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Lets be clear about this shit aint nothing i @blacknaturals

Let’s be clear about this shit. ‘Aint nothing I care about more than us. And nobody ‘gonna latch on to something going on between you and me and use that to create a wedge. I could be mad as hell with you. I could, quiet as kept, be “tired of being tired”, but I’m still going to ride for my sisters. I  could be disgusted and I’m still going to choose my brothers on the block before I rock with somebody else. I’m worried about racism over every other injustice. I’m praying for your happiness, your safety, your success before anything else. 

I’m not letting no rapper, journalist or pundit, preacher, lover, employer, best friend, college professor, or sidewalk jive turkey gas me up to the point that I give up on you or replace you. You are my everything. When you go to sleep tonight, know this - a complete stranger is ready to go toe-to-toe with the world with/for you. ‘Cause we Black. ‘Cause we family. ‘Cause whether you in Compton, Lagos, Paris or Rio, we are one. We might need some work, but that’s our business.

Next time someone start talking that “the problem with black women/men is this/that” in public lean in slowly and whisper in their ear “would you please shut the hell up?”