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Black Gay Men @blackgaymen

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Black Gay Men is the tumblr blog for Black Gay Men's Blog . Unlike the main blog, this one is less censored and we might post some stuff here we wouldn't post on We use other social newtworking sites to also get you guys to the blog(just being honest), but we know most of you like some eye-candy, so we might get you that way. Black Gay Men's Blog looks at issues affecting black gay men - sex and dating, health, domestic violence, sexual abuse and anything else of interest to black gay men and the lgbt community. We also feature LGBT artists and list events, so if you want your event listed, hit us up from the blog or Black Gay Men's Blog On Facebook . - Black Gay Men (@blackgaymen)
Nigeria anti gay @blackgaymen

Nigeria’s recent anti-gay bill threatens the freedom and lives of LGBT Nigerians. Black Gay Men’s Blog lends full support and urges us all to get involved. Make your voices heard, share the blog post below, like it, spread the news, leave a comment on the blog, every little bit helps.

Please visit: Fighting Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Bill - like it and share it

Motherslove @blackgaymen

Black Gay Men, The Love For Our Mothers & Finding Balance

Celebrating Mothers -Happy Mother’s Day!!!

We salute all mothers and mother figures.

Black men are so damn sexy devin thomas @blackgaymen

black men are so damn sexy - Devin Thomas  

Bigblackmusclebulge @blackgaymen

sexy black muscle man with a big bulge

come join Black Gay Men’s Blog On Facebook - the sexy will bring u in but our minds will keep you!

Not a hook-up or add me Page - grown, sexy and intelligent welcome!

Big bulge sexy black locs brutha aint normally @blackgaymen

big bulge sexy black locs brutha! ain’t normally into locs, but mmm mmm mmm!

Sexy as hell dark chocolate eye candy aint @blackgaymen

sexy as hell dark chocolate eye-candy - ain’t nothing like a beautiful black man!

Beautiful black man with come hither eyes @blackgaymen

beautiful black man with come hither eyes

Big black bulge @blackgaymen

Big Black bulge! Yeah that’s what you are staring at, but for sexy black gay men with minds come join us Black Gay Men’s Blog on Facebook. There is nothing sexier than a black man with a good mind! No “add me” messages please, they will be removed.

Dating married men @blackgaymen

Black Gay Men’s Blog takes a look at Black Gay Men Dating Married Men 

Why have so many of us accepted this as ok/the norm? Don’t we deserve better? Check out the link and let us know what you think. As Nene says, “Close Your Legs To Married Men”!