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Black Erotica

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This blog came out of the frustration that I experienced with not seeing aesthetically pleasing, erotic, sexy images of black erotica, black love and black sex neither here on Tumblr nor on the internet in general. I'm not talking about the heavily oiled up hardcore porn images that grace many porn sites. I'm talking about sexy, beautiful images of black men and women of all shapes and sizes in artistic poses, embraces or sex. This site, black erotica, will begin to compile as many of these types of images as possible, including images of black erotica artwork and even dance, from Tumblr and the internet; it's as much to retain my own sanity as it is for your enjoyment. I claim no ownership of any of the images on this site unless expressly stated. Wherever possible the original sources have been maintained. This blog is NSFW and for ages 18 and above. One Love, Black Erotica

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