at once gentleman @blackcurator

How to Blow up Two Heads at Once (Gentleman) (2006) Yinka Shonibare

Untitled abstraction in blue date unknown alma @blackcurator

Untitled (Abstraction in Blue) (Date Unknown) Alma Woodsey Thomas 

Madonna metropolitan 2005 kimathi donkor @blackcurator

Madonna Metropolitan (2005) Kimathi Donkor

Pressure from the right ca 1965 john thomas @blackcurator

Pressure From the Right (ca 1965) John Thomas Riddle, Jr. 

Runners wall date phoebe beasley @blackcurator

Runner’s Wall (Date) Phoebe Beasley

Pentel of america 1971 archie boston art @blackcurator

Pentel Of America (1971) Archie Boston, Art director/Designer

Baby girl fan 2009 amalia amaki @blackcurator

Baby Girl Fan (2009) Amalia Amaki

Faux pas ca 1960 1963 robert blackburn @blackcurator

Faux Pas (ca. 1960-1963) Robert Blackburn

Hair style date unknown david mwaniki @blackcurator

Hair Style (Date Unknown) David Mwaniki

Former first lady jackie kennedy and coretta scott @blackcurator

Former first lady Jackie Kennedy and Coretta Scott King at MLK’s funeral. (1968) Moneta Sleet Jr

Villa lewaro home of madam c j walker 1918 @blackcurator

Villa Lewaro, home of Madam C. J. Walker (1918) Vertner Woodson Tandy

The adoration of love 1945 1946 hector hyppolite @blackcurator

The Adoration of Love (1945-1946) Hector Hyppolite

Quilt untitled date unknown laverne brackens @blackcurator

Quilt Untitled (Date Unknown) Laverne Brackens

The wall of day dreaming and mans inhumanity to @blackcurator

The Wall of Day Dreaming and Man’s Inhumanity to Man (1974) William Walker

Pow spirit versus technology series @blackcurator

P.O.W., Spirit versus Technology Series (1973) John Thomas Riddle, Jr.

Pearl primus in an expressionistic dance @blackcurator

Pearl Primus “in an expressionistic dance depicting a lynching” - 1951

Jelly pavilion 6 2010 lubaina himid @blackcurator

Jelly Pavilion 6 (2010) Lubaina Himid

Pleats sofa for modus stephen burks @blackcurator

Pleats Sofa for Modus | Stephen Burks

7up logo branding 1975 thomas miller chief @blackcurator

7UP Logo & Branding (1975) Thomas Miller, Chief Designer @ Morton Goldsholl

Untitled from the kitchen table series 1990 @blackcurator

Untitled from the Kitchen Table Series (1990) Carrie Mae Weems

Tom and eva thank you staffordshire 1974 robert @blackcurator

Tom And Eva: Thank You Staffordshire (1974) Robert Colescott 

Dr damballa ju ju 1984 betye saar @blackcurator

Dr Damballa Ju Ju (1984) Betye Saar

Name that tune 1953 georg olden @blackcurator

Name That Tune (1953) Georg Olden

Sweet thing mother of jesus 2010 tatyana @blackcurator

Sweet Thing Mother of Jesus (2010) Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Red inspired dell studio laptops new world @blackcurator

(RED) Inspired Dell Studio laptops “New World” (2008) Joseph Amedokpo

Rivington place institute of international visual @blackcurator

Rivington Place, Institute of International Visual Arts  (2007) David Abjaye

Let us paint in peace armando mariño 2010 @blackcurator

Let Us Paint in Peace, Armando Mariño, 2010

Nelsons ship in a bottle 2010 yinka shonibare @blackcurator

Nelson’s Ship In A Bottle (2010) Yinka Shonibare

Major general smedley d butler 1937 horace @blackcurator

Major-General Smedley D. Butler (1937) Horace Pippin

Light shadow 1962 selma burke @blackcurator

Light & Shadow (1962) Selma Burke